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$14,899  •  4.05 acres
Surrounded by the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead to the north and Coconino National Forest to the southwest, this is an idea location to discover what makes the Arizona desert so special. With year round sunshine and warm weather and unique opportunities to explore the nearby iconic Route 66, you'll love this expansive 4.05-acre triple lot just outside of Seligman. Get ready for off-roading adventures and bring your ATVs, mountain bikes, and camping gear to enjoy the natural beauty of this rural desert parcel.
$3,699  •  0.23 acres
Beautifully treed .23-acre property in an ideal location in North Central Florida, the "gateway to the Nature Coast." Located within 2 hours of Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando as well as St. Augustine and Daytona Beaches - you can enjoy the quiet life of small-town Williston while still being close to the action. Within a 15-minute drive of the property, you'll find the world-famous Blue Grotto, Florida's largest underwater cavern with fresh crystal-blue natural springs water. Or if you're looking for sandy beaches and salt water, you'll find Cedar Key and Fort Island Beach less than an hour away. Almost any type of building is allowed on this rural off-grid property with dirt road access, including tiny homes, mobile or manufactured homes, or even coastal cottages. Don't miss your chance to own land in Williston today!
$5,499  •  0.95 acres
This flat 0.95-acre property is ideally located less than a block away from the most established portion of the Diamond Bell Ranch subdivision in Tucson, Arizona. This property is a prime location for anyone looking to make an investment or build a home in one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. With beautiful views of Kitt Peak and the nearby Coyote Mountains Wilderness area to explore, you'll love the opportunities to get outside on horseback, mountain biking, ATVing, or hiking and camping in this perpetually warm and sunny climate.
$16,499  •  0.57 acres
This huge .57-acre property with dirt road access is located an hour from both Phoenix and Tucson and within a 5-minute drive of schools, supermarkets, and restaurants in Arizona City. Zoning allows for tiny homes and modular homes, and you can even have chickens and rabbits as well as a garden homestead for personal use. You'll be near areas for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, fishing, rock climbing, tubing, and horseback riding in a climate that boasts sunshine and warm weather year-round. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to invest early in a growing region of the United States!
$2,299  •  1.33 acres
Welcome to Arizona, the state discovered by snowbirds long ago as the ideal location to escape the cold. You'll love the location of this 1.33-acre off-grid desert property - just across the dirt road from Wagon Lake and a quick 25-minute drive to Holbrook, where you can pick up supplies, groceries, gas, or hang out with the locals in this quirky town reminiscent of the wild west. With the Petrified Forest National Park just a 30 minute drive away, you'll be sure to find petrified wood, fossils, stones, and gems on this property and surrounding areas as well. Welcome home to the sunny skies and warm weather of Arizona!
$2,299  •  1.24 acres
Explore the vastness of the Painted Desert on this 1.24-acre property located 25 minutes northeast of Holbrook, the gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park. You're likely to find remnants of fossils, gems, stones, petrified wood, and other ancient relics on this property. Relaxed zoning in this area allows for part time camping, tiny homes, mobile or manufactured homes, or any other type of building. Find your freedom in the great expanse of the Arizona desert. * This property has physical access, but does not have legal access.
$1,799  •  1.25 acres
Situated between Holbrook, Arizona and the Petrified Forest National Park, this open desert property is just one mile from Wagon Lake - a welcome water feature in the vast expanse of the Painted Desert. Live in your tiny house or container home, camp part-time, or bring a mobile or manufactured home to this remote desert property where you'll have freedom to roam and explore this vast desert landscape littered with gems, fossils, and petrified wood. Great opportunity to invest in land just outside of Holbrook today! * This property has physical access, but it does not have legal access.
$2,699  •  2.5 acres
Wide open spaces and expansive desert skies greet you on this 2.5-acre parcel just outside of Holbrook, Arizona - gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park. An off-road paradise, you'll find hundreds of miles of desert at your fingertips to explore. Soak in some of the most magnificent sunsets on the planet in this timeless desert landscape littered with fossils, gems, and petrified wood. You can live in your RV while building, camp part time, or even bring a tiny home or container home to this property with very few building restrictions. Soak in the warmth of the Sonoran desert today!
$16,499  •  4.01 acres
Spend your winters on this expansive desert property just 2 hours southeast of Tucson and 20 minutes to the border of Mexico. With gorgeous mountain views in the distance, this flat property with dirt road access is the perfect spot to stay warm year round. This property allows for tiny homes, mobile and manufactured homes, and even part time camping. You'll be surrounded by wide open spaces to explore, but still be within a 5 minute drive of restaurants and stores to pick up supplies. Don't miss your chance to spend your winters in the sunny Arizona today!
$10,499  •  4.41 acres
This stunning property is located in Forbes Lake of the Ozarks Park, a gated community in Central Missouri, where you'll have access to four private lakes exclusively for landowners to use for fishing, boating, and relaxing. This property is ideally located for those looking for more privacy on a dead-end road. It is surrounded by water features in every direction - Spring Branch to the east, Turkey Creek to the west, and Lake of the Ozarks to the north. As a landowner and member of this community, you'll also have access to the basketball and tennis courts, community room, and members-only RV park. Enjoy the beauty of lake country in central Missouri today!
$3,299  •  2.5 acres
Sunny Arizona welcomes you to escape the frigid winter weather on this 2.5-acre property in the Painted Desert. Located just 25 minutes to the northeast of Holbrook, you'll be situated near the Petrified Forest National Park. You can live in your RV while building, camp part-time, bring a tiny home, container home, mobile home, or design and build your ideal desert getaway in this unique landscape with few restrictions. Near areas for off-roading, hiking, biking, camping, and exploring the desert.
$28,199  •  14.11 acres
If you're looking to live a simple life surrounded by mountains, reservoirs, rivers, and wide-open spaces - look no further than this incredible swath of land in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. With the Sangre de Cristo mountain range to your west, the Rio Grande River to your east, reservoirs, and farms dotting the landscape in every direction - you'll never run out of opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring the scenic landscape in this beautiful part of the country. Mobile and manufactured homes are allowed or you could build your dream mountain home in this beautiful high alpine valley looking out onto majestic mountain views in the distance. Don't miss your chance to discover rural southern Colorado today!
$18,999  •  9.49 acres
This 9.49 acre high desert plateau property is located in San Luis, Colorado. With gorgeous mountain views, you can build your dream mountain cabin or put a mobile home or manufactured home on this property. Water holding tanks as well as wind and solar generators are allowed to make creating your off-grid mountain home even easier. Enjoy waking up every day with views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, the Rio Grande River just a short drive away, and unlimited opportunities for hiking, camping, stargazing, snowmobiling and enjoying the array of outdoor activities that the Rocky Mountains have to offer.
$18,928  •  13.92 acres
Our largest property in the San Luis Valley is 13.92 acres of rugged alpine valley land with incredible views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. This land has previously been a part of both Mexico and New Mexico and home to the Ute Indians. It is 5 miles from the oldest established town in Colorado, San Luis. The blend of Mexican, Native American, and Wild West culture makes this valley one of the most unique places on the planet and home to many artists, painters, crafters, and musicians. Create your off-grid homestead on this expansive property surrounded by unique mountain vistas and incredible hikes, waterfalls, and hot springs. Near the Sand Dunes National Park, Zapata Falls, and Blanca Peak.
$17,699  •  8.87 acres
From this 8.87 acre property, you'll notice the surrounding farms and ranches throughout the valley in one of the most beautiful and magnificent locations in the country. The zoning on this property allows for almost any type of building - including mobile homes, manufactured homes, modular homes, or mountain cabins. You can live off-grid by installing water holding tanks for your water and wind or solar generators for your electricity. This large rural property will give you room to spread out - with plenty of room for a garden or greenhouses or both. Turn your dream of off-grid living into a reality with this beautiful alpine valley property today!
$15,399  •  5.02 acres
This 5.05 acre off-grid property is an expansive piece of prairie for you to make into your own. The zoning here allows for almost all types of building including tiny houses, manufactured homes, or you could even design your own mountain cabin or hut. You'll enjoy small-town life in Hartsel, Colorado just a 15 minute drive away where you'll find a post office, fire station, and mercantile to pick up supplies. Buena Vista and Salida are around an hour away, and you'll find Denver and Colorado Springs within 2 hours of this property. The most noticeable feature is the incredible mountain views - you'll see some of the tallest and most majestic mountains in the state looming large over the horizon, including Mount Princeton and Mount Lincoln. If you've been longing for a slower pace and a simpler life, get ready to discover the natural beauty and rural living in Park County, Colorado.
$9,899  •  5.05 acres
Welcome to San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado located in one of the largest high desert valleys in the world. This 5.05 acre property is located on top of a plateau with gorgeous mountain views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range just across the valley. The relaxed zoning allows for almost all types of building - including mobile homes, manufactured homes, modular homes, or even your own mountain cabin. Located near the Great Sand Dunes National Park, several hot springs, the Rio Grande River - this property has great access to all of the camping, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking that this area has to offer. Don't miss your chance to build your off-grid Colorado mountain home today!
$15,799  •  5.05 acres
This expansive 5.05-acre property sits in a high desert plain in central Colorado just 2 hours south of Denver and 1.5 hours west of Colorado Springs in a county comprised 70% of public land. This gorgeous property with mountain views puts you within 30 miles of Spinney Mountain State Park and Eleven Mile State Park - great areas for hunting, fishing, boating, and hiking. You can camp part-time on this property in a tent or RV or even bring a tiny house or mobile home to create your hunting basecamp or outdoor adventure mountain cabin. You'll love this beautiful rural area of Colorado rich with a diversity of wildlife, rivers, mountains, and reservoirs to explore. Make this your basecamp today!
$6,391  •  4.7 acres
This 4.7 acre property is uniquely situated on a flat, high-desert alpine valley just at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. From this property you can follow the creek bed into the towering mountains to access incredible hiking, including the nearby Trinchera and Culebra Peaks. You can bring a mobile or manufactured home or build your own mountain getaway on this property just a 5-minute drive into the small town of San Luis where you can find a Family Dollar, convenience store, and gas station. Live the pioneer life in one of the most scenic and dramatic landscapes in the country on this off-grid property today!
$15,399  •  4.95 acres
This off-grid 4.95-acre property is located in Park County, Colorado - one of the few counties in the state that allows for tiny homes. With a location just an hour east of one of Colorado's most majestic mountain ranges, you'll have great access to hiking, mountain biking, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, and more. This expansive property would provide ample space for your high desert plains homestead. Water holding tanks, as well as solar and wind generators, are allowed. Part-time camping is allowed as well as camping while building. Bring your tiny home to Park County today!
$15,699  •  5.06 acres
This 5.06-acre property in Hartsel, Colorado is right next to the Antero Reservoir. It's also less than an hour away from Spinney Mountain State Park and Eleven Mile State Park. Just think of all the outdoor fun - hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and skiing surrounded by our Rocky Mountains. Getaway from the city and enjoy our Western Nature.
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