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As OWNERS, NOT AGENTS, Our company represents over 35 years of experience. We have developed numerous Communities, including all infrastructure, Home Design, Home Building, Ranch Development, & Consulting in serving our Clients needs. Being Owners of the properties we sell, we can provide Clients with unique services that eliminate lots of their frustrations and NO COMPROMISING on what they want in their Ranch Land & Home Design, we call it, "LIFESTYLE TRANSITION SOLUTIONS PACKAGES" the thought process is a ONE STOP SHOP Client convenience. As an example, when selling Ranches without improvements, the Package options, can include installing Utilities, Roads, Trails, 3D home design and even building a guest house so our Clients can immediately start enjoying their ranch, while their main home is being built.
Contact for Price  •  143 acres
This Ranch offers Multiple OPTIONS from 143 to18 Acres, with or without a Home from $7,500,000 to $500,000 and 2.9% Owner Financing. Clients tell us, they ended 3 to 5 years of frustration of looking, by using the Multiple Choice Options we provided, and were the magical keys to their dream ranch. Shopping for a Ranch is like shopping for a new car or truck. . . Each includes things you do not want and does not include things you do want. That is Why and How we developed our concept of Customizing Ranches with “Multiple Choice Options”. It is not a perfect solution, and one size does not fit all, but one that does save our Clients time Money, and Frustration. As a developer and builder, not a broker, in our example picture presentation, you will see the #1 Must of Quality is the LOCATION of the land we purchase. Additionally, it must include other necessary features that can be developed and serve the thousands of needs and wants of our Clients. Let’s talk Simplicity! When you tour our ranch, you can see the options we provide, then pick and choose and describe how you want your ranch to provide, the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of enjoying. During the tour, we will discuss your thoughts and choices and give you additional Options on how you can achieve your goals that can save you time, money, and frustration. We will then price your Choices; provide you with financing options and discuss your thoughts. It’s that Simple! One of my Simple Daily Thoughts that is a reminder to me . . . . “We are each granted 24 hours per day, and our decision making during the 24 hours, determines the quality of our Lives”. Contact me today and please include your email and cell phone number and tell me how you prefer to communicate, cell calls, text, or email. Thanks, and looking forward to helping you.
$2,998,500  •  100 acres
This 100 Acre Ranch Delivers the Most Breathtaking 50-mile sweeping views in the Hill Country and, included in the purchase price "Client Customized Build Out Allowances", plus Owner Financing.
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