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I was born and raised in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and have lived here my entire life. As a kid when I wasn’t playing soccer or baseball I was bass and crappie fishing with my father on lakes throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and New York. Annual spring break and Christmas break trips to Lake Fork in Texas are some of my fondest outdoor memories as a child.

After graduating from Union High School in 2001 I spent the next two years in the western part of the state attending Northern Oklahoma College in Enid and playing baseball. It was here that my genuine love of the land and passion for pursuing mature whitetails was first discovered. To this day I consistently spend time in the central and West central part of Oklahoma, preparing for fall and all the recreational opportunities this part of the state has to offer.

With almost a decade of selling farms & ranches under my belt, and a lifetime spent hunting and fishing all over this state and others, my passion for the outdoors is as strong as ever, and my excitement and commitment to helping customers buy, sell, and set up properties is unmatched. I genuinely look forward to helping you turn your land ownership dreams into reality.

$595,000  •  160 acres
The Fallis 160 has million-dollar views with ideal homesites and is one of the cleanest grazing/hunting quarters I have ever been on! This particular farm has been improved for grazing and has a fantastic stand of Bermuda throughout the property. There are 3 significant ponds that will all offer some duck hunting possibilities and several smaller watering holes along with a small creek running North/South right through the middle of the farm. Besides this farm is in a good hunting neighborhood in general, the neighboring farms to the North and East are heavily wooded and full of wildlife, which helps the wildlife value on this property as well. A couple of food plots and a feeder or two in strategic spots and you are in business. There is a nice stand of timber in the NW portion of the farm which is where the seller and his family harvest a good number of Morel mushrooms every year. This timbered portion of the farm also serves as a deer bedding area at various times throughout the year. The farm has a newer five-strand barb wire fence throughout and is fully fenced and cross-fenced. The seller fenced off an area in the NW corner to keep hay which you can see in the pics, he and his kids also shoot hogs and deer out of this fenced-off area each year. The entryway is gated with a cattle guard in place. The commercial red Angus cattle you can see in the pics are for sale as well and could potentially be worked into the deal on this property if the buyer is interested. This is one of those farms you need to stand on to fully appreciate how rare of a find it is. The homesite potential and potential to build a massive lake in the naturally formed valley that runs all the way through the farm are something you need to see in person to fully realize. The Fallis 160 is less than 30 miles from Edmond, OK, and less than 30 miles from Guthrie, OK. Give me a call and let's set a time to go for a ride on this beautiful Lincoln Co. property.
$515,000  •  64 acres
This is a fantastic investment farm in a highly sought after area with all kinds of potential. Sitting just 2.5 miles East of the I35 & highway 60 intersection in Kay County Oklahoma, this property is in an ideal location for a residential development of some type, or one or more commercial businesses. The South side of the property borders highway 60 entirely and there is a blacktop road on the North and West side of the farm as well. The property has quick access to highway 60 going East or West, city water, electric, city sewer, and is all class 1 & 2 soils so you can grow anything this region will allow while you decide what to do in the future. Being in a fantastic location, with easy access to I35 just 3 miles West on Highway 60, and a flat 64-acre canvas with all the utilities available, this farm is a must-see for anyone thinking of investing in this part of the state. Give Tony a call today @ 918-671-8937 for all the details.
$288,000  •  160 acres
Check out this North Central Oklahoma whitetail hunters dream property. Located in one of the best hunting county's in the state, and not only that, but in one of the best hunting neighborhoods in the county. This property has an ideal mix of grass and timber with lots of elevation change, it is also fully fenced with two new gated entries. In addition there is blacktop access all the way to the farm, a water well, three new Banks Outdoors tower blinds, three new 600# Banks Outdoors feeders, a nice pond, and a 6 acre milo foodplot that all help to make this one of the nicest turn key hunting properties around. The deep wooded draws and dense native grasses throughout the farm provide all kinds of habitat and bedding cover. Multiple feeders and six acres of milo will continue to attract and feed wildlife way into next spring. The abundance of food and habitat will also help to continually increase the deer and bird numbers on the property. This is your chance to own a great hunting property in one of the best areas in the state. Give me a call @918-671-8937 to make this place your own.
$420,000  •  240 acres
240 Acres of prime time Grant County hunting and grazing. Situated in one of the best hunting neighborhoods in the county, less than 6 miles as the crow flies from the salt plains lake and refuge, this property is in the middle of a two section block with no East West road running through the middle. Closed section lines allow for more seclusion, better management, less poaching, and more natural movement. In an area that already has inherently great hunting this is just a bonus that this property has to offer and something to consider when looking for a hunting property. If grazing is what you are looking for there is plenty to be had here, 75% of the property is grass and there is electricity on the SW side of the property for electric fence. If you are wanting a great hunitng property you can also create some income off of , this is it. I sold the 640 acre ranch that borders this 240 acre property to the North and it is highly managed for whitetail hunting with no livestock having been on it in several years. This property will benefit directly from that management and offer the new owners great hunting opportunites from a numbers and quality standpoint for years to come, whether being used for grazing simultaneously or not. The waterfowl and quail hunting on the property will be exceptional as well as this area is known for both. I have hunted and worked in this area specifically for almost 20 years, and have been very successful, if you are interested in this piece of property at all, give me a call @ 918-671-8937 and lets go over the details and specifics of this piece of ground.
$168,000  •  80 acres
Build it and they will come, they say. This 80 acre farm is about to under go a nice transformation in order to be used as a waterfowl & upland bird hunting property, along side the farming. Throughout the time this property is going to be on the market there are two things that are going to happen. The sellers are constructing a large pond/wetland in the middle of the farm and they are also going to be planting the entire farm to milo. The milo crop is intended to be left for the new owner and will be of huge value this fall when it come to attracting wildlife. Depending on the buyers intentions the milo crop could be harvested by the new owner to provide some income, or left standing to attract large numbers of whitetail, pheasant, and quail. The duck hunting and goose hunting in the area is fantastic and with water and milo on this property you never know how good it could be. The trees on the West side, and in the NE corner, are just big enough for a guy to hang a stand in allowing for some possible bowhunting opportunites if desired. The quality of dirt under this farm makes it a great canvas for whatever a person wants to do to the farm or plant on the farm. You cant really say that about very many properties in Oklahoma. Give me a call and lets talk more about it!
$180,000  •  80 acres
If you are looking for a farm in North Central Oklahoma that will provide great hunting opportunities, along with a return on investment, this one may be the deal. There is a large creek meandering through the farm, 50 acres m/l of quality tillable ground, some of the biggest timber in the immediate area, and a dense stand of native grass and cedar bedding cover on the South side. The farm is surrounded by farmland and grassland for as far as you can see. In this neighborhood farms with the type of habitat this one has to offer consistently produce 140" to 150" whitetails, as well as holding good numbers of quail and pheasant. The seller will be planting milo in the tillable portion of this farm and plans to leave the crop for the new owner. A 50 acre stand of milo on this farm will turn it onto one of the best hunting properties in the area. Not only will there be crazy numbers of deer on the property, but the bird hunting for both waterfowl and upland birds will be top notch as well. This is a rare opportunity to own a secluded piece of property, offering a good return on investment and fantastic hunting, just a few miles from the Kansas border. Give Tony a call today @918-671-8937 for more information.
$295,000  •  160 acres
Not only is this farm 1 mile from Kansas, its 1 mile from unit 13 and Sumner County KS! This farm literally has it all, there is a creek, pond, tillable, native grass, brush, small trees, and even some mature bowhunting timber. The property is in a great neighborhood with three other solid hunting farms bordering it directly to the South, and several tillable farms to the North. The farm has not been grazed in years and has all the makings of a first class whitetail and upland bird hunting property. There is plenty of bedding cover, lots of water, several spots for food plots, lots of cover on the interior of the farm, and multiple stand locations. Location of this property is ideal and the deer sign is everywhere. If you are in the market for a hutning property in N Central Oklahoma you cant not check this place out! Give me a call at 918-671-8937
$279,000  •  160 acres
If you are familiar with this part of Oklahoma I don't have to tell you that 60 acres of bedding cover, with a creek, pond, standing timber, and 100 acres of tillable is all you need to attract those big grain fed bucks Grant County is known for. This farm is loaded with deer and should also have a good quail and pheasant population. This is an ideal farm for the hunter looking to also create a return on investment or a local farmer looking to add to his operation. The grass portion of the farm along the creek is fenced out and can be used for grazing as well. The tillable portion of the farm is made up of class 2 silt loam soils which with ideal growing conditions should provide a solid yield on whatever summer or winter crop is planted. For more information on the soils, past yield history, or to set up a time to view the property in person, please call or text Tony Cerar @918-671-8937. Don't forget to check out the trail cam pics!
$550,000  •  6 acres
This 6 acre Wagoner county commercial property is in a great location, and has over a quarter mile of highway frontage along highway 51 in Coweta, Oklahoma. The land is located less than a mile South of the super center Walmart, and in close proximity to several new businesses and multiple neighborhoods, keeping the traffic count in front of this property extremely high. The city of Coweta, and just the demographic area in general, is growing at a rapid pace, making this an ideal piece of real estate for another new business. Give me a call to get all the details on this nice piece of commercial property! Over a quarter mile of highway frontage for only $975,000.Over 6 Acres total land available!Over 1400 feet of highway 51 frontage!Agent: Tony CerarPhone Number: 918-671-8973="margin-top:>
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