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As winter quickly approaches, now is the time to consider how propane can keep your operation running smoothly and livestock safe year-round, without worrying about peak pricing or power outages.

Propane-powered building and water heating solutions offer reliable, consistent power independent of the grid—an invaluable asset for many agricultural operations. With propane equipment, producers do not have to rely on access to the power grid or a natural gas line, or sudden high costs of electricity.

With propane heat, you can keep your operation competitive by relying on the consistent, precise temperatures needed for healthier plants and animals while cutting unnecessary costs. Farmers save 25 percent more with propane water heating versus electricity. On-demand tankless water heaters achieve high efficiency by eliminating the thermal standby losses from a storage tank and demonstrate efficiencies of at least 90 percent. Propane-powered building heat—including boilers, hot air furnaces, or radiant heaters—are highly efficient and offer thermal efficiencies up to 95 percent.

With propane-powered heating solutions, producers eliminate the risk of power outages, which can quickly damage an agricultural business, while saving money in the process. To save even more on propane-powered heating equipment, producers can take advantage of the Propane Farm Incentive Program. Learn more at

Story from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

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