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For decades, Hall and Hall Partners, LP has made it a tradition to set aside the normal business model and build around an extensive and diverse family of brokers who has made their name a mainstay of the rural real estate industry. While other brokerages might engage with their sales group in name only, Hall and Hall welcomes hardworking brokers under their unique umbrella and invites them to work on a platform of progress that is expanding across the country and well into Texas.

“There is a lot of potential in Texas,” says Tyler Jacobs, a Texas broker with Hall and Hall Partners. “I regularly have graduates from Texas A&M University ask how to get into the business and I honestly don’t know how to answer them. This is a difficult position to get started in, but Hall and Hall reflects a brokerage unlike any other.

“Most brokers have a strong sense of independence, so brokerages work around that, but Hall and Hall is not about the one working alone—their strength and longevity is built on the group, on the family,” explains Tyler. “It’s the basic fundamentals and traditional values that we’ve thrived on since the company was founded back in 1946.”

In a vast majority of real estate firms, brokers are paid on commission based on their individual sale; in other words, they are treated completely as individual contractors and their salary is tied completely to payments made when closing with a buyer or seller. In a bull market when properties are moving well, this kind of status can be refreshing, allowing brokers to build their income base without the need for compromise, but—naturally—as the rural real estate market flows it also ebbs.

Brokers at Hall and Hall have no fear of these slows as they all hold seats as partners in the brokerage. Those at Hall and Hall can work hard and work confidently through any kind of “weather” which allows for brokers to view their clients, as well as the market itself, objectively. Clients can rely on their brokers to make strategic, rather than emotional, decisions regarding the best times to buy and sell. This, in turn, provides clients with the best return on their investment and brokers gain both their respect and trust.

“The business of land is like others in the sense than clients trend toward stability. They love to make a deal and, perhaps five or six years down the road, call up a company and hear a familiar name, speak to a familiar voice, talk to someone who has worked with them before and understands their history as a buyer. This is the kind of confidence and loyalty we instill in those who work with us,” says Tylor. “In fact, we have families now who have been with us since we started in 1946. That’s generations who have grown up with Hall and Hall over the last six decades. Not many other companies can boast that kind of client base and dedication.”

Speaking of dedication, Tyler had spent all his life both living and working in the rural areas of Texas. “I love where I live, but more than that—I was so lucky to learn under my father for as long as I did and lucky to have an early passion for this profession. I knew I wanted to work with land like my dad and I knew I saw this as more than just a hobby. Texas is an amazing state to live and a solid place for a large or small land investment. We’re still riding a 20-year bull market. Not many other states can boast that,” says Tyler.

Hall and Hall has plans for a big Texas expansion. With current offices in Lubbock, Mason and Laredo, they plan on furthering their presence to better serve their clients, and Tyler will be one of the experienced, trusted, knowledgeable and dependable leaders—not to mention a native Texan—to help transition Hall and Hall further into the state.

“I love working with my clients, showing them the land, partnering them with not only their dream ranch,but a dream ranch they can actually feel comfortable managing. A lot of clients come down with romantic ideas about owning a ranch, but the truth is it can take many years and many viewings in order to make that partnership work. Patience is key. Experience is key. I’ve worked with one client for over five years before he finally settled on a property he was comfortable with,” explains Tyler.

Hall and Hall has represented the buyers of the high-profile, once-in-a lifetime W.T. Waggoner Ranch to smaller acreage estates where families yearn for a weekend retreat from the big city. If you’re looking for a company with longevity in rural real estate, a broker with both integrity and years of experience and a lifelong partnership with someone who shines in patience and excellent marketing skills, you’ll find Tyler Jacobs where you find all native Texans—where the cattle roam, where the wild rivers flow and all legacies begin—close to its heart.

To contact Tyler Jacobs with Hall and Hall Partners, LP in College Station, Texas, call at 979-690-9933 or email at View the properties available at

by Jamie Destouet, first ran in Texas Farm & Ranch summer issue.

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