Kelly Hurt

Kelly Hurt founded the Land Doctors in 2015 to achieve his vision of an integrated farm and ranch company that could offer clients exceptional land brokerage as well as construction and management services. The Land Doctors team has quickly grown to include four sales agents and a partner who handles home and barn construction services. The Land Doctors work across the entire state of Oklahoma but focus on an area east of I-35, West of Highway 75 and South of the Turner Turnpike. We think you will see the passion that we have for the natural beauty that the Sooner State has to offer.
$900,000  •  20 acres
Anyone who has been to McCurtain County lately knows that the Hochatown area has become the place for active families to vacation. Fly fishing, bass fishing, scuba diving, rafting, ATV riding, horse riding, water skiing, hunting, hiking, and camping, its all there. Plus, new restaurants, shops and entertainment venues are adding to the enjoyment. Unfortunately, places like these quickly get loved to death. If you are looking for a property where you can enjoy all that the area has to offer plus also soak up the solitude and beautiful scenery that was there before everything exploded, then we'd like to welcome you to Spiritual View Retreat.Spiritual View Retreat is a 20 acre property located on the Upper Mountain Fork River near Smithville, OK. The property has land on both sides of the river, giving you additional privacy and an unobstructed natural view. Spiritual View offers a unique combination of cliff top cabin location with a tremendous river and skyline view plus river access all on the same property. The 900 feet of river frontage can be accessed by a graveled trail that leads down to a nice cleared area on the banks of the river. Here you can fish, swim or launch a canoe or kayak. If you are up to it, you can float 15 miles of this beautiful river all the way to Broken Bow Lake. This would be an amazing float trip as you meander through long stretches of dense forest that lines the steep banks of the river. For those who like to trail ride, the property is located just up the road from a trailhead on the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area that offers tremendous riding opportunities for both ATV and horse enthusiasts on its 200,000 acres. In addition, the seller has a 500 acre hunting lease that adjoins the property. The lease is shared with the local game warden, who also happens to be a neighbor. Therefore, there may be an opportunity to pick up the seller's part of the hunting lease also.The improvements on the property are ideal for active lifestyle families. The cabin is beautiful and sits atop a high cliff overlooking the river. At approximately 2500 square feet, it is large enough for everyone to be comfortable without being a huge housekeeping challenge. It has everything you want: exterior live-edge wood siding, beautiful rough sawn wood floors, cathedral ceiling, and a double sided fireplace that allows you to enjoy a fire inside or one on the deck overlooking the river. Large windows in each room bring the outside in. Custom cabinets, pantry and closets provide plenty of room for storing supplies for big family events. If you've ever had mosquitos ruin your time outside, you will truly appreciate the built in mister that keeps the bugs away from the deck and outdoor fireplace. If you like to cook over a wood fire, the outdoor fireplace is also equipped with a cooking grate that swings out so that you can easily and safely cook your steaks while you listen to the calming sounds of the river as it flows past. Lastly, the entire place is set up so that you can easily shut down all unnecessary utilities when you have to leave and go back to the real world. Of course, you also need a place to keep all of your toys. A metal storage building located just west of the cabin offers plenty of room for ATVs, kayaks, and every other toy you may want to bring. And, if you have more friends and family coming than the cabin can hold, there are two RV hookups ready to serve. The RV guests probably wont complain too much as they will also have a 20 mile view of the mountains from their front door. We think you will fall in love with the place as you sit around the fire and look out across thousands of acres and not see a single house light at night.If you've always wanted a place that the family could go and truly enjoy the great outdoors without having to buying hundreds of acres, then this may be the very best opportunity you come across. Where else will you get a beautiful river that connects you to an amazing lake and access to 200,000 acres for trail riding and hunting from a 20 acre property? If you think Spiritual View Retreat is a good match for your family, please give us a call to set up a showing.
$6,125,000  •  2,197 acres
The very best properties hardly ever come up for sale. Fortunate families find a great place, recognize it for what it is and then hang onto it forever. In the 1950s, the late Jack Coppedge started assembling a highly productive and beautiful farm along the banks of the South Canadian River just south of Holdenville, OK. By 1963, he moved his young family onto the farm and since that time, the Coppedge River Farm has seen multiple generations of the family work and enjoy the land. Its not hard to see why the family fell in love with the place. The interface of beautiful hill ground and productive river bottoms yields dramatic views that stop you in your tracks. A blanket of oak forest on the slopes gives way to the green of wheat in the fields, open pasture curves in and around the forest and water flows everywhere. Trophy whitetails and wild turkeys live in the ribbon of forest that follows along the curve of the river. Giant bass lurk in the shaded depths of a clear water lake before breaking the surface of the shallows chasing minnows. It is a country boys dream of freshly plowed ground, content cattle grazing on green slopes and wildlife on display. It is easy to see why they kept it 60 years.Specifically, the Coppedge River Farm offers 2197 acres of land and 1449 acre-feet/year of groundwater rights for irrigating the crops. Class I soils grace 620 acres of the farm, while Class II soils blanket another 40 open acres of it. The farm has two center pivots and other areas are irrigated with older style wheel roll irrigation equipment, while water is supplied from high capacity wells completed in the shallow river alluvium. At the time of filming, 200 acres had been plowed with 60 acres of winter wheat already growing under one of the center pivots. Another 500 acres of hay meadows had been or were in the process of being cut and baled. Another 100 acres of Class II soils are heavily wooded and serve as a protective forest buffer between the erosional forces of the river and the rich farmland. The balance of the ranch is composed of hill pastures for cattle and wooded hillsides full of wildlife. The combination of pasture, hay meadows, and irrigated cropland make this farm ideal for an intensive cattle operation.In addition to the wells, water resources are abundant on the ranch. Three miles of frontage on the South Canadian River. 1.5 miles of Cindy Creek that includes a beautiful waterfall, a magnificent 10 acre lake, and various small ponds adorn the farm. The lake is particularly beautiful. According to older topo maps created before the lake was built, the lake should be 20 to 30 feet deep in the two channels that feed it. The southern arm of the lake extends into an old box canyon that is embedded into the side of the hill and should have nice drop-offs. The northern arm has a gentler slope and should have good flats for fishing during the spawn. This is the familys favorite fishing spot that has been yielding trophy bass for years. Lastly, the river provides some great catfishing and sand bass action during the spring spawning runs.The deer hunting on the farm is outstanding as the wildlife also benefit from its productivity. The river itself is a natural corridor for the movement of wildlife and the thick timber along its edge provides an ideal sanctuary for deer. The large size of the farm and its neighboring properties means that there is very little hunting pressure in this area. The presence of winter forage crops and oak forest means that there is an abundant supply of green forage and acorns to sustain all types of wildlife. Deer, turkey, hogs, waterfowl, varmits and small game can all be hunted on the property. In addition to real estate, the Land Doctors also offer construction services. We can see multiple homesite where your dream home could be built safely overlooking the river bottom from the edge of 50 foot tall hillside above. Having built beautiful homes on other ranches, we have some great ideas in mind for this one. The farm is just waiting for your family to steward it for the next 60 years like the Coppedges have for the previous 60. Dont miss this opportunity to acquire an exclusive property packed with great natural resources capable of providing your family decades of productivity and fun.
$176,000  •  80 acres
Longbow Ranch is an 80 acre property located approximately 6 miles east of Wetumka, Oklahoma. The property runs East to west, with the western side of the property featuring a large, grassy area as you enter that leads to a series of trails that curve and twist throughout the denser sections of the woods that blanket the property.The property itself runs 1/2 mile by 1/4 mile and features easy access from the road, but as soon as you begin to go a little deeper into the property, you'll feel miles away. A hunter's paradise, this ranch has been leased in the past and has produced fantastic bucks in addition to plentiful turkey and the occasional wild hog. Because of the somewhat open features of surrounding properties, in addition to the nearby North Canadian River, outdoorsman on the property have reported massive amounts of deer traffic, particularly before and during the rut itself.With over 70% of the property wooded, there are limitless opportunities to pick your favorite spot with a good vantage point and just wait on the big boys to come strolling in. The woods themselves are a mixture of hardwoods and thicker, younger dense timber-giving the weekend hunter quick and easy options for the style of hunt they're looking for, regardless of game.There are several buggy trails that run through the property that have grown up during the summer months but are still easily accessible. Likewise, these trails allow you to access portions of the property that feature some rolling elevation changes as well as two small ponds on the property, one of which is a common watering hole for wildlife on the ranch. There's also as wet weather stream that runs through a portion of the land, providing even more water to game during rainy periods.The incredible hunting opportunities on the property, combined with over 30% of the ranch open and ready for either forage planting or even possibly a homesite or cabin make Longbow Ranch a rare opportunity for someone looking for a property near the OKC metro but far enough away to find the kind of peace only this type of ranch offers. For more info, call Lindsay Maas at (918) 521-7050, check out this and all of our other beautiful properties at or drop Lindsay a line at
$250,000  •  70 acres
Whitewood Ranch is the quintessential "Goldie Locks" Ranch. Not too big and not too small, this 70 acre ranch is just the right size and type for the 'Casual Cowman" or 'Weekend horseman". Located at the intersection of two main highways between Fitzhugh and Roff Oklahoma, the location makes it easy to head in any direction, so quick and easy in fact, you can be in Ada in 10 minutes and Sulphur in 20. This ranch would also make a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, being only 80 miles from OKC and 150 Miles from Dallas; in under 2 hours you can be relaxing on the front porch or saddling up for a cool evening ride. This part of Oklahoma is known for its outdoor living. Within a short drive from here you can spend your weekend fishing or floating on Lake Texoma, Lake Murray or Lake or the Arbuckles, exploring the never-ending sand bars of the South Canadian River or visiting one of the many state parks such as Turner Falls. The ranch itself lays in a narrow but long tract that widens on the southern border. Making cross-fencing and rotating livestock a breeze. The 70 acres are mostly open with a good placement of trees for shade and a deep pond in the southern pasture of the property. Perimeter and cross fencing are both in good shape and ready for livestock. There is a nice size arena with a separate entrance that with just a little conditioning could be ready for any event. The pastures are currently home to a handful of cows but are not overgrazed or overtaken by weeds. There is a good mix of summer and winter forages that grow well in the sandy loam type soils. The home on the property is modest but sound. Built in the 1960's, this shotgun style home has approximately 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a little over 1100 square feet. With a little elbow grease and cosmetic updating, you could make this a charming family home or county weekend getaway. For more information or to schedule a showing contact Chrissy Banks.
$175,000  •  57 acres
Wellston Ranch is the ideal recreational ranch for those living in the Edmond area. At only 25 miles from Edmond, this property is close enough that you can run out almost any afternoon and enjoy it. At 57 acres in size, its large enough to enjoy without overwhelming you with maintenance and upkeep. The terrain of Wellston Ranch is an awesome mixture of deep canyons, nicely wooded slopes and a few open meadows. The ranch has road frontage for access but widens as you move back on the property. For hunters, this is a great feature as it shields your hunting area. In addition, the property comes complete with a great set of trails. The main trail gently descends down a narrow ridge flanked by two deep canyons. Along this ridge, the current owner has set up a shooting range of heavy metal plates at various yardages. In addition, there is a zip line running along the top of the ridge. There are plenty of great spots to build zip lines that cross the canyons for those who are looking for something a little more thrilling. The two ravines join at the point of the ridge where the family routinely rappels down its vertical banks. A small wooden bridge delivers you over to the next ridge where the trails continue. As you meander through the woods you will notice that most the trees are nice, mature oaks that provide an abundant acorn crop for the deer herd. One portion of the trail system will take you to an open meadow in the northeast corner of the property. Here you will find a large, elevated box blind that overlooks a deer feeder that attracts tons of wildlife. This has been one of the more productive hunting spots on the ranch. Several smaller openings ideal for bow hunting are scattered about the property. The work put into the supplemental feeding program has resulted in a steady supply of trophy bucks. For the nature lover, the property has some interesting rock formations and small waterfalls that flow for a while after heavy rains. The roll of the land, deep canyons and trail system make the ranch feel much larger than 57 acres. This type of terrain also allows multiple hunters to safely hunt the ranch. In addition, it would be an awesome spot to ride ATV's and dirt bikes across a varied terrain that would offer an appropriate challenge for almost anyone's level of experience. If you have been looking for a unique recreational ranch really close to OKC and Edmond, Wellston Ranch is ready for you and your family to enjoy today. Call Eric Lynch at 405 664 6491 to set up a showing today.
$204,750  •  105 acres
The Artesian Ranch is a 105-acre combination ranch located just one mile south of Highway 1 at Atwood, OK. This property has county road frontage on its south boundary and only requires you to drive about mile of gravel road. Other than that, its all paved roads that extend roughly 90 miles to OKC and Tulsa or 180 miles to Dallas. This property has a combination of features that so many of our clients seek. It has a large, deep channel creek, aptly named Big Creek, on its east boundary. Twenty acres of mature hardwoods line the creek bank and provide an ideal travel corridor for wildlife. Just west of the tree line, the property transitions into a 40-acre hay meadow. Almost perfectly flat, this meadow is routinely cut for hay and typically produces 100 5 x 6 round bales. Creek bottoms are beautiful and accordingly most people also want a nice elevated area with a big view overlooking them. In this case, most of the western side of the property is a tree lined ridge that sits about 40 feet higher than the creek bottom. There are already a few open areas along the ridge that would be ideal for food plots and a homesite. In fact, this ridge has historically been a homesite that dates to the early history of Oklahoma. Evidence of this is seen in an artesian well located on the side of a gentle hill. One can easily imagine how settlers would have treasured a constant flow of water running out of the hillside. In addition to potential food plots in the open areas along the ridge, there is also a nice flat in the northwest corner of the property that is covered in pecan trees. We noticed an old deer feeder in this location and think that it would be a great spot to run a feeder and salt lick year-round. The seller has provided us with a nice set of trail cam photos of trophy deer from the property and they are impressive for a property this size. There is a small pond on the property at the interface between the hill and the hay meadow. However, we noticed a nice draw that could be dammed to create about a 2-acre lake. In addition, we believe we could reroute the overflow of the artesian well to keep the lake constantly full of crystal-clear water.We think the Artesian Ranch would be the perfect spot for someone looking to buy an ideal mixture of natural features and build their own custom improvements. As always, the Land Doctors construction team stands ready to help you get estimates, design, and build your dream home, barn, shop, or lake. If this is what youve been searching for, please call Sean Childress at 580 320 5791.
$152,000  •  28 acres
The Eagles Nest is 28 acres of natural beauty perched high above the South Canadian River just north of Ada, OK. Located 90 miles from OKC, 120 miles from Tulsa and 180 miles from Dallas, this property is an easy drive from metro areas. In fact, even the dead-end county road leading to the propertys access easement is paved. The Eagles Nest features over one mile of river frontage lined with big cliff overlooks from which its name is derived. A cleared camping area extends from the hilltop near the southeast corner of the ranch along 80 feet of elevation change down to the river. To the west, you will find the remnants of an old fish camp that has been used by the owners family for three generations. Just past that, you will find a large rock overhang that may have been a fish camp for prehistoric families. Electric service terminates near the camping area and an old well casing was reported to have hit good drinking water at 225 feet below ground surface. The neighbors well is screened near that depth which leads us to believe that there is a good chance of completing an adequate water well on the property. In which case, this spot would be the perfect place for a cabin overlooking the river. Most 28 acre parcels would start feeling small very quickly, but this one will not. When the river is up, you can go on day long float trips, run trot lines, bank fish or swim. A great time to fish is in the spring when fish come up the river out of Lake Eufaula to spawn. In the winter, you can ambush the large deer that cross the property on their way up and down the river. You can spend your spring hunting wild turkeys and morel mushrooms. When the river is low, you can ride ATVs for miles in the river bed and catch hungry catfish from the isolated deep pools of water. For those not familiar with the area, it is reassuring to know that this portion of the river is isolated from public access, so traffic is largely limited to the landowners along its banks. Rivers by nature are a powerful force. They giveth land and they taketh it away as their channel moves over time. In this case, the river has eroded approximately 1.5 acres from one portion of the property but has accreted or deposited 10 new acres of ground on the eastern end. This accreted land is not included in the listed acreage but could be claimed via legal proceedings by the new owner to increase the holding to 36.5 acres. This property has been owned by the same family for three generations. Its likely your family would keep it just as long or longer and enjoy the peace and solitude of this unique river property. For those looking for larger parcels, the Eagles Nest adjoins the Land Doctors 591 acre South Canadian River Ranch which also adjoins our Boulder Ranch listing. Combined, these three ranches would measure almost 1200 acres, feature 1 mile of river frontage and be roughly 1 mile wide and 2 miles long with public roads only touching the east and south boundary. If you would like more info or want to schedule a showing, call Kelly Hurt
$250,000  •  41 acres
River Ridge Retreat is a wooded 41-acre property located on a paved county road just seven miles north of Ada, OK, 90 miles from Oklahoma City, 120 miles from Tulsa and 150 miles from Dallas, TX. It is in the Byng District and only a few miles away from the school. With electric and rural water service running along the road frontage, this property has easy access to utilities. More importantly, this property has a huge amount of natural beauty bundled in 41 acres. As you enter the property, you will see two oil wells that the seller owns and has agreed to remove and plug as part of the sale. After this, there is nothing but natural beauty. Just past the entrance, there is a acre pond that looks perfect for fishing. Just to the southwest of it is a nice building site that would overlook the pond. But almost anyone can have a house on a pond. The far more exciting building site is just east of the pond overlooking a 1750-foot stretch of South Canadian River frontage. This vantage point marks an 80 ft elevation transition from the rock bluff that runs perpendicular to the river to the lower parts of the property that provide access to the water. The bluff has a whimsical assortment of huge boulders that create rooms and halls that open to the hillside below. The owners son and friends used the property for Boy Scout camping trips and a small grill still stands ready at the top of the bluff. A trail has been cleared to make access to the river easy. As you drive or walk down from the bluff, the trail splits with one leg running alongside a boulder lined creek with multiple small waterfalls that gurgle their way down to the river. The other leg of the trail runs downstream and has multiple spots where you can easily access the river. Once on the river, you have multiple large boulders that extend out into the flow of the water. A perfect spot to sit and pick at the little fossils in the limestone rock, fish or play in the water, throw in a canoe and go for a float or wait until the summer and go for a long ATV ride down the river. This property is ideal for someone looking for an ideal outdoor lifestyle property that plays a lot bigger than it actually is. If you are looking for a nice building or get away spot, close to town with an abundance of natural beauty and river access at a reasonable price, then please give us a call to schedule a showing of River Ridge Retreat.
$225,000  •  78 acres
Hidden Lake Ranch is a 76 acre ranch just a few miles North of Holdenville, Oklahoma. Located on Oklahoma State Highway 48, Hidden Lake Ranch is 181 miles from Dallas, 85 miles from Tulsa, and 84 miles from Oklahoma City.Situated off the highway, Hidden Lake Ranch boasts a mixture of pasture, timber and water. The soils are especially productive on the ranch, offering a tremendous mix of Verdigris silt loam, Kamie fine sandy loam, and Dennis loam, just to name a few. These soils lend themselves well to cultivation, pasture, range, woodland, and wildlife. Now, what makes Hidden Lake Ranch exceptional? The Hidden Lake, of course. As you make your way through a small, nondescript trail and around a small bend off the main path, you emerge to an opening that unveils the concealed stunning lake below. Constructed in the 1960s as part of the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, Big Wewoka Creek Watershed #37 is a true gleaming sight to behold. The watershed has a total surface area of approximately 11 acres, of which around 20% lies within the boundaries of the ranch. For those folks yearning for their own lake full of bass and perch, Hidden Lake is the place for you.The ranch also features just under a quarter mile of frontage on SH-48 with one gate entrance near the midpoint of the property and another off E. 130 Road, which passes through the adjoining neighbor to the North. As you continue into the property, youll notice and appreciate the well-defined and cleared trails, which make navigating the ranch a cinch in your favorite ATV or UTV. The ranch has a combination of hardwood and softwood timber on both the eastern and western edges. Hidden Lake Ranch offers an optimal mix of pasture and mature hardwoods with approximately 40% of the property open meadow with the other 60% wooded. These woods on both edges of the property, with good clearing and pasture land in the center, provide the wildlife on the ranch with great cover for refuge. On the western edge of the property, the ranch also has an unmapped creek with deep bottoms that cuts and drifts through the length of the ranch. For those most interested in deer, this creek provides an important water source and refuge for those coveted trophy whitetails known well in Hughes County. There are also number of ideal places for food plots and hunting blinds all over the ranch. The mixture of high quality soils, water features, and mature hardwoods make Hidden Lake Ranch the ideal place for wildlife to thrive and flourish. Managed properly, this ranch could provide outstanding hunting for generations to come. For those interested in additional property, there are 160 acres directly West of the Ranch and across Highway 48 currently available for sale by the same family. This parcel features a phenomenal 27 acre lake with the perfect spot to build your dream home to enjoy all of the tremendous view Lakeside Ranch has to offer. If you are looking for a beautiful recreational piece of land to hunt, fish, and enjoy the company of your family and friends, then look no further than Hidden Lake Ranch.
$225,000  •  116 acres
If you followed the Land Doctors listings over the years, youve seen some immaculate properties come and go. However, not everything we sell is a highly improved, premium property. Rather, some are diamonds in the rough. This is the case with the 116 acre Church Ranch located on Highway 75 south of Wetumka, OK.So what are the features of this property that can be transformed into something beautiful?Lets start with the road frontage. For those looking for a property to split into smaller parcels for resale at higher price, Church Ranch has 1320 feet of frontage on a gravel county road plus over 2000 feet of frontage on Highway 75. Breaking this ranch into three ranchettes would be a snap.Maybe you want to keep the ranch as is and run cattle. In that case, it has a nice mixture of open meadows, sheltering woods and a 1-acre pond for water. In addition, a small shed is located just east of the pond. Although the pastures need to be sprayed, there is a strong, thick growth of Bermuda in many places on the property. The soil maps also show that there is a relatively high percentage of fertile soils (shaded green) capable of supporting strong pastures.Conversely, you could leave it as is and enjoy it as the great hunting- spot that it is quickly transforming into. Thick stands of persimmons are loaded with extra large fruit this year. Small elms and pioneer species are encroaching on the pastures providing forage and cover for wildlife. Alternating meadows and strips of woods provide lots of different spots to hunt on the property. In addition, Grief Creek runs across the back of the property and is shrouded by larger hardwoods such as oaks. Reasonably priced with its current condition in mind, this property has the necessary features to be something special, it all depends on how you want to take it forward into the next chapter. If you are interested in seeing this property, please give Kelly Hurt at call.
$280,000  •  160 acres
Rice Ranch is located near Gerty, OK which is a 100 mile drive from either OKC or Tulsa and about 150 miles from the Dallas Metro. It also corners with Camp Walk on Water, which is a Christian Youth Camp. Located on a section corner, this 160 acre ranch has a full mile of road frontage. The property is half open and half wooded. The open portions of the ranch have sandy loam soils ideal for pasture while the wooded portions have rocky soils better suited for recreational uses. Brush was cleared from the pastured portion of the ranch and a dense growth of bermuda grass has been established. The pasture was not weed sprayed last year and a few brush piles need to be burned, but other than that, the 80 acre pastured portion of the ranch is ready for livestock. Rice Ranch also has a nice entry and good fences. Two small ponds provide water for livestock and wildlife. The larger of the two ponds can easily be expanded by repairing an eroded spot on the dam. The eastern half of the property consists of a wooded draw that drops 80 feet as it runs to the north. This draw is flanked by a growth of oaks and the drainage features a wet weather creek that runs over moss covered boulders. Multiple rubs and scrapes ring the edge of the woods. Trails through the woods and isolated openings would be ideal for feeders and small food plots. A trail camera has been placed on the property and updated wildlife photos will be added to the Land Doctors website as we get them.Electricity and water are available on the property at an old homesite near the southwest corner of the property. This part of the ranch is only a 1 mile drive from State Highway 75. If you are looking for a great combination ranch where you can raise livestock, hunt and maybe even build a new house, then Rice Ranch may be the one for you.
$336,000  •  160 acres
Sanctuary Ranch is located just about an hour's drive from either the Oklahoma City or the Tulsa Metro just east of the small town of Agra. This 160 acre property is heavily wooded and offers dense cover with smaller areas of open grassland. In addition, it has several nice water features to round out a great location for anyone interested in a prime hunting spot that offers flexibility and fun all year long. Conveniently located along two road frontages, access to the ranch is quick and easy. Sanctuary Ranch offers areas of dense evergreen trees interspersed with pecan and oak patches that attract wildlife as well as providing ideal bedding areas for deer. Throughout these denser areas you'll consistently find small clearings that would be perfect for deer stands or feeders. Game trails run throughout the wooded sections of the property and intersect these grassy areas creating ideal ambush points. During the off season, these open areas would also provide a great area to ride ATVs and dirt bikes on a sunny weekend.Water is readily available on the property in several places---the largest of the two ponds is 1.5 acres is size and is ripe for fishing while also supporting a healthy duck population during waterfowl season. A second, smaller pond is located more centrally on the property and is hidden by a ring of trees that give this pond a secret, unique feel and offers the wildlife moving through this area a supply of fresh water year round. Big Creek runs through this part of Lincoln County providing not just natural beauty but also further encourages wildlife movement through the area.The southwestern corner of the ranch is adjacent to a large pasture on the neighboring property and is a more open grassland area that offers wider views of the treelines to the north and east as well as a variety of pathways into the more wooded areas of the property. Sanctuary Ranch offers a slight change in elevation in this area, offering a beautiful but subtle rise as you move across this part of the property. These slight elevation changes across the property just add to the character and natural beauty that this area offers. Lastly, Sanctuary Ranch and the neighboring ranch to the south are the largest wooded parcels for miles around, making this ranch that much more attractive to wildlife in the area.
$500,000  •  160 acres
Have you searched for years for the perfect homesite with a big hilltop view overlooking your own large lake? If thats your dream, wed like to welcome you to the Land Doctors latest listing, Lakeview Ranch. Lakeview Ranch is an exquisite property just a few miles North of Holdenville, Oklahoma. Located with approximately a half mile of frontage on Oklahoma State Highway 48, it sits conveniently just 181 miles from Dallas, 85 miles from Tulsa, and 84 miles from Oklahoma City.Lakeview Ranchs location and features make it a truly unique property not often seen on the open market. Nestled on the corner of E. 130 Road and Highway 48, this ranch offers the perfect combination of rural life, convenience and scenic views.This 160-acre property features a large watershed with approximately 27 total surface acres, with the majority of it lying within the boundaries of the property. The watershed, officially named Big Wewoka Creek Watershed Project Dam #36, is massive and offers something exceptional to those buyers who value and appreciate exquisite water features. In Oklahoma, watersheds like this are known well for producing trophy bass fishing year around and great duck hunting when in season. In addition to bass fishing and duck hunting, the white tail deer in Hughes County are some of the best in the state. When on the ranch at the beginning of November, the Land Doctors even saw two nice bucks as we entered onto the property.Lakeview Ranch also offers significant value for those interested in running cattle or horses. Aside from the lake, the property is a mixture of open pasture and wooded draws. The ranch has productive soils supporting a strong stand of grass capable of sustaining your livestock. It also has good fencing throughout. Plus, there are three additional small ponds that could provide cattle and horses adequate watering holes for much of the year. We see a lot of ranches and help some of our clients build their dream homes on the property we sell them. Based on that experience, we have a clear vision of how beautiful this property could be with the addition of your new home and the removal of two older structures that were part of the Barnes family homestead. Time and time again, weve seen that Oklahomas farm families had a good eye for building spots and in this case, we were drawn to the same building spot that the family picked decades ago because of the big view it provides of the ranch. Also, there are an additional 76 MOL acres directly East of the Ranch and across Highway 48 currently available for sale by the same family. This parcel with its wooded creek and large lake would be a great addition if you wanted more water, grazing and recreational land than the 160 acres offers. If youre looking for a property with remarkable water features and a place friends and family will want to come back to again and again, then Lakeview Ranch is the place for you.
$550,000  •  312 acres
Calvin Mountain Ranch is a wooded recreational ranch in Hughes County known for big changes in elevation, ranging from high timbered ridges to deep hollows/draws, with seasonal streams. The center of the property is the deepest hollow, surrounded by tall ridges to the East, South, and West. This deep hollow is a great location to build a 5-7 acre lake on the North side of the property. Most of the timber on this property is postoak, blackjack, and hickory.The East boundary is Highway 75, the majority of the South boundary is marked by a highly improved oilfield access road. The West and North boundaries have been cleared as part of the trail system. 4 wheeler trails also extend from the North to South boundaries to give access to the ridges and hollows/draws. An old well pad sits in the NW part that is used as a food plot, with a good road/trail. Located on the East side of this property is a camp house with an attached shop, and additional storage buildings. In addition to small water holes, this property also has a 1/2 acre pond that is stocked with bass.This ranch is located in an area with great whitetail genetics, as bucks over 150" come from this area every year. Being that this ranch is mostly wooded, you can clear and choose the exact locations that you want to build your food plots!Driving distances: 1 1/2 hours from OKC, 1 hr 45 mins from Tulsa, straight down hwy 75. 2 hrs 45 mins from Dallas straight up highway 75.
$596,000  •  232 acres
Wagonwheel Ranch is an expertly designed farm consisting of 232 acres of rolling hills and open pastures. The ranch is located in Tupelo, Oklahoma; 100 miles Southeast of Oklahoma City, 120 miles Southwest of Tulsa and 150 miles to Dallas, Texas.Wagonwheel ranch gets its name from the intentionally designed grazing system of the ranch. The pastures all funnel to a center location, making handling livestock a breeze. This wagonwheel design has many advantages including added flexibility for rotational grazing, healthier forage and livestock, as well as faster recovery time for the existing forage when used with a rotational grazing system. The ranch currently sustains cattle, sheep and goats and has fencing and improvements to accommodate each species effortlessly. Another benefit of the wagon wheel design is that livestock dont have to travel far to get to water. Water is abundant on the ranch with scattered tanks and ponds throughout. Sandy Creek runs through the North West portion of the ranch, giving livestock and wildlife on that part of the ranch access to water year round. There is also the added benefit of the rural water system. It is available to the ranch and can be installed quickly and easily. The Land Doctors Construction Team would be happy to help with the installation process from start to finish.The current owner is a true innovator. From the overall lay-out of the ranch to the many added livestock shelters and handling systems, everything is thoughtfully designed to make raising livestock easier and more profitable. There is a system in place to start and grow forage in a controlled environment and can be negotiated with the sale of the property. This system could be valuable in many different types of growing applications for many different types of plants. At its prime, the system would produce 1200 pounds of wheat cuttings per day, supplementing winter feed and offsetting the cost of hay.The ranch itself lays in a z type pattern with road frontage on 3 sides of the ranch. There are three clear and well maintained entrances to the ranch, with the main drive leading to the middle of the wagon wheel. There is an older home site as well as a primitive hunting cabin and a smaller dwelling that is currently being used as a rental property. The quaint hunting cabin sits atop a hill overlooking the creek and is a favorite of every kid that visits the ranch. There are two drop down bunks and a wood stove for heat. The porch is a perfect spot to pull up a chair and relax in the canopy of trees and nature.While there is an old home site and rental house there is no true main residence. But dont worry, there are many beautiful ridges and valleys waiting for your dream home. This gives you the flexibility and control to build the type of home you want. Let the Land Doctors Construction team help you plan and build your dream home in the perfect spot of your choosing.
$588,000  •  245 acres
Sandy Creek Ranch is located just 10 miles east of Interstate 35, 65 miles south of OKC and 150 miles north of Dallas. This 245 acre ranch is ideal for the discerning buyer looking for a highly productive ranch. Located along 2000 feet of Cherokee Sandy Creek and with 2500 feet of a large, unnamed tributary running through it, this ranch boasts a large block of fertile creek bottom soils. Ninety percent, or 220 acres, of the ranch consists of open pastures with scattered trees and beautiful, clean hay meadows. Two, fifty acre meadows are ideal for stockpiling forage for the cattle. One has Midland 99 Bermuda grass standing almost knee deep and provides ideal warm season forage. The other meadow has been tilled and planted in triticale for cool season grazing. The remainder of the property consists of open, gently sloping pastures blanketed with a mixture of native Bermuda and Fescue with scattered shade trees. Sandy Creek Ranch has benefited from a steward owner who has consistently sprayed for weeds, leaving a thick, consistent growth of grass across the pastures. The property has excellent fencing, a great set of working pens and sensible cross fencing to allow easy rotational grazing. As with most of Oklahoma, wild hogs can cause great damage to pastures. The owners of Sandy Creek Ranch have minimized this threat by installing stretches of seven strands of barb wire fencing. Two half-acre ponds offer plenty of drinking water for cattle. A peaceful building site is located on the backside of a ridge on the eastern side of the property. This spot would provide an ideal view of the property and yield some great sunsets in the evening. In addition, a stand of massive Burr Oaks lining the edge of the creek should lure wildlife out for you to enjoy watching from the porch of your dream home.Sandy Creek Ranch is what a truly productive ranch looks like. A thick, deep blanket of Bermuda grass. A high percentage of bottom land with fertile, dark soils. A nice amount of gently sloping pasture to keep cattle on when its wet. A pleasing scattering of trees that the cows need in the summer. Two good sized ponds for water, great fences and good pens. In addition, it isnt burdened with a house that isnt a good fit for your family.
$720,000  •  576 acres
Boulder Ranch is a 576 acre ranch located just northeast of Ada, OK and is a 90 mile drive from OKC, 115 miles from Tulsa and 170 miles from Dallas. Resting only 1 1/4 mile from the South Canadian River, this heavily wooded ranch is the perfect hideout for deer moving up and down the river. The property has steep elevation changes that span 150 feet of relief. The side slopes are ringed with gigantic boulders that have interesting overhangs and balanced rocks. Most are easy to climb and would be a wonderland for kids and active adults to play in. Small wet weather streams trickle down the hollows and cascade over the rocks for a few days after it rains. The combination of big elevation changes, moss covered rocks and mature hardwood timber makes this a really enjoyable hiking area.A ranch this large with such steep terrain would normally be difficult to access. However, Boulder Ranch benefits from over five miles of maintained roads and trails that are used to access small oil wells on the property. The wells have been maintained better than most we are used to seeing and the land has suffered very little as a result of energy production.Three small ponds and the wet weather drainages provide water for wildlife. In addition, one hollow has the topography to hold 30 surface acres of water if you are looking for a place to build a large lake. In addition, this area is known for trophy whitetails. We have put out trail cameras and will update the listing with pictures as we get them. If you are looking for a large block of woods with some interesting rock features and don't mind energy production, then this property could be an absolute steal for you because of the low price that is being asked. Boulder Ranch could be the ideal place to hunt, hike and maybe even pursue your lake building dreams at a price that is rarely seen these days. If you would like more information or want to schedule a showing, please give us a call.
$725,000  •  230 acres
UPDATE - THE SELLER IS WILLING TO SELL THE BARNDOMINIUM AND SOUTH 30 ACRES SEPERATELY. CALL FOR DETAILS.Sandy Creek Ranch is an ideal combination ranch. Located just west of Ada, Oklahoma, 1.5 miles south of Highway 19, 80 miles from Oklahoma City and 150 miles from Dallas; this ranch offers productive hay meadows, trail-lined rolling forest, and a combination shop and living quarters. This 230-acre ranch mol has approximately 84 acres of Class II soils in the flat ground that runs along a 2300-foot stretch of Sandy Creek. Fifty acres of this fertile soil supports a blanket of large hardwoods and pecan trees while the other 34 acres is a hay meadow that produces high quality, strong yielding hay. The seller has the hay custom baled and has an existing customer base that would likely remain loyal customers. The amount of revenue produced from hay sales is enough to pay taxes and offset other expenses associated with owning the property all while requiring minimal effort on the part of the owner. The remainder of the property is rolling hills covered with mature stands of oak trees. This combination of fertile creek bottom areas, a steady supply of clean water in the creek and mast producing oak forested hills, makes this ranch an ideal place for wildlife. During filming, the ground was covered with acorns and several well-defined deer trails were noted. We happened to have an extra trail camera on hand and set it up on a trail near the shop. By the next morning, we were getting pictures of multiple does and a young 8-point buck. Since then, weve started feeding and will be updating the listing with more pictures as we get them. The main section of the ranch lies along a quiet county road with just under a mile of road frontage. There are three well maintained entrances to the ranch, two providing direct access to the hay meadows and the third servicing the shop and living quarters. Two unusual features are located near the two northern entrances. An abandoned railroad track runs north of Sandy Creek. This elevated path runs from the county road all the way to the east boundary of the ranch and would make a nice all-weather roadbed. Although the entire property can be accessed from the main road, there is also an old wood and steel cable bridge that provides a direct crossing of the creek on the ranch. This bridge was once part of a county road that has since been abandoned.The main headquarters of the ranch features a combination shop and living space. The 3 bedroom 2 bathroom quarters is heated and cooled with a full kitchen and laundry hook-up. The downstairs has a nice set of kitchen cabinets, small pantry beneath the stairs, and stained concrete floors. The bedrooms are upstairs and have exposed roof trusses that extend down through the ceiling. Taller buyers will likely want the Land Doctors to give an estimate on how to cut and brace the trusses for more headroom. The shop portion is equipped with large roll up doors and would make the perfect place to store and work on equipment. The shop site itself sits atop a hill surrounded by forest with trails leading to other parts of the ranch.With a combination of hay meadow and forest, this property would be ideal for someone wanting a great recreational place or a place to farm/hay on a limited basis and get the existing pecan trees into production. An orchard of improved variety pecan trees could also be established in the hay meadows. Given the various features of the property, Sandy Creek Ranch could be used in a multitude of ways. If you think it might be a good fit for your plans, please contact us to schedule a showing.
$700,000  •  160 acres
Some places just feel like home. Thats what youll feel as soon as you drive through the gate at Shady Oaks Ranch. This 160 acre property, located in Pottawatomie County Oklahoma, is the true definition of Gentlemans Ranch, with its peaceful rural setting and well-situated proximity to the I-35 corridor. In a quick 20 minutes you can be on Interstate 35 heading north 40 miles to Oklahoma City or south 150 miles to Dallas, TX. The convenient location of Shady Oaks Ranch makes it ideal for a weekend retreat or permanent homestead in the peace and quiet of rural Oklahoma.The improvements on this ranch include a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home; which the owners have completely renovated. The inviting interior of the home includes raw edge - granite countertops, custom made sliding barn doors, floor to ceiling shiplap surrounding the fireplace and a charming front porch; complete with the quintessential porch swing. There is an outdoor seating and fire pit area perfect for relaxing after a long day or entertaining friends and family on the weekend.The main shop area is approximately 40x60 with concrete floors, insulation and a full bathroom. A lean-to runs the entire length of the building adding extra covered storage space. There is an additional 50x60 hay barn, adjacent to the working pens, great for storing hay and implements.The property is situated as a true square quarter section with road frontage running along the West and South boundaries of the ranch. The perimeter fencing is newer, 5 strand barbed wire, with two smaller pastures carved out around the home and shop area. The property is 60 percent open pasture and 40 percent wooded area with trails. The perimeter of the woods has been cleared making for easy access to fence work without the added aggravation of limbs and trees falling on a good fence. The ranch has a carrying capacity of approximately 40 cow/calf pairs, or if solely used for hay production, can make around 200 4x6 round bales in a season, essential to offsetting some costs of property ownership.The soils are mostly sandy loam, conducive for growing the bermuda grasses in the pastures and hay meadows. There is a deep creek bed that runs north to south in the center of the property leading to 90 feet of elevation change from east to west. A pond in the southeast quadrant of the ranch is ideal for watering livestock or wildlife.The exciting part about this ranch is that it is also well known for its wildlife. On any given evening you can sit on the porch and watch the deer as they forage in the pasture or listen to the turkey as they call. The creek that runs through the middle of the ranch is often the focal point of deer as they graze and come to water. There are several excellent places on the ranch to set up blinds and feeders to draw out the monster whitetail that this area is known for. Another interesting point of attraction is the South Canadian River, which has a public access point just 9 miles from the ranch. This stretch of river is busy from March to November with people from all over visiting with ATVs, fishing poles and horses. Once on the South Canadian River you can ride or hike for miles in either direction, enjoying the sandbars and deeper swimming holes.As soon as you enter through the automatic gate, the privacy and seclusion of this ranch will lift the days stress right off your shoulders. The overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquility give your soul a much needed rest and overwhelm you with the feeling that youre finally home.
$799,200  •  444 acres
Eastridge Ranch is located approximately 15 miles east of Ada, OK on Highway 48. The ranch is a 100 mile drive from Tulsa or OKC and 150 miles from Dallas. This 444 acre recreational ranch is roughly 1.5 miles long from north to south by 1 mile wide from east to west at its widest point. The ranch sits in a transitional area where the pastured creek bottoms of Muddy Boggy Creek give way to wooded hillsides. From a wildlife management standpoint, Eastridge Ranch is ideally secluded from the world by a 4000 acre ranch to the west and north, an 1100 acre ranch to the south and a 1350 acre ranch to the east. The ranch boasts 130 feet of elevation change from Muddy Boggy Creek up to the top of the highest ridge. Approximately 300 acres of the property is in timber, 120 acres in meadows and scattered trees and another 24 acres are in open pasture along Highway 48 and an open field along Muddy Boggy Creek that's perfect for a food plot. The meadow areas offer the type of transitional setting that encourages the growth of native browse needed to support deer through the summer months while the timbered portions provides acorns for the fall and winter. Although existing trails allow easy access to most of the ranch, there is a 155 acre block that acts as a sanctuary. The property has good boundary and cross fencing. Up to 195 additional acres of pasture can also be purchased with this tract if you are looking for more of a combination cattle and recreational ranch. As an added bonus, this would also provide road frontage on a paved county road.The property also includes a 2.5 acre lake fed by two drainages. This lake is filled with bronze tinted water typical of heavy forested drainages and is ringed with a narrow strip of aquatic vegetation. It has two nice arms that extend to shallows located in each drainage. The point between the two arms is begging for the construction of a cabin or home overlooking the lake. Water and electric services could be easily run to this point from the Highway 48 frontage to the east. Nine hundred and fifty feet of creek, as well as a 3/4 acre pond and two other small ponds ensure that water is available to wildlife on all parts of the ranch.In addition to great views generated by the elevation change, the property also has some other interesting features including a small cave and cliff overhang. Multiple inscriptions are carved into the sandstone rock of these natural features and some date back to statehood. Both have game trails leading to them and appear to be acting as shelter to wildlife.The outstanding native genetics of whitetail deer in this area have been extensively studied and documented on the former Nobel Foundation Deer Research Unit located just 1.5 miles to the southeast of the ranch. This combination of transitional features, large neighbors, seclusion, timbered bedding areas, browse filled meadows and water make Eastridge Ranch a unique opportunity for those wishing to manage for trophy whitetails. Recent game camera photos have captured some nice examples of the bucks that the property is currently producing with no wildlife management. In addition, wild hogs are currently absent after an extensive eradication effort.
$825,000  •  195 acres
Rio Arriba Ranch is a 195 acre example of passionate natural resource stewardship and intensive pasture management. This ranch is located just east of Weleetka, OK on the north bank of the North Canadian River. With 75 acres of rich bottomland soils, 100 acres of upland meadows and woods, shallow ground water and a 20 acre lake, this ranch has a strong foundation of the natural resources needed to create a supremely productive and beautiful ranch.Rio Arriba has 250 feet of elevation change from the sheltering ridge along the north boundary down to the southern boundary on the bank of the North Canadian River. The wooded ridge helps to block the cold north winds of winter and the river helps to cool the southern breezes in the summer months. In addition, a sudden 200 foot elevation change from the rim of the ridge down to the lake provides an extraordinary vantage point where one can overlook the ranch and a large portion of the surrounding valley. A small cabin located on the overlook is the ideal spot for spending time just soaking in all the natural beauty of the view. The 20 acre lake is a natural oxbow lake that runs along the base of the cliff. Water levels in the lake are supported by runoff from the hillside and direct recharge from the river during high flow stages. The lake has all the typical Oklahoma fish species but notably produces abundant numbers of large blue and channel catfish. With the ridge behind it and the natural spacing of large hardwood trees along its southern bank, the lake serves as the idyllic centerpiece of the ranch gracefully located at this topographic transition.The alluvial soils found in the main pastures of the ranch are primarily of the Oklared and Severn types. These sandy loams can be used for cultivation or pasture. In the case of Rio Arriba, they are used for pasture and are routinely no-till planted with cover crops such as winter peas and clover to enhance cool season grazing, maintain fertility and increase organic carbon levels. There are 12 main pastures that can either be used as part of a ranch wide rotation or subdivided for internal rotation with temporary, spool-mounted electric fence. A convenient access lane through the pastures makes moving through the ranch quick and easy.Rio Arriba routinely runs more than 200 head of Dorper sheep and Spanish goats. Fortunately, the ranch has an exceptional set of working pens and equipment designed specifically for calmly handling small animals. In addition, there is also a set of working pens for large animals. The fences are in exceptionally good shape and there are plenty of small lots for isolating different age groups, bucks, rams and any animals that might need a little extra attention. The fertile soils of Rio Arriba are also used for growing top quality vegetables in garden, raised bed and greenhouse settings. The earth sheltered green house is a particularly interesting design with a portion of the structure built beneath ground level and a south facing roof oriented to capture the low angle sunlight of winter. Solar energy is passively absorbed inside the greenhouse by the black fabric floor and the thermal mass of the northern concrete wall. This heat is then slowly released from the wall and floor throughout the day and night to economically keep the greenhouse warm. A climate control system regulates the temperature of the greenhouse by venting hot air on sunny days and providing supplemental heat on overcast days. This system provides the ideal winter setting for sprouting and starting vegetables in preparation for an early spring transplant to the gardens. Because the ranch can produce far more than one family can eat, two climate controlled storage rooms were constructed. Both use CoolBot systems with one unit used for cool storage and the other as cold storage. Ample dry storage is also available for shelf stable produce. Consequently, Rio Arriba is ideally suited for producing and storing high quality vegetables for sale at farmers markets. In addition to the cold/dry storage facilities, there is a workshop for equipment repairs, shed storage to keep tractors and implements dry, and a large hay barn. Many of the buildings have roof capture systems that store rainfall for use on the farm. The animals are provided shelter from the elements by numerous permanent and mobile sheds located in the pastures. A two bedroom, two bath mobile home serves as the owners quarters. A large front porch and carport has been added to the front of the structure and a closet, living room and mud room were built on to the back. A new screened pavilion is located just to the east of the main house and is ideal for family gatherings. A second mobile home located near the hay barn is occupied by the caretaker. Lastly, the ranch has both a tap on the rural water system and well water provided by two wells on the ranch. Multiple propane tanks supply the structures plus three whole house generators. Assuming propane is available, these generators are capable of running both homes, storage barn and workshop during the longest of power outages.Rio Arriba Ranch is a turnkey opportunity for buying a fully functioning operation that would cost far more time and money to construct from scratch. In addition, the owners would be open to selling animals and equipment with the land and improvements. If you have been looking for a way to skip all the growing pains and step directly into a great sheep and goat ranch with all of the ideal natural features and improvements you could ever desire, then you need to schedule a showing today.
$850,000  •  20 acres
Lightning C Arena is a unique business and investment opportunity for those with a passion for livestock and equine or those interested in event hosting. While the potential and opportunities are vast, the current income generated from the facility is derived from the following: proceeds from concessions, entry and gate fees, arena rental, equine treadmill appointments and training, stall rental, and RV hookups.The current owners of Lightning C Arena have hosted and/or offered a variety of attractions and events such as team roping, barrel racing, calf roping, steer wrestling, bull riding, bareback bronc riding, mutton bustin, a circus, and even monster trucks. In recent years, the current owners have expanded the Arenas reach and audience. This past May, Lightning C Arena hosted the Monster Truck Summer Heat Tour to great pomp and fanfare.The main building, which is approximately 66,000 square feet, is primarily used for equine and livestock productions. It is a pre-engineered steel frame structure with a concrete pier foundation and enameled steel roof and sidewalls. The southern end is partially opened to provide ventilation for the facility. This structure has a septic system and is serviced by rural water and includes a 600 square foot, fully functioning concession stand, a generously sized, enclosed, and climate controlled announcers stand, patron seating for hundreds of people, and public restrooms. It also offers a well designed tack room with swinging wall, five (5) bucking chutes, back pens for livestock holding, and a WW stripping chute near the warm up area. For its barrel-racing events, the facility utilizes a laser system for accurate timing and scoring. One of the other more unique features of the arena is the equine treadmill system by the Hydro Horse Company. These systems are designed to aid equine in rehabilitation training and/or strength and conditioning.South of the main arena, on the southern portion of the property are two partially covered structures. These buildings provide 76 covered stalls for the property and are approximately 12,000 square feet in size.There are 29 electric RV hookups servicing the arena for short-term rentals, with no septic service. The current owner has been approached in the past about expanding and increasing the capacity and capability of the RV portion of the arena to serve a wider audience of customers. A potential buyer would need to evaluate the feasibility of such a project but the propertys size would lend itself well to a potential expansion of this part of the business.
$878,010  •  505 acres
Mesa River Ranch is a 505 acre property located a half mile south of Fort Cobb, OK. Approximately 70 acres of the ranch is situated north of County Road 1330 along the Washita River. The balance of the property rests south of the road. The rich alluvial soils along the river support an excellent 20 acre hay meadow that grows thick with bermuda grass in the summer. The property then terraces up about 10 feet in elevation as you move south away from the river. This level of the property offers approximately 70 acres of good pastures for cattle. The next topographic transition is the most dramatic one as you rise 220 feet from the river valley up a steep incline to the mesa that overlooks Fort Cobb. From here you have a 360 degree view of the area; to the north is Fort Cobb, to the east is a thickly timbered canyon that dramatically descends over 200 feet down and the Washita River farmland beyond it. When you look to the south you see rolling hills of pasture and timbered draws that run all the way to the Washita Mountains. The view to the west is particularly beautiful at the end of the day as the sun sets over a series of small farms on rolling grassy hills that stretch into the distance. In addition to the mesa, there are several other tall hills that offer great views and would be outstanding building sites. In between are wooded draws and grassy plateaus that provide cover and sustenance to cattle and wildlife.Deer and turkey are present on the property. The owners report seeing large herds of deer when winter wheat was planted on the ranch in the past. This is a good indication that some simple wildlife management techniques such as food plots and feeders could make this ranch a sanctuary given the thick bedding area located in the canyon on the east side of the property. In addition, the hay meadow along the river could potentially be converted into a wetland to attract ducks and geese during waterfowl season. Fort Cobb is known as a hot spot for duck hunting and this property could provide your friends and family with a great spot to enjoy the fun of group hunting. There are several ponds that hold water during the wet season and well water is available year round.There are additional recreational opportunities beyond just hunting. This ranch is ideal for someone who wants to ride horses or raise cattle. For those who want to also enjoy playing on a large lake, beautiful Fort Cobb lake is just five miles north of Mesa River Ranch. Your family can rent a boat and enjoy fishing and skiing for the day before heading back to the ranch. Plus, this area has the convenient advantage of only being 70 miles from the OKC metro. Mesa River Ranch is largely a blank slate awaiting the vision of the next owner. Multiple building spots, great areas for wildlife improvement, a convenient location and an affordable price make this property ideal for those looking for a weekend getaway. Imagine sitting on top of the mesa with a campfire burning as the slowly setting sun casts its glow onto the faces of your friends and family. That's the kind of special moments that this ranch can offer you.
$871,200  •  484 acres
Mineral Springs Ranch is located just north of Gerty, OK. The Gerty area is known for an aquifer that supports springs and creeks in the area. Mineral Springs Ranch has three spring fed drainages. Two 3 acre lakes are located in one of these drainages. There are no visible springs flowing into the lakes but flow is visible along a rock lined creek flowing just below the lower lake dam. In addition, a spring feeds a beautiful sandstone creek in a long, deep drainage flowing in the northwest corner of the property. Perhaps the most interesting of the springs is in the southern portion of the ranch. Here you find an outcrop where the constant flow of heavily mineralized spring water has cut a small chute into the rock face. The water then flows into a rock bottomed pool below before flowing through a deep canyon filled with cattails. The contrast between the steep rocky slopes and cattails is striking as the two don't normally go together. The animal tracks in this drainage are extremely dense and it appears that the wildlife is drawn to this water source in particular. There are at least two other small springs and three additional small ponds on the property. Mineral Springs Ranch offers great fishing. A previous owner stocked the ponds with bass, crappie and catfish. It is not unusual to catch 30 to 40 bass on a good day. Deer hunting on the ranch is also exceptional due to the mixture of brushy bedding areas full of browse and mature oak trees supplying acorns in the fall. Multiple trophy bucks sporting 8 to 12 points and impressively wide spreads have been seen on the ranch. In addition to fishing and deer hunting, Mineral Springs Ranch also has the normal Oklahoma mix of predators, pigs and small game. For those interested in running some cattle, the ranch also has approximately 200 acres of open, cross-fenced pasture primarily on Clearview sandy loam soils. A hay barn and basic corral are also located centrally in the pasture. Electricity and rural water are on the property. There is minimal energy production activity with a number of small oil and gas wells on the property.Mineral Springs Ranch is a great combination hunting and cattle ranch in its current state. However, the property could truly shine with some additional work. There are multiple locations to build more lakes, one of particular interest is a potential 25 acre lake site in the northwest corner of the property on the spring fed creek. There are also some areas where small cedars could easily be managed with prescribed burning to improve both the pasture and forage base for wildlife. If you like lots of water, wildlife, nice views and naturally beautiful rock lined creeks then you really should call Kelly Hurt at (580) 421-7512 to arrange a showing today.
$1,000,000  •  470 acres
Clear Lakes Ranch measures 470 acres and is located just southeast of Holdenville, OK, 90 miles from OKC and Tulsa and 190 miles from Dallas. The property has county road frontage on the southwest corner and along the eastern boundary. As the name implies, the main feature of the property are two clear water lakes; one is 9 acres and the other 4 acres in size. These two bodies of water have all the qualities that one looks for in a great fishing lake. Both have beautiful water and an irregular shoreline that includes coves, points, drop-offs and flats. Both have expansive stump fields and deep channels that connect to a large open pool of water near the dams. When you look at them, you just naturally think about bass and crappie fishing.The land itself is a great mixture of approximately half wooded and half open pasture. The ranch is covered with a blanket of oak trees on the hills and a scattering of large pecans in the bottoms near the open pasture areas. The high point of the ranch sits 100 feet above the lower lake and would be a great building site for someone who wanted to clear a few trees to improve the view of the lakes below. During filming, we saw plenty of deer sign and even spotted a quality buck running through an open meadow.Cindy Creek flows through this L shaped property, maintaining the water levels in the lakes and roughly splitting the ranch in half. With a large forested hill on the west side of the creek and a nice pastured flat on the east side, the ranch has a great diversity of elevations, slopes and settings. In addition, the open pasture has a thick growth of Bermuda grass that would support a nice sized herd of cattle. With that being said, the most exciting part of this ranch is the opportunity for hunting and fishing. Hughes County is known for its trophy deer hunting and this property fits the mold of the ideal creek bottom hunting situation that is so prevalent in the area. Wooded slopes and hills provide cover and acorns in the fall and winter while the creek bottoms provide browse and a pathway down to the South Canadian River Bottom located a little over 2 miles to the south. Couple that with two great looking lakes and we think this could be a recreational paradise for your family. The Land Doctors build structures on ranches that we sell and we can see plenty of great places to build a cabin, lodge, barndominium or house on this ranch. The presence of the two lakes and the ideal hunting conditions make this property a year round favorite for the people you care about. If you are looking for an awesome place to hunt, fish, and entertain friends and family, please give us a call to set up a showing.
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