Yellow Bells & Wedding Bells

By: Lydia duPerier

Published in Texas Farm & Ranch, vol 112

The Texas yellow bell flowers won’t be the only thing ringing this summer! In late spring and early summer, wedding bells will be ringing all over the Hill Country! According to the, the spring months of March through May are incredibly popular for weddings in the Hill Country, due to the mild temperatures, blue skies, and blooming wildflowers. 

The Texas Hill Country has countless venues to choose from, all catering to a range of interests and budgets, but two in particular stand out during the spring season due to their historical significance, charm, and overall experience. Whether these soon-to-be newlyweds call Texas home, or have chosen the Lone Star State for their destination wedding, there’s something about these venues–Ingenhuett on High and Park 31–that people can’t resist. 

The allure of tying the knot becomes an unforgettable experience with the combination of small-town charm and the hands-on dedication of venue owners like Jeanine Leeder and Mary Perlitz. Both of whom aim to create a wedding experience that lasts much longer than the event itself.

Ingenhuett on High: Where History Meets Heartfelt Vows

Nestled on High Street in Comfort, Texas, the Ingenheutt is a distinct event venue for weddings, parties, meetings, corporate or private events, dances, and more.

Ingenhuett on High has been a vital part of Comfort since its construction in 1867. It has since served as a general store, bank, John Deere dealership, and post office. Unfortunately, in 2006, the building experienced a tragic fire. Since then, the current owners have restored the building while preserving as much of the original structure as possible. Traces of the past, such as the original bank vault, can still be found in the venue!

According to Jeanine Leeder, co-owner of Ingenhuett on High, the venue’s seamless fusion of past and present truly sets it apart. 

“The intent of the restoration was to show the history of the building, not to cover it up,” Jeanine said. “So it’s not typical, and it’s not like all these new venues with new construction.” 

Leeder said, and her reviews can attest, that the intersection of contemporary and historic design creates an environment perfect for an intimate wedding with minimal decor needed. 

Beyond the Ingenhuett’s storied walls, the town of Comfort itself creates an easy-going wedding experience, Leeder said, with everything a wedding guest could need within walking distance. 

“There’s shopping down the street, and there’s food,” Leeder said. You don’t have to create an itinerary because your guests can just walk out of their hotel and take care of themselves, which makes it fun.”

Unlike larger venues with multiple employees, Leeder is very involved in every wedding, allowing her to create a personal bond with each couple.

“My favorite part is probably making people feel comfortable and relaxed about the most stressful time of your life,” Leeder said.

Park 31: Where Love Finds its Sacred Sanctuary

While the Ingenhuett on High is catered to smaller, more intimate weddings, Park 31–located about 30 miles southeast–offers a similar aesthetic on a much larger scale. 

Mary Perlitz bought the 31-acre property outside of Bergheim in 2010 and constructed the venue in 2017. She said she had always wanted to own a venue and had spent six years planning and designing to achieve this dream. 

Like Ingenhuett, Park 31 incorporates some of the property’s historical architecture, including stone from old German walls, which created the German-inspired church.

“The building is honoring what had gone on here in the past,” Perlitz said. “So I wanted to bring that in, recognize the history, and create new memories with new families and people.”

Beyond the vows exchanged and the rings adorned, Park 31 values the community that the venue attracts. Perlitz said one of her favorite traditions are the “heart rocks” located around the property–rocks upon which the married couples write their names and anniversary date so that their stories are forever a part of Park 31.

“The big thing about our venue is that everybody that gets married here is now a part of our family,” Perlitz said. 

To further build the community and spread the love of those newly married, Perlitz said she hosts “family reunions,” where any couples who have ever been married at Park 31 can create a community with others who are in the same season  of life.

“We really wanted for them to not just come and get married and then leave,” Perlitz said. “We want to still have a relationship with them even after the wedding.”

As the summer sun bathes the Texas landscape, these venues stand as witnesses to timeless love and the spirit of community. Beyond the celebration of union, they embody the essence of what it means to create lasting memories and forge bonds that withstand the test of time.