Kelly Hurt

Kelly Hurt founded the Land Doctors in 2015 to achieve his vision of an integrated farm and ranch company that could offer clients exceptional land brokerage as well as construction and management services. The Land Doctors team has quickly grown to include four sales agents and a partner who handles home and barn construction services. The Land Doctors work across the entire state of Oklahoma but focus on an area east of I-35, West of Highway 75 and South of the Turner Turnpike. We think you will see the passion that we have for the natural beauty that the Sooner State has to offer.
$2,200,000  •  538 acres
Pecan Valley Ranch is a 538-acre ranch located just west of Henryetta in Okfuskee County at an easy one hour and fifteen minute drive from either Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Offering both productive pasture and a dense growth of pecan trees along Montezuma Creek, this ranch can support healthy herds of both livestock and wildlife. But, before we get into that, we need to go back in time to when the current owner purchased the property. Eight years ago when we first laid eyes on this ranch, it was in pretty rough shape. It had been leased out for years and not surprisingly, very little maintenance had been done. Overstocked, overgrown, and run down, one would wonder what the current owner saw in the property. Simply stated, it was the fertile soil types. Even though it didn’t look like it, the ranch had fantastic soils and just needed half a chance to shine. Most ranches that we look at don’t have any Class 1 soils. Amazingly, 44 percent of Pecan Valley Ranch features Class 1 soils! If you consider both Class 1 and 2 soils, the total increases to a whopping 70 percent of the ranch that has these fertile soil types. This is evidenced by the natural vegetation we saw on the property. Most neglected ranches grow up in cedar and elm trees. This one grew up in a thick growth of pecan trees. Everywhere we looked, we saw pecan trees that ranged from massive old growth trees to saplings. That’s when the decision was made to purchase Pecan Valley Ranch. The next decision was to break from conventional management practices and pursue a regenerative farming approach. The ranch was rested the first spring, and an amazing growth of clover blanketed the previously barren pastures. The next step was to clean out the pond to create a water source, install a storage tank and gravity flow water system to provide water to each of the paddocks created in the front pasture. Next, it was time to bring in multiple species and rotate them through the paddocks to restore the land. This was possible because of the new fencing constructed that was capable of holding any livestock desired, including the most renowned escape artists of the farm, goats. Domestic pigs were stocked beneath the pecan trees to clean up the huge quantity of pecans lying on the ground. In the process, they also cleared the briars and as soon as they were rotated into other paddocks, a strong growth of cool season grasses emerged. Other paddocks were stocked with sheep and goats to reduce the dense growth of weeds. These two species act as herbicide in the form of an animal given that they consume plants that are normally considered a nuisance and require chemicals to control. Chickens were also rotated through the paddocks to boost soil nutrients. All these steps culminated in the creation of lush pastures that were then stocked with cattle. Today, all of the livestock have been removed and the ranch has been rested again. The pastures are full of white, arrowleaf, and yellow clover, in addition to hairy vetch, rye grass and bermuda. The interior paddock fencing needs some repair but the water system and exterior fences are still in great shape. The ranch also has a good set of well built holding and working pens for cattle in addition to a small animal barn equipped with stalls and working facilities for goats and sheep. Other improvements made included the addition of two mobile homes with connecting deck and shop building at the new headquarters area. In addition, a third mobile home was added just north of the headquarters for the farm manager. A storage container, mobile chicken houses and various sheds round out the list of improvements. The property has a history of producing very impressive trophy whitetails and the ponds have been stocked and managed for some fun fishing opportunities. In total, there are four main ponds on the property that range in size from one acre to an acre and a half. In addition, there are numerous small ponds scattered throughout the pastures. More importantly, two miles of Montezuma Creek twist through the ranch and serves as the source of the fertile soils deposited in its floodplain. There is a dead section line road at the south end of the ranch that has an interesting old concrete/rock bridge that is used to cross the creek. The west side of the creek features hay meadows and transitional areas where meadows fade into the ideal wildlife habitat mixture of pecans, oaks, and honeysuckle. If you’ve dreamed of trying your hand at regenerative farming and multi-species husbandry, then, Pecan Valley Ranch would be a great place for you to expand on a solid foundation of fertile soils, and existing improvements to take them to the next level under your stewardship. For more information, call Steve Owen at 580 231 2386 or email him at Steve@
$3,250,000  •  393 acres
Peavine Creek Ranch is a 393-acre pecan paradise and takes its name from the creek that runs northeast to southwest along the border of the property giving it a triangular shape. The position of the creek and the lay of the land are ideal given that most of the creek bottom is on the north side of the creek. In other words, the very best of the creek bottom soils and pecan grove are located north of the creek on this ranch. With over 50 percent of the ranch being blanketed by fertile class 2 soils, its easy to see why it would support such a beautiful stand of mature pecan trees with a thick carpet of clover, rye and vetch growing underneath. Most of the trees are native pecans with a scattering of trees that were grafted to produce improved varieties. Although the production of native pecans varies from year to year, the tax depreciation benefit of having roughly 2100 depreciable trees is something you can count on. Because of Oklahoma’s long history in pecan production there are a variety of support programs available to producers. Currently, the USDA RMA offers support through crop insurance as well as disaster assistance programs such as “TAP” or the Tree Assistance Program. The Land Doctors as well as the Sellers are prepared to help the new owners transition easily into pecan production by sharing valuable production history as well as providing a list of helpful industry contacts that are vital to the success of the operation. Pecan trees aren’t the only thing that grow on this ranch. Great soils also mean great pastures for cattle. The mixture of creek bottom and gently sloped hillside give you the option to run cattle on the hills during the wet season when they are most productive and then rotate them to the creek bottom to enjoy the benefits of strong summer forage growth sustained by naturally sub- irrigated soils. Plentiful drinking water is available in both the creeks and small ponds, but many Oklahoma ranches have those types of water features. Peavine Creek Ranch also offers a 12-acre lake located in the northwest corner of the property. The lake is located at the transition from the hillside to the creek bottom and, as such, would be ideal to gravity flow irrigation water, if desired. While you would probably only need the lake for irrigation water during the very worst droughts, you could enjoy it on an everyday basis with your family and friends. Stocked with fish and featuring clean, shady shorelines, it would be ideal for fishing, kayaking, swimming and duck hunting with the family. Largemouth bass are plentiful and easy to catch during the summer and in the winter, ducks rest on it after feeding on the ag fields along the Washita River located just a mile and a half away. Other wildlife is also abundant, as the dense growth of clover attracts and holds whitetail deer and wild turkeys. If you love water, large trees and beautiful pasture, it doesn’t get much better than this. Except here at Peavine Creek it does, because not only does this ranch have the ideal natural features, but it also has a three-year-old home and barn perched at the transition from the hillside to the creek bottom and just east of the lake. This four-bedroom, two-bathroom home was completed in 2021 and features a master suite with large bathroom on the west end of the house and three more bedrooms and a second bathroom on the east end. In between is an open floor plan living room, dining room and kitchen with a shared cathedral ceiling. The living room has a stone fireplace with a wood stove insert. The combination of good insulation, high efficiency wood stove and pecan wood yields free heat and the comforting aroma that you get from a fire. A large back porch doubles as a spot for hosting parties and outdoor recreation. It would be a pleasure to enjoy relaxing here during the evenings. There is also an attached garage equipped with an above ground storm shelter. There is also a new barn that has plenty of room for storing hay, equipment, trailers and even has an area for riding horses that is partly covered. The electric service was installed underground to avoid disturbing the beautiful view with overhead lines. Lastly, getting to the ranch is easy as you are only about six miles from I-35, one mile from Highway 19 but, at the same time, you can enjoy the seclusion and privacy of living near the end of a dead-end road. If you need to get to and from the DFW Metro or OKC, they are only 2 hours and 1 hour away, respectively. But once you get to the front entry gate, you can leave all that behind as you drive down a gently curving driveway to your new safe haven. If you’ve been looking for a beautiful, productive ranch with great water features, tax benefits and quality improvements, please call Chrissy Banks at 765 220 2489 or email her at Chrissy@
$280,000  •  80 acres
Goose Pond Farm is an 80-acre property located just south of Dustin, OK, 90 minutes from both OKC and Tulsa and about 3 hours from Dallas. This farm is easy to access from the Indian Nation Turnpike with only ½ mile of unpaved roads to drive as you travel south from Highway 9. In addition, it is only 30 minutes from all the fun and fishing that Lake Eufaula has to offer. The property features fertile soils, with 100 percent being either Class 2 or 3. In addition, approximately 60 acres are open with the southern portion of the property featuring a hay meadow that has curving wildlife habitat islands incorporated into it. This is something we haven’t seen before but immediately liked it. These “islands” look like ideal bedding areas for wildlife that allow them to utilize the hay meadow in ways that they wouldn’t if it were completely cleared. Over the years, we’ve seen whitetails bed down in quiet little thickets like these on many occasions. If the hay meadow was planted with cool season forages like turnips, then we could imagine this being an ideal spot that offered bedding and food. In addition, by placing a tower blind in just the right spot, you would be able to see down into the open fingers that extend into the bedding areas. Its not hard to imagine a nice buck holding up in one of these islands and sneaking out to forage at the ends of one of these openings. In fact, the owner put out a trail camera on a small pile of corn and easily got photos of decent young bucks. Roughly 20 acres of woods run north to south along the western boundary of the property along a small creek. The combination of the hay meadow, habitat islands, wooded creek bottom have all the hallmarks of a great hunting spot. Alternatively, livestock could be run on the southern part of the ranch once the eastern fence is improved. Hay has been routinely cut in the open meadows and we’d estimate that you could run about ten pairs on the farm. There are four ponds with three of them being between ½ and 1 acre in size. The fourth pond is smaller but would offer a very nice building spot once it is cleaned out. Its location near the utilities that were run to the old homestead would make it economical to develop as a secluded homesite. We cast a few times and caught bass out of one of the ponds and assume that they were all functioning fisheries. The name of the farm is taken from the nesting pair of geese on the larger pond, and we expect the full contingent of small game native to this part of Oklahoma will be present also. Goose Pond Farm is one to consider for those looking for an affordable 80-acre property with utilities, good access, ponds, creek and hay meadow with options to build a home, farm, fish, ranch and/or hunt. If you are in the market for this type of property, please call Cade Scott at 580 326 1552 or email him at Cade@
$129,500  •  37 acres
Sierra Ridge Ranch is a beautiful 37 acre property located near the town of Wolf, approximately ten miles southeast of Seminole, OK and just a short one hour and five minute drive from the OKC metro. This proximity to the metro as well as quick I-40 access is something we commonly hear as needs from our buyers, in addition to onsite utilities and some water. Sierra Ridge has all the above. As you enter the property off a county road, a small cattle gate opens up the vast possibilities this property offers. The first thing that pops out is the nice pond located centrally around a combination of several nice open areas that could make great building sites for a future home or weekend getaway. For those looking to build, a gravel driveway or even a blacktop road would provide easy access to this beautiful area of the ranch. The pond is nearly a half acre in size and would provide a beautiful future home located in the secluded spot of the west overlooking the creek to the east. This area does have a junk area that's in need of cleanup but doesn't appear to anything a day crew couldn't handle. Headed south, there are several nice cutouts and areas that would be perfect for food plot or feeders and as such we saw a lot of evidence of deer on the ranch. We suspect that's due to the aforementioned creek that runs the length of the property nearly the full distance from north to south, providing a water source and plenty of cover for the wildlife in the area. Measuring nearly a third of a mile, the creek features high banks, gorgeous views and the perfect corridor for the whitetails. It meanders through Sierra Ridge, with semi-switchbacks and some beautfil rock formations. With the elevation changes along the creek we could easily see the possibility of damming up a section of the creek and creating a large lake in the center of the property---again, it's all up to the buyer's imagination, but we can help you out if you decide to. The southeastern corner of the property does contain an active oilwell and is accessed via a dirt road that runs to the southern edge of the boundary. By all indications, there's isn't much in the way of oilfield traffic in this area and we could see the area just to the north of the sawhorse being a great spot for a bow stand. Finally, as you head north you run through a fairly dense wooded area before coming to a nice open spot in the NE corner that would be perfect for a blind or even a camping area. With the template Sierra Ridge offers, the next owner truly has the opportunity to shape this property into whatever it is they've always dreamed: A great hunting spot, a place for a dreamhome or just a place to get away and catch a few fish---it can do it all. For more info, call Eric Lynch at 405 664 6491 .
$508,500  •  113 acres
The Hidden Meadow Ranch is located 10 miles West of Ada, Oklahoma on Highway 19, a convenient 80 miles to the OKC metro and 150 miles from Dallas/Ft.Worth. This combination ranch offers areas of open pastures, deep wooded draws and pockets of hardwoods. There are 3 main ponds that service the cross-fenced pastures as well as 2 wet-weather drainages lined with hardwoods; a favorite travel corridor for the whitetail deer. The 1127 feet of highway frontage lays on the southern boundary of the ranch where you'll find a gated entrance with a small trap and smaller 3-sided shed. It is also here where you'll find rural water at the highway and electric service already set and ready for a meter. The 113 acres is cross-fenced into 3 main pastures with the norther half of the property being the largest pasture at just over 60 acres in size. This pasture has a large pond for water and a large creek on the western side where we found many scrapes, rubs and other signs of wildlife. The current owners report seeing deer and wild hogs on the trail cams as well as the occasional coyote and bobcat. The natural design of the creek corridors offer protection, water and a food source throughout the year via the many oak trees, browse and wild berries. The southern portion of the ranch is split in two by the creek and each half is relatively equal at 25 acres in size. The western pasture is flat and would make a nice spot to build a home, overlooking the pond, using the natural landscape of hardwood groves as your backdrop; giving you that deep in the woods feeling. The eastern half is flat and smooth enough to use as a hay meadow or to plant cover crops for winter grazing. In addition, if you didn't mind the cost of extending service lines and building a driveway, the northern end of the property is 80 feet higher than the southern end. If you have the appetite to build a lake, there is a really nice spot to build one in the western creek. If you did this, then you could build at a higher elevation more toward the center of the property and overlook a new five acre lake to the south. Plus, your homesite would be in a hidden meadow shielded from the world by a wooded draw on either side of it. One of the best parts of having your home north of a lake is that the prevailing summer winds out of the southwest would blow across the lake to your home giving you a nice cooling breeze. Lastly, we could the driveway across the top of the dam to give you a spectacular drive home each and every day. We definitely see this as a property ready for a steward's touch; someone who wants to take a piece of raw land with good features and turn it into a masterpiece. This is definitely a property for someone who wants to create a private oasis close to town. If you've been looking for the perfect spot to make your dreams come to life, then call Chrissy Banks at 765 220 2489.
$1,150,000  •  330 acres
Turkey Flat Ranch is in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, near the small town of Scipio, 20 miles northwest of McAlester, 86 miles south of Tulsa, 120 miles southeast of OKC and 150 miles north of McKinney, TX. Other waypoints important to this ranch include the 3-mile distance to the South Canadian River, 11-mile distance to McAlester Army Ammunition Plant and proximity of large neighboring ranches to the north, west and south that range in size from 2000 to 10,000 acres. All these features combined mean this ranch is ideally located for outstanding wildlife, and more particularly, outstanding whitetails! The South Canadian is a great travel corridor for rutting bucks, MCAAP is veritable, low-fence repository of monster buck genetics and the surrounding large ranches mean that hunting pressure is minimized in this area. That combination creates an ideal neighborhood for Turkey Flat Ranch to be a part of. In addition, this 330-acre tract has some features that are attractive to wildlife in the area, namely open meadows along the fringe of large unbroken tracts of forested ridges. These meadows would be ideal for creating large food plots to pull whitetails from the ridges into shooting range on the ranch. The presence of both a 30-acre meadow located near the north end of the ranch and a 60-acre meadow located on top of the hill toward the south end gives you ample space to plant as much as deer forage as the herd would likely ever want. There are plenty of deer tracks on the ranch as is, and we will be putting out feeders to help concentrate them for trail camera photos. Also, it is very common to see something that is now uncommon on this ranch, large flocks of wild turkeys. The wild turkey population is down across Oklahoma, but there are still ranches like this one that have the right combination of natural features to draw and hold large flocks. Lastly, there is a small herd of free range elk in the area and a few black bears that might make an unscheduled appearance on the ranch from time to time. Of course, water is necessary for wildlife. Turkey Flat has three ponds that range from ½ acre to 1 acre in size. In addition, four wet weather creeks provide intermittent water sources for wildlife and nice locations to build some larger water in the form of a four-acre and an eight-acre lake site on the southern portion of the property. The 80 feet of elevation change on the property ensures that there will be significant runoff after rainfall events. The slope and elevation change seen on the property coupled with an annual average of 40 inches plus of rainfall yields some interesting opportunities to develop a trophy fishery. Beyond hunting and fishing, there are some other fun recreational opportunities on or near the ranch. A pipeline runs for 1 mile down the eastern boundary of the property and offers a rare opportunity to shoot at truly long-range rifle targets. The elevation generally slopes upward to the south and could be modified to provide a suitable backstop for long range shooting. Alternatively, there is a half mile stretch that could be modified for a hilltop shooting range. Hiking on the property is fun and the open hardwood forest makes for a pleasant walk. Lastly, the neighboring 2000-acre property to the west has almost 30 miles of trails that can be accessed by paying a daily fee to the Tulsa Trail Riders club. This would be a very convenient place to go enjoy riding with family, simply take a left turn from your front gate and drive ½ mile to the trailhead entry. The ranch has a very basic cabin with electricity and water. This two-bed, one-bath, 788 square ft structure is a spot to land until you decide whether you want to build a larger, new cabin or lodge for friends and family to enjoy with you. In addition, there is a small three-bay, stand alone carport to keep some of your supplies and equipment out of the rain. If you are looking for a great wildlife property located in a neighborhood of other great wildlife properties, please call Sean Childress at 580 320 5791 .
$200,000  •  40 acres
Mossy Rock Ranch is a gorgeous 40-acre property located just seven miles east of Asher, Oklahoma and just an hour away from the OKC Metro. We often speak with buyers that are looking for the same thing: water, a little open space, wildlife and a few unique features, all within an hour of the OKC/Edmond area. Often, that property can be difficult to find. Mossy Rock Ranch offers all of the above. As you enter the ranch from the east on a quiet county road, the first thing you’ll notice is the large expanse of manicured grassy area that allows for a variety of potential home building sites. Constructing something as small as a cabin or as large as a barndominium would be relatively simple on this property, it’d just come down to the new owner’s imagination. With several great locations to build at, we could see early mornings spent on the back porch watching bass roll in the nearby ponds and evenings spent watching deer poking their heads out of the nearby treeline. It’s an open canvas. The potential for new water expansion is one of the best aspects to the property. Between the two decent-sized ponds already on site and the wet-weather creek that borders the western boundary, a buyer could easily stand pat and enjoy years of fishing and clean well water. However, the steep banks and dips you find once you begin to follow the creek open up worlds of possibilities. This area could be easily dammed up to create a large additional pond or lake or could likewise be terraced to allow for a series of small waterfalls and pools. The structures are already in place for something special. While moving through this area we found ample evidence of deer activity and will be updating the website with any photos or video that we catch in the interim. However, the sheer amount of tracks we saw suggest that the deer population is actively using this as a travel corridior. While exploring this western boundary we were astounded by the small cliffs, elevation changes and the truly unique geography on the back end. This area has nice wooded features but it isn’t too thick to move about within. We could see how this could be a hunter’s paradise and likewise, as we headed back east, we found areas with great cutouts, shooting lanes and beautiful views. It’s just waiting for a few strategic foodplots and stands for the next outdoorsman to be in business. Mossy Rock has it all for the buyer looking for a ranchette close to the OKC or Dallas metro. Electric service, easy possibilities for a well, clear boundaries, decent fencing, water, wildlife and a whole creek just waiting on the next steward to transform. For more information or to schedule a showing, please contact Eric Lynch at 405-664-6491 ,
$2,553,600  •  640 acres
Wide Rack Ranch is a 640-acre mixture of manicured pastures and thick forest covering five drainages and six ridges. It is located 90 miles northeast of McKinney, TX near Boswell, OK. Durant is just a short 30-minute drive to the west. This ranch has 1 mile of frontage along its north border on Highway 109A and another mile of frontage along its western border on County Road 4070. A short private road runs ½ mile along the southwestern boundary. All these roads are quiet country roads that are in good shape but not overly busy. The ranch is located along a Lick Creek drainage that connects to Muddy Boggy Creek roughly four miles away. In addition, the Red River is only two miles south of the property. The ranch has four ponds on it with three being between 1.5 and 2 acres in size. If those aren’t large enough, the convergence of creeks on the property creates the topography to allow a lake up to 93 acres in size! Even at this maximum size, the lake would be roughly centered within the boundaries and entirely on property. Alternatively, lakes could be constructed on each drainage to create a series of smaller water bodies tailored for specific uses such as waterfowl habitat, fishing, or watersports. For someone looking to add more pasture, this same area is almost completely blanketed with Class 2 soil and much of it has been partially cleared. The removal of trees in these areas would make it easy to pile and burn the tops and stumps to finish the job. At that point, the next owner could either convert these areas into fertile pastures, large lakes, or a mixture of both. The north 140 acres of the ranch looks like a golf course with pretty ponds, manicured pastures, and large old oak trees. An old farmhouse and shop are located near the northeast corner of the property and could be easily removed to allow a fresh start. Hunting stands, feeders and food plots have been established by a group of lease hunters. They provided us with a nice set of photos that provided the basis for the name of the ranch. The bucks that have been harvested have typical racks with atypical wide spreads. We saw lots of deer and hog tracks on the property. The areas around the feeders have been torn up and clearly show that lots of wildlife are visiting them. The ponds were frozen when we were there, but we suspect the fishing will be good. We will verify as soon as possible with a quick fishing trip. If our timing is good, we may be able to call up a few wild turkeys as well. Given its proximity to the Red River, one would think that ducks and geese would rest on the ponds when they aren’t frozen. A square mile with great access, good road frontage, utilities, golf course pretty pastures, creeks, woods, and options for building lakes or more creek bottom pastures make this property ideal for a visionary steward looking for beautiful land to transform it into a dream ranch. Simply finishing out the creek bottoms, continuing to manage the wildlife and adding a beautiful home on one of the many attractive home sites is all this property needs. In addition, if you wanted to create a family compound, the road access along the north, west and southwest sides make it easy for the family to spread out and enjoy some privacy while still being close to one another. Conversely, if you were looking for an exit strategy, this frontage would also give lots of opportunities to subdivide the property and maximize your gain. The Land Doctors specialize in rural construction and development. We would love to show you this property and develop a vision for its future. If you’ve been looking for this ideal mixture of natural features, please call or text Cade Scott 580 326 1552 .
$1,350,000  •  312 acres
Magnolia Hill Ranch is located just east of Calvin, Oklahoma on Highway 270; 100 miles from OKC or Tulsa and 150 miles from DFW. This 312-acre ranch has a great mixture of wildlife habitat and working ranch improvements. The main entry to the property is at the northernmost tip of the ranch at the west boundary. As you pass through the gate, you immediately drive up to a ranch style home on a prominent hill. An ancient magnolia tree graces the front yard of the property and provides the ideal spot to sit and take in the expansive view across the South Canadian River valley located immediately to the north of the property. The 1850 square foot brick home has a large garage complete with a basement beneath it. Inside you will find a living room, den with fireplace, galley style kitchen, dining area, three bedrooms and 1 ½ baths. The wood floors have a great old farmhouse charm to them. We think this home would shine with a light remodel and make a great temporary headquarters while you build your dream home on the higher ground southeast of it. Speaking of new construction, the current owner has recently completed a very impressive metal shop building. Featuring 16 ft tall sidewalls and two 16 ft by 16 ft garage doors in addition to one that is 12 ft by 12 ft, this 4200 square foot shop is ready for the largest equipment you might need to store. Three walk-through doors make it convenient to access the interior. A 20 ft by 70 ft lean-to shed runs the length of the shop and provides a great place to park equipment or to use for sheltering animals. Currently, five mobile horse stalls reside beneath the shade of the lean-to. Just behind the shop is a large gravel area ideal for storing building materials and equipment that doesn’t need to be inside. A small pond is just located to the side of the shop. This headquarters area has approximately 30 open acres of pasture with scattered mature oak trees that is ideal for a few horses, cows, or other small farm animals. Once you leave the front pasture, the setting changes quickly. The east gate leads into a 1-acre food plot that has a nice stand of winter forages including a thick growth of turnips. A feeder is located about halfway down the food plot but still within easy shooting distance of the elevated hunting blind. If you walk to the end of the food plot and into the woods you will see an impressive stand of very old and very large cedar trees. A few of these cedars could be selectively harvested and integrated into a new home to make a very impressive set of porch posts or beams. Below the cedars, you catch your first glimpse of the 1.4 miles of Salt Creek that flow through the property. We have sold multiple properties up and down Salt Creek over the years and have always been impressed with the quality of bucks that move up and down this drainage from the South Canadian River. When the creek leaves the ranch, it only runs another seven tenths of a mile before it flows into the South Canadian. This location makes Magnolia Hill the first sanctuary for whitetails coming off the river, giving you the first look and/or shot at any of the trophy bucks that move through during the rut. The banks of the creek are carpeted with mature oaks that produce the cornerstone of whitetail nutrition; acorns. In addition, a large food plot has been planted in a large flat just east of the creek. The trail leading out of the creek and on to the food plot has been in constant use by deer that it is eroded down into the sides of the creek bank. The property has been managed for trophy hunting for years and now has a nice pipeline of quality bucks for you to pursue. If you enjoy planting food plots, the sandy loam soils are fertile enough to support a good growth of vegetation. There are also six ponds that you can manage for fish or waterfowl. In addition, if you would like to work with the Land Doctors to design and build new ponds, there are some great draws that appear to have seasonal spring flow in them that are begging to be transformed into clearwater fishing and swimming holes. Lastly, the ranch has good fencing allowing you to run a small herd of cattle. If you have been looking for this combination of wildlife, natural beauty and ranch improvements, please call Sean Childress at 580 320 5791 .
$1,270,000  •  273 acres
Shadow Buck Ranch is 273 acres of carefully stewarded ground in the central part of the state. Located just five miles southeast of Asher, just 60 miles from the OKC metro and 175 miles from the DFW area, this incredibly well-maintained ranch cascades 110 feet of elevation down from its entry gate to the South Canadian River with roughly 1,500 feet of river frontage. The owner has done a wonderful job spraying and fertilizing the pasture on an annual basis. In addition, he also plants cool season legumes to extend grazing and naturally add nitrogen back to the soil. He is currently running an impressive 82 head of cattle on the northern end, which is cross-fenced and ready to host your new operation. However, the most impressive part of this property is the wildlife and more specifically, the deer population. This ranch borders a block of timber to the west that the seller currently leases, and it is never hunted. This cover on the west, along with Mud Flat creek that splits the eastern pasture, combined with the ribbon of timber that runs along the South Canadian creates some of the highest deer density that we've seen in the state. It's very common to see 25-50 deer running around the food plot on a given evening. Not to mention the number of bucks over 160" running around on the property, including one at 185" that the owner killed. It is easy to tell that the hunting pressure is almost zero as we had multiple deer casually stroll by us as we were filming. We don’t see that very often. In fact, we’ve only seen low fence whitetails this relaxed on two ranches in the last 15 years. In addition, the NRCS has also verified with the current landowner that the portion of the property along the river would be ideal for an engineered wetland project. These types of projects are great because they not only improve the wildlife by adding a waterfowl hunting element but, in some cases, can also result in a cash payment to the landowner for allowing the wetland to be constructed. If you are a duck hunter it doesn’t get much better than having a wetland built on your property and being paid to allow it. A new wetland project would greatly expand the habitat that already exists for the abundant waterfowl that use the river flyway. The ranch is also in a good neighborhood. If you look south across the river, you'll see large ranches owned by the Braum's and Big Creek Event Ranch. In addition, there are sizeable neighbors on the north bank of the river as well. It's no secret that this is some of the best, most fertile ground in the state. Lastly, there are some great places to build your dream home on the high ground overlooking the river valley below. It would certainly be nice to sit on your back porch and watch the deer herd filter into the food plot from the river daily. If you're looking for a turn-key ranch that's been kept in good shape, a promising opportunity to monetize your recreational hunting paradise, or simply a fantastic place to build a home and play on some of the state's best ground, this ranch is for you. To schedule a private showing, give Colton Coale a call at 405-615-7645 .
$1,942,500  •  111 acres
North Blue River Falls is a 111-acre ranch located on the banks of the Blue River at Connerville, OK. This property is located about 100 miles from either DFW or OKC. With an entry located on a quiet country road that is only 850 feet from paved frontage on a quiet country highway, you are a quick drive from either metro area to this beautiful river property. Boasting 1360 feet of Blue River, this property gives you a tremendous amount of river frontage on a relatively small amount of land. This is a truly beautiful stretch of the river where springs from the Arbuckle Simpson aquifer feed directly into the river, maintaining a continuous base flow with constant inputs of pure, cold spring water. With so much of this portion of the Blue River encompassed by large ranches, there are very few chances to own any stretch of it, much less this much of it with just 111 acres. In addition, this portion of the river has beautiful travertine waterfalls. Travertine forms naturally and slowly over time as the flowing water deposits minute amounts of calcium and other minerals in shallow areas, ultimately creating beautiful waterfalls. These waterfalls are constantly reworked as the river dissects and meanders around them creating small chains of travertine islands in the river. These areas create turbulence that in turn oxygenate the water creating a superb fishery for small mouth and black bass. Between the constant flow of highly oxygenated, pure springwater and the natural structure formed by the travertine deposits, these stretches of river are exceptional for floating, swimming and fishing. Flyfishing would be particularly enjoyable in the deeper holes. In addition to the water and fishing, the ranch has many mature native pecans in a 21-acre bottom that lays alongside the river. These trees have a pleasant, natural spacing with a strong growth of fescue and clover beneath them. This savannah type setting creates a parklike atmosphere along the north side of the river. A large ranch upstream of the property has been managing the whitetail herd by harvesting does on an annual basis. Because of this, we see an abnormally high number of bucks on the property as they search for does along this natural wildlife corridor that follows the river. The strong mineral content of the soil and water produces some impressive racks. A home sits about ½ mile south of Blue Church Road on the north side of the river. This brick, two story home sits atop a hill near the transition where the property slopes down to the river. According to the county assessor, this 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2768 square foot home was built in 1991. It has been recently cleaned, painted, and repaired. It comes complete with a kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, and two downstairs bedrooms that share a bathroom. There is another bedroom upstairs that shares a bathroom with two other smaller rooms that could either serve as bedrooms, office space or storage. From this spot, you can easily drive down to the flat ground along the river for easy access to the water. The ranch is mainly comprised of open pasture that in conjunction with the 40 inches of rainfall received per year would make an ideal, small cattle operation. In fact, there is a 1200 sq ft barn with a 600 sq ft side shed with three holding pens and a large trap to manage the herd. For those who have airplanes, the sellers also own an adjacent ranch complete with runway and aircraft hangar. They are open to discussing terms for the next owner of North Blue River Falls to access and use both. This would make a great ranch to fly into for a weekend of flyfishing or deer hunting. If you have been searching for a property on Blue River with the fantastic water features you’ve always wanted, please call Kelly Hurt at 580 421 7512 to schedule a showing or discuss ideas for improving this property to create your dream getaway.
$466,900  •  203 acres
River Run Ranch is 203 acres of excellent wildlife habitat located just west of the Indian Nation Turnpike on the north bank of the South Canadian River. It is just a 75-mile drive from Tulsa, 115-mile drive from OKC and a 170-mile drive from the north DFW metro. More importantly for the outdoor enthusiast, it is located seven miles upstream of the Lake Eufaula backwaters in an area where the North and South Canadian draw close to one another before entering the lake. When we first visited this property, there was water everywhere and we initially decided to market it as “The Swamp”. In some places it was ankle deep, in other places you needed a boat to get through it. After that initial visit, we thought that this property would be flooded all the time. However, over time, we have seen different aspects of the ranch that we didn’t suspect on that first trip. There are times of the year that much of the property is dry, except for the deeper waters of the oxbow lake and sloughs. Consequently, we decided to rename the property River Run Ranch. This tract still has 4000 feet of South Canadian River frontage and part of the old riverbed on it that can hold 14 acres of shallow water, but the areas with the thick growth of willows, cattails and other wetland hydrophytes dry out for part of the year making it possible to manage and improve the property with trails, foodplots and feeders for a wide variety of wildlife. Obviously, ducks and geese love this type of setting as it gives them a natural food source on natural water with plenty of places to settle in and feed. In addition, the heavily vegetated areas serve as wonderful bedding areas for a wide range of wildlife. We set up a trail camera on one of the ATV trails and got thousands of pictures of deer, hogs, coyotes, and bobcats. We knew that there were a tremendous number of tracks on the property but it was hard to imagine the steady progression of animals moving past this single point. This set of photos helped us to understand what we had missed about this property initially. It isn’t just a great waterfowl property; it is a tremendous wildlife property. Its secluded position along the river with the surrounding sloughs and heavy vegetation enables this property to carry a much higher population of animals than normal. That translates to more fun for those who want to hunt year-round. The number and size of wild hogs is amazing, there are tons of deer also. The number of bobcats and coyotes we got on camera was also much greater than we normally see on ranches. In addition, we’ve come to realize how much a family can enjoy spending time on the huge sand bar beach along the river. It’s a great place to go camp, swim, ride ATVs and fish. Also, access is no longer an issue as a new deeded access easement that runs just west of the turnpike before turning through a large hayfield to the property was granted by the neighbor to the north. This deeded legal easement makes getting in and out much easier. We are still wary of saying you could build a cabin on the property due to the potential for flooding in the wet season but, if you are open to a RV site or to building an elevated structure, then we certainly have some thoughts to share with you regarding those possibilities. If you are looking for the ideal recreational property that offers waterfowl, deer, hog, and predator hunting as well as a great ATV, camping, fishing and swimming spot on the river then please call Sean at 580 320 5791 .
$705,000  •  160 acres
Although there are many good deer hunting properties in Oklahoma, there are some features that mark the dividing line between good and great. Some counties are known for producing better bucks than others, some rivers are better corridors for deer movement during the rut than other drainages, some neighborhoods have larger ranches that keeps the hunting pressure lower than in other areas, and some owners have done a better job managing the wildlife than their peers. If you are looking for a ranch that has a combination of these features, then we’d like to welcome you to the Land Doctors latest listing, Oakridge Ranch. Oakridge Ranch is a 160-acre wildlife haven located in a secluded part of Hughes County, Oklahoma, eight miles south of Holdenville. That makes it a 90-minute drive from either OKC or Tulsa and only a 2 ½ drive from the northern edge of the DFW metroplex. Even though it is in a county known for trophy bucks and it’s a nice drive from three major metros, that’s not really the best part of the location. More importantly for hunters is the location of this ranch between two of the best travel corridors for trophy bucks in Oklahoma, Little River, and the South Canadian River. The ranch is located just five miles up from the confluence of these two rivers in a narrowing sliver of land that compresses the travel patterns of wildlife and condenses their populations to a higher than normal density. The presence of these rivers also means that better soils, more abundant native forage, and the presence of high protein crops are nearby to support larger wildlife populations. Of course, open farmland along the rivers does not necessarily provide good cover for deer. Many times, elusive bucks will travel up small creeks to areas that provide better cover. Oakridge Ranch happens to have a small creek that drains north to Little River and extends south to a point where it almost touches another small creek that drains into the South Canadian River. The combination of these two creeks creates a low, mostly wooded pathway that acts as a shortcut between the two rivers. One could easily imagine how this would be beneficial during the rut. What’s even better is when your 160 acres is surrounded on three sides by one neighbor who owns nearly 6800 acres. That certainly helps reduce the hunting pressure. Oakridge ranch has another feature that makes it even more inviting to whitetails, its bordered on the north by a ridge with an elevation of 900 feet and on the south by another ridge that is 890 feet. The creek bottom between is a cozy 780 feet, meaning the deer have a physical buffer between them and any noise or disturbance from the county road to the south or the smaller neighbor to the north. The owner has done a masterful job of managing a pipeline of quality up and coming bucks. In addition to the heavy acorn crops that the oak forest naturally provides, he has maintained two large food plots that pull the deer into the core of the property and on top of the forage plantings, he has also provided feed as supplemental nutrition. This combined with a strict philosophy of waiting to shoot on truly mature bucks, has led to an unusually large number of quality bucks. Last year, the ranch held as many as six 150-inch bucks. The seller believes those bucks survived and expects them to show up again this fall with even more impressive racks as they have reached full maturity, so far two 150 inch plus bucks have been caught on camera. Water is necessary for good wildlife and this property has a great mixture of ½ mile of creek frontage and four ponds, one that is about 1 ½ acres and two that are roughly ½ acre each. The presence of these ponds also provides a nice opportunity to manage a bass fishery or to toss out a spread of decoys to catch ducks migrating along this natural flyway. In the off-season, the creek and ponds will be great hangout places for friends and family to enjoy the rock formations and ATV trails. If you’ve been looking for a hunting property that has all the features that are so hard to come by, don’t miss out on Oakridge Ranch, call Sean Childress today at 580 320 5791 to set up a showing.
$300,000  •  80 acres
The last few years we have seen a dramatic shift in the preferences of our Buyers. The alluring call of the bigger cities with their hustle and bustle and breakneck growth are losing their luster. More and more buyers are in search of a place where they can come home to the wide-open spaces of nature and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes with it. If you’re one of those buyers, then Serenity Hill Ranch is for you. Located 70 miles Southeast of Oklahoma City and 165 miles from the Dallas metro area, Serenity Hill Ranch is an ideal spot for those looking to build their dream home or start a small ranching operation. Larger than a typical “ranchette”, this 80-acre ranch offers grazing, hay production, great wildlife and a blank slate to create the homestead of your dreams. As you enter from the county road the elevation rises gently, through the hay meadow to an ideal home spot, giving you unrestricted views of the expansive pastures of the surrounding ranches. From this spot there is only one visible neighbor to the northwest. Looking east, the elevation begins to slowly fall, amplifying the views. Here you will find groves of trees and a shallow pond surrounded by evidence of wildlife. Wildlife such as deer, turkey, and waterfowl are prevalent here thanks to the ample cover of the surrounding pastures and lack of pressure from human interaction. This part of the county is known for its trophy whitetail which could be easily drawn in using the natural flow to water and native cover to your advantage. For those of you looking to run livestock or produce hay, this ranch could do both. The majority of the soils on this ranch are a class 3 clay-loam and terraces have been installed to help prevent erosion. The current owner has been resting the pastures, only making hay on a portion of the ranch. In doing so, this has allowed for a healthy recovery of the native and improved grasses present there. The entire 80 acres is exterior fenced with only a few places in need of updating. This ranch is full of endless possibilities. We can give you a million reasons why making a move to the country is great idea but we encourage you to make your own list! We are certain once you’re here, it won’t take long to write it. For more information or to schedule a showing call Chrissy Banks at 765-220-2489
$328,000  •  82 acres
Duck Down Farm is an incredible 82 acres of some of the most fertile ground in northern Oklahoma. Located just off I-35 about 5 miles north of Blackwell, this farm sits right on the banks of the Chickaskia River with 3400 feet of river frontage. Duck Down Farm is an easy commute from each of the 3 closest metro areas. It sits just 100 miles north of Oklahoma City, 60 miles south of Wichita, Kansas and about 115 miles west of Tulsa. If you’re looking for a special spot to hunt waterfowl, this farm is it. With a location adjacent to the Chickaskia River, it has the potential to flood two draws that could create some of the best duck holes in the state, especially considering all the crops, water and flyways around. There is a great spot for a deep lake where the main draw connects to the river. Alternatively, shallow wetlands could be created in either of the two arms that lead down to the main draw. It all depends on what the next owner wants, you could have a great fishing spot, a great waterfowl hunting spot or you could opt to have both. We used watershed modeling software to estimate that 740 acres of the surrounding countryside drains through this drainage. In addition, given the rainfall, soils and slope of the area, we estimated that this drainage captures 1000 acre-feet of water flow. Currently boasting a nice plot of soybeans, this farm’s class 1 soils will support just about any crop its new owner could ever want to plant—from food plots for wildlife to grain and hay for the farmers, this piece of ground has you covered. In addition, if you don’t want to plant it yourself, there are plenty of neighbors and local farmers who would pay to cultivate the land. This property has also been known to produce some giant bucks over the years. They love to travel up and down the river from food source to food source in the fall and out here, there is no shortage on either end. Small game animals are also abundant in the wooded draws and lowlands that surround the lush green fields. The wildlife is abundant because the food and water prevail on this farm year after year. The previous owners remember catching giant channel catfish in the river after swimming and swinging off tree limb ropes in the hot summer days. They also tell stories of hunting quail and pheasants in the winter growing up until they couldn’t feel their toes. If you’re looking for a place to make new memories or maybe you want to bring back some old ones, give Colton Coale a call at 405-615-7645.
$1,600,000  •  130 acres
Down a short section of dirt road in a small rural town in South Central Oklahoma an almost retired couple built their dream. They worked fast paced, off farm, jobs their entire lives and when the time came, they were able to say goodbye to time clock pay but, they knew they didn't want to simply retire. From this Rocky Top Winery was born. Located outside the town of Gerty, OK, Rocky Top Windery is 100 miles from OKC or Tulsa and 150 miles from DFW. The location is a quick and easy drive from the large metro areas making it appealing to those seeking a quick weekend get-away. In the early days the couple saw the value in coming home to the peace and tranquility of country life and wanted to create a place families could come relax, unplug and unwind. The idea took off and from there grew into what is now one of the area’s top Agritourism businesses. Today, the winery is furnished with 5 cabins which vary in amenity and size, each equipped with a large porch and view of the ponds. The guests often spend their evenings relaxing, fishing, sitting around the firepit or softly swinging on the porch swing. A short walk up the drive you’ll find the main home, a 2300 square foot, 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home with a large porch overlooking the pond. The home is open and spacious, featuring a large primary suite, and expansive upstairs bedroom with nooks and sitting areas. Just a short distance from the main home is where you’ll find the headquarters of the winery. The vineyards are budding with rows of muscadines which will soon be crafted into the signature wine of Rocky Top Winery. The winery produces other fruit wines such as peach, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and cranberry. They have grown the retail part of the business and are now proudly selling Rocky Top labeled wines in retail establishments in the area. This area of the business is fairly new and the owners have done an excellent job of opening the door for their product and feel this part of the business has the potential for tremendous growth in the future. The main barn is 4000 square feet and is home to the wine production and bottling rooms, meeting room, tasting room and retail shop. It’s truly the heart of the business. Here you’ll often find visitors enjoying a glass of wine in the tasting room or while creating and painting at one of the winery’s famous craft and sip nights. The porch overlooking the water is tranquil and inviting with it’s comfortable outdoor seating areas; a favorite place for guests to sit and enjoy the breathtaking Oklahoma sunsets. The meeting room can also host parties of all kinds from birthday parties, family reunions, baby showers, bridal showers and even bachelorette parties. If more space is needed for larger events such as a wedding, the secondary 30x40 climate-controlled barn accommodates larger parties with ease. The land surrounding the headquarters is full of possibilities. In the past the owners have enjoyed making hay and running a few head of cattle on the remaining pasture. The future owners could do the same or use this area to expand the guest amenities with walking trails, additional guest cabins, or as sites for camping and RV hook-up’s. There is still lots of room to modify and complete the buildout of this rural resort. Plus, this opportunity comes at a time when more and more of the urban population is searching for the peace and tranquility of the country. It was Thomas Jefferson who penned the now famous quote, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” The quote is as relevant today as it was in the 1700’s as we are seeing a boom in the Agritourism sector of the Ag markets. According to global study, the global Agri-tourism market is expected to surpass 115 billion USD by the year 2032. Rocky Top Winery is the perfect business for those looking to capitalize on the rural vacation boom! Lastly, for those worried about the economy, wine sales have long been known to be recession proof with people consuming approximately the same amount during good or bad times.
$1,500,000  •  120 acres
Update: The adjoining 40 acres that completes this quarter section and sits at the corner of the Tecumseh and 120th is also for sale. The two of these properties would give you a full quarter section with a mile of road frontage and multiple building locations outside of the floodplain and flowage easement. A great opportunity for someone looking for land with development potential. One of the keys to enjoying rural property is location. If it is close to your work or home, you will have more opportunities to use it. If it is close to a vibrant metro, there will be more opportunities to monetize it. Bachelor Pad Ranch is located in an ideal location on the eastern outskirts of Norman, just 10 miles from downtown and campus corner. These 120 acres of woods, hills and hollows is at the southwest corner of Tecumseh Road and 120th street, meaning you have tremendous access to both the north and east sides of the property. This is a unique, naturally beautiful tract that offers you the freedom to pursue many different interests from hunting and recreational activities to being one's forever home on 120 acres of solitude. There are almost no tracts of this size left this close to town-so if you've been looking for a close hunting, recreational or private residential spot, this is the one. It's virtually all wooded, with some scattered little openings and meadows sprinkled along the base of the ridges. It is loaded with oak trees, which means the food source for wildlife is abundant-especially the deer herd. Speaking of the deer herd, we were blown away by the trail camera footage we got in March of this year! A large bachelor group of bucks uses this property as their core sanctuary area, thus the name Bachelor Pad Ranch. That made it easy to get them on camera and we even caught one making a scrape - almost six months after peak rut. This would be an outstanding tract to manage the wildlife on, and close enough that you could run out and bow hunt after work. Wet weather creeks can be found on the ranch that hold water except during dry periods, so the wildlife can survive without having to leave; something very rare for its location. The middle and lowest section of the property is in the Lake Thunderbird flowage easement, meaning that no structures whatsoever can be constructed in those areas. However, these are low lying areas that you would likely only use for wildlife purposes anyway. If a pond was desired, the Land Doctors can help you plan out a nice hillside pond that would be out of the flowage easement and still capture and hold plenty of water. The ranch also has a major water line cut running at an angle through the middle of the property that is loaded with scrapes and rubs-because it is nicely maintained for the pipeline, this corridor would provide great access points to various hunting spots or hiking trails up and down the ridges. Whatever it is you're looking for, it could just about be done on this piece of ground. It's easy to imagine a family compound of sorts, with a few individual 20-30 acre individual plots. The dense hardwoods have the ability to kill two birds with one stone; they provide privacy from neighboring plots a give the kids a place to play in peace without the worry of traffic or busy streets. It would be a super convenient oasis from the hectic craziness of modern life. Or it could be developed as a rural entertainment venue or corporate retreat with the buildings constructed on the hills and the lower areas in the flowage easement managed in a parklike setting. Maybe you just want a convenient place to hunt so that you don't have to wait for the weekends or holidays. Whether you are looking for a home, hunting spot or hot development site, please call Colton Coale at 405 615 7645.
$200,000  •  40 acres
Update - Sellers are willing to transfer mineral rights with surface. Tall Oaks 40 is a small property with a really nice mixture of features. It is located just northeast of Lula, OK, south of Allen, OK, 100 miles from OKC and 150 miles from Dallas. It has an old hand dug well with water in it and because of this, it appears that a water well would be possible. There isn't electricity to the property, but we are checking to see what it would cost to run a service to it. It does have 1/4 mile of county road frontage on the east side. Beyond those details, the property has a really nice mixture of open areas complete with food plots, brushy transitional areas full of forage and stands of tall, mature oaks that drop acorns in the fall. There is a small pond on the property and in addition, a small wet weather creek adds charm and another source of water. The timber is tall, straight and mature, particularly along the small creek. The transitional area between the open meadows and the big timber has some elm and spots of cedar trees. We think these areas would be ideal to hunt morel mushrooms in a few days. This property is on the edge of some very large ranches just to the east. Because of that, this small parcel has the potential to hold a very nice buck from time to time. We saw plenty of tracks and will try to get some on camera soon. All in all, this is a great 40 acre tract for someone who likes mature, open stands of timber growing alongside a small creek coupled with some thickets for deer bedding and food plots for supplementing their forage. If you would like to schedule a showing or get more details, please call Sean Childress at 580 320-5791.
$129,000  •  30 acres
Hidden Buck Ranch is a secluded 30-acre property located directly northeast of Konawa, Oklahoma. Hidden off the main road, this property is accessed via a gravel path that travels through an easement and then through a secure gate, revealing a trail that’s perfect for ATV’s but will easily handle a truck. You might feel miles away as you enter, but this property is only an easy 1:15 from OKC or just 1:45 from the Tulsa area, providing the casual outdoorsman with an easy location and great features. As you move through the densely wooded entry, one of the best aspects to the ranch is hidden just off to the right side of the path. A large stand of trees surrounded by a healthy patch of grass makes this area absolutely prime for bowhunting and offers several shooting lanes that would make the average rifleman very happy. Possibilities here include clearing land for food plots, setting up more stands or just leaving it as is and leaning against a tree on a lazy Sunday morning. It's native and it's productive. As you make your way back to the main trail, you’ll find that it continues a winding path through the trees before opening up to a large clearing with a beautiful slope. Sitting atop this slope is a main feeder and foodplot, but the traffic from the deer in this area typically come in from all directions. With a diverse trail system for a property this size, the wildlife have several corridors to choose from. The previous owners have used this area as a “honeyhole” for years and with a relative lack of timber around the property it’s not hard to see how they might view this as a haven. Trails branch off in several directions and offer you even more possibilities when it comes to how you'd like to set up stands, feeders and blinds. These areas would be great for riding in off-season months and we could see how a campfire at the top of the hill might make for a great end to a September evening... The possibilities are all here---the game management and general recreation could be off the charts regardless of what time of year it is. With the fishing at nearby Konawa and easy access to town, it makes perfect sense. The fences are in good shape, the soil is great and the entry is hidden. It’s just waiting on the next owner to make it their own. For more information or schedule a showing a showing, please contact Eric Lynch at 405-664-6491 or drop a line at Eric@
$679,000  •  240 acres
Centennial Farm is a diverse 240 acres nestled in the heart of Pottawatomie County. If you're looking for a property that is convenient, yet secluded, this is your spot. It is located almost straight south of Tecumseh; just 56 miles from Oklahoma City, 120 miles from Tulsa and 185 miles from Dallas. This farm has been in the same family for over a hundred years and offers you a great opportunity to manage and improve it into the ideal wildlife property. It is covered in hardwoods consisting of giant oak trees, pecans and walnuts in the creek bottoms and its overgrown pastures and natural meadows offer asecondary growth of smaller species such as persimmons and elms. This mixture gives wildlife the perfect blend of cover, summer browse and a wintertime supply of acorns. The diversity comes from the topography. As you enter the black iron gate on the east side of the property, the road immediately disappears into the trees as it descends into a deep draw and then comes back up on a flat that runs north and south through the central part of the property. Overall, the farm has 100 feet of elevation change with the high point at the north end of this flat and the lowest elevations along Box Creek in the southwest corner. Although the property has two large draws that run north and south on either side of the center flat, you can easily cross them on existing trails and roads. Part of the trail and road system is used to access two old oil wells and a centrally located tank battery. However, the owners reported that wells are usually only pumped about once per year. In addition, another oil well was drilled but proved to be a dry hole. Unless something changes, the next owner will benefit from the production road but have to tolerate very little traffic. Trails branch off the production road and give great access to each portion of the farm. They have been kept up and improved over the years, so all you have need to do is show up and be ready to explore. One of these trails leads to our favorite spot on the farm, ahidden pasture full of scattered pecan trees that sits adjacent to the creek in the western draw. It is surrounded by tall oaks on the flanking hillsides and presents an ideal opportunity to create a large food plot in some of the most fertile soil on the property. The land rises as you go west from here and transforms from a lush creek bottom setting into a naturally open ridgetop meadow speckled with cedars and thickets. It is easy to imagine mature bucks coming out of the creek bottom and cutting across this area as they search for hot does. In addition, the solid growth of post oaks on the ridges and slopes has scattered natural openings that are just large enough to make perfect bow hunting setups. There is no shortage of opportunity to manage wildlife here, aside from the deer, hogs are all over the place as well as a few flocks of turkey, and all of the small game you could imagine. Lastly, the two drainages on the property would be great places to build one or even two large lakes in the 8-to-15-acre size. There are very nice homesites overlooking both and we can imagine a cabin on either one of them. Land Doctors Construction offers both home and lake construction services, so if you are interested in building, we will gladly provide estimates. If you do decide to build a cabin or home, you will be following in the footsteps of the current owners' grandfather who lived on and worked this farm for years. The remnants of his homestead are still visible and would be a fun place to explore with a metal detector. If you are looking for a great wildlife property with lots of history, please call Colton Coale at 405 615 7645 to discuss or set up a showing.
$1,500,000  •  314 acres
The Lamar Mountain Ranch is located just North of Lamar Oklahoma in Hughes County, 92 miles from Oklahoma City and 200 miles from Dallas/Ft. Worth. This hardworking ranch has spent its entire life caring for and raising commercial cattle on its 314 acres. The ranch itself is relatively flat but just beyond its Western border the elevation increases about 200 feet creating breathtaking views of what locals call "Lamar Mountain". The property is mostly open with areas of dense hardwoods for cover. The soils on this ranch are mostly class 2 and 3 soils consisting of Dennis Loam, Verdigris Silt Loam and fine sandy loam. These soils are fertile and support rangeland production. The western pastures have been terraced to prevent erosion and have served their purpose well. The perimeter fences of the ranch have been completely replaced in recent years and are in great shape. There are some interior cross fences which are in need of repair but are serviceable. Running North to South through the middle of the ranch is an old railroad which has since been abandoned and rails removed leaving a strong rock base, now a driveway, allowing for year-round access to any part of the ranch regardless of wet conditions. In addition to easy access, good soils and fences, the ranch has 9 ponds meaning even in a drought year you can still water your livestock. The eastern side of the ranch has almost 4000 feet of road frontage and several access gates to the 3 cross fenced pastures. There is a small, older, barn in the south eastern pasture that could serve as shelter or hay storage. It is also on this side of the property where Middle Creek is located. Middle Creek isn't deep or wide meaning it's easy to maintain crossings and water gaps. The main low water crossing has been recently fixed to include a nice concrete crossing wide enough for pickups and equipment. While this ranch is a hardworking cattle ranch, we have to mention the opportunity for development of trophy whitetail and other game. The dense mountain side is home to many large whitetails that Hughes County is known for. The area is quiet, not heavily populated and located between two of Oklahoma's major rivers, The North and South Canadian. Looking at a map this valley is sandwiched between higher, densely forested areas on both the East and West side. This narrow strip of fertile flat land would make the perfect place to establish food plots and create deer habitat.
$300,000  •  27 acres
Here at the Land Doctors, we have the opportunity to list some truly unique properties, but we're proud to present something new for us: a property custom-made for the aviators in our community. Located in Wetumka, Oklahoma, this property offers easy access via Hwy 9 and is just a short hour drive from Ada, Oklahoma. For those aviators that fly in and out of the Ada area, this airfield is just a short skip and jump away-perfect for those that enjoy flying in this part of Oklahoma but would like their own private place to land, take off and relax at. This 27-acre property features a beautiful grass landing strip in addition to several structures on property that offer flexibility for the buyer looking to make it their own. The runway itself is covered in a soft carpet of grass that stretches north to south along the property. At the southernmost end of the runway you'll find a secluded area that features two separate ponds; one visible at the end and the other hidden behind a small wooded area that provides excellent privacy. Moving to the north end of the property, you'll find a hangar that could use some TLC but currently houses a cropduster. Nearby, there's an enclosed shop building that sports a garage door as well as a small home that would make a great place to spend the night before a big flight or a place to relax after a long day in the air. Obviously, the grass areas on this property could also be used for other purposes, such as subdividing for new home lots in the Wetumka area, a possible cattle operation or even just a great place to build a homesite-especially in the southern areas. Runway Ranch offers a host of possibilities, but we believe that as it stands it could be the perfect place for our buyer to park a plane, enjoy the comforts that come along with living close to town and fly to their heart's content. For more information, call Eric Lynch at 405 664 6491.
$700,000  •  20 acres
The Corner is a 20-acre parcel located on the southeast corner of the Indian Turnpike and Highway 270 just west of McAlester, OK. This property has 1/2 mile of Highway 270 frontage plus 500 feet of Indian Turnpike and 240 feet of New Baker Road frontages. In addition, the property is located just west of the Southeast Expo Center. Lastly, the eastern boundary of this property touches the city limits of McAlester giving you all the benefits of being close to town. If you are looking for a property with tons of road frontage located next to one of the biggest draws in Pittsburg County, please call Colton Coale at 405 615 7645.
$1,250,000  •  332 acres
Pivot Farm is located 2 miles west of Highway 75, adjoins the town of Gerty, OK, and is 100 miles from OKC or Tulsa and 150 miles from DFW. This 332-acre farm is 1/2 mile wide and 1 mile deep with slightly more than a mile of paved road frontage and 1 1/2 miles of gravel road frontage. Electricity and rural water run along the frontages, with a 6-inch water line running along the west boundary and a 2 inch water line running along the north boundary. This location makes it a quick and easy drive to and from nearby metro areas. The exceptional amount of road frontage and utilities give you an impressive amount of flexibility with respect to accessing, development or subdividing the property while the paved frontage and nearby highway make it easy to transport your agricultural products to market. This part of Oklahoma has deep, sandy soils, long growing seasons and warm summers that are perfect for growing thick, lush stands of bermuda grass. Pivot Farm has all these ideal natural features for growing hay plus the added advantage of sitting atop a shallow, highly productive aquifer. The water table is typically around 40 feet deep and extends down through coarse sand and gravel deposits to a shale layer at about 70 feet below ground surface. Due to the highly porous nature of the subsurface, wells in this area routinely produce 400 to 500 gallons per minute. Pivot ranch has two of them that were drilled in 1996 that supply a 120-acre pivot set at 800 gpm. The seller's have 240 acre-ft of annual water rights that date back to 1997 and these rights will transfer with the surface. In addition, the property is almost 100 percent open with a very few trees scattered in the northeast and southeast corners as well as a few around the home. The irrigated hay ground needs to be regraded in at least two areas to address drainages that are eroding due to heavy rains the past few years. Other than that, the next owner will need to determine if they want to hay the grasses currently present or to aggressively establish a higher grade of forage to service the premium hay market. Weed spray, fertilization and irrigation would make this a truly productive hay operation capable of consistently turning out top forage yields. Although the north half of the property is not irrigated, this area could be simply cut for hay as it is now, or an additional pivot could be installed to bring both quarter sections into a higher level of production. Our hope is to someday see 18 wheelers driving onto the property from the paved frontage road to load up with top quality horse hay before heading out to market along Highway 75. A nice three bedroom, three bathroom country home is located on the west edge of the property. At 2032 square feet, this home is large enough for most families. This is an older home that has been remodeled, added on to and updated over the years. Typical of country homes it has a large porch and is surrounded by shade trees. The kitchen, dining room and living room are an open design and the bedrooms attach to this core area on two sides, with the master bedroom being isolated on the back of the house. In years past, the description of the property would end at this point, but there are new opportunities for rural properties that are now part of the discussion. A large transmission line crosses the property, and an electric company substation is located on a neighboring property at the northwest corner of the farm. When you combine that with a generally south facing slope and open land you get the ideal recipe for a solar farm. We have been getting an increasing number of calls from solar companies looking for candidate sites. Our discussions with these companies lead us to believe that this property would be a good candidate when solar developers look to this part of Oklahoma. If you are looking for a property with great water resources, productive soils and setting ideal for hay production along with a nice home and the potential for generational wealth from a future solar farm, please call Chrissy Banks at 765 220 2489.
$1,100,000  •  220 acres
Redbud Ranch is a 220-acre property located just north of Lindsay, OK a short quarter mile east of Highway 76. This property is a quick 30-mile drive from Norman and only 60 miles from downtown OKC. The ranch is accessed at its southwest corner at the end of a county-maintained road. As you enter the property, the driveway descends a gentle slope to a 1380 sq foot, 2 bed, 1 bath house. The owners are currently doing some work on the home and pictures will be taken once they finish. At that point, the lake located just down the hill grabs your attention. Four acres of the 11-acre lake is on the property. This portion of the lake appears to have the best structure for holding fish. Numerous clumps of standing brush and timber are scattered along the edge of the lake but are isolated enough to allow easy fishing. A shallow neck extends up to a small clear water drainage that feeds the lake. The shallows are full of trees and snags that provide great cover for forage fish. In addition, the water of the lake is clear and you can see that there is a nice drop off about three feet from the bank. There is some nice aquatic vegetation at depth. We spent a few minutes casting a spinner bait and caught a couple of healthy bass. A gravel road heads north and then east through the property to an oil/gas well in the far eastern pasture. This road provides great access to the entire property. In addition, it passes by the working pens and crosses the dam of two smaller ponds. The property is cross fenced into three main pastures and a holding lot but could be easily divided into four or five pastures with a little additional fencing. The soils range from Class 3 to Class 6, and with 160 open acres, the ranch has ample room for a small herd of cattle. We saw a nice group of Angus and Herefords that are in good shape and give an indication of carrying capacity for the ranch. The wooded draws are full of green briar and oaks which are both great sources of protein for deer. The trails along the draws have been used so much that they look like someone has kept them cleared. In places where they cross the creek or go over the hill, they are beaten down into the ground. A little bit of management could really make this a special spot to hunt. The roll of the land is a big plus. With three drainages separating four ridges, the ranch has nice elevation changes and big views. The view from the east side of the lake looking back to the west is particularly nice. Although there is a home on the property, we can envision a new house overlooking the lake from either side with a small dock for your friends and family to enjoy the water. If you are looking for a place close to OKC that you can develop into your dream ranch, then please give Sean Childress a call at 580 320 5791.
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