$1,250,000   •   23.65 Acres

Kossuth County, Iowa Breed-to-Wean Hog Facility - Located approximately eight and one-half miles directly south of the Iowa/Minnesota border, approximately three-quarters of a mile west of the Winnebago County line and in the northeast corner of Kossuth County, Iowa, this breed-to-wean hog facility sits on 23.65 gross acres m/l in Lincoln Township. This facility, originally built in 1985, was updated in 1994 and 2001 and expanded and partially updated to Prop 12 Compliance in 2022. The breeding and Gilt Development Unit (80' x 360'; 28,800 SF), built in 2001, sits over an 10' manure pit and has a capacity of 600+ spaces to ensure that your breeding programs are effectively set up for hog production through Batch Management Systems. The feeding system has all new feed lines, ventilation inlets are all connected, and Guardian heaters are distributed throughout the barn. The Farrowing Barn (44' x 288'; 12,672 SF), built in 1994, includes a total of 7 separate farrowing rooms, equipped with 32 crates within each room to provide adequate space for 224 gilts/sows to farrow (~1,800 piglets) at a given time. There are two Hercules feeder units included with the property to assist with manually feeding the sows in the seven rooms. The farrowing rooms have Stage Hand, Aerotech's 6-stage controller for the ventilation system. In addition, the farrowing room manure transfer station is located above ground on the north end of the barn and complies with the Iowa DNR requirements. The Weaning Barn (42' x 300'; 12,600 SF) consists of two sections - the current weaning room with group housing pens and the recent expansion area, located on the north end of the barn, that has never had a pig in it since constructed in 2022. The current group weaning barn includes a total of 10 pens with 5 pens on each side that typically holds 40+ newly weaned piglets. This section of the barn includes newer automatic feeders, Airstream ventilation systems (Expert Series 2 Basic), and pens for immediate turn-key production. The newly constructed addition that is located on the northern portion of the west barn has brand new slats and vents installed with the electricity all wired for production. With the addition of a ventilation system, steel pens, and possible windows - let this area be your headstart toward Prop 12 compliance!! The Machine Shed (40' x 60' x 14'; 2,400 SF), built in 1985, is the farthest southwest building in the facility. Located within the machine shed is the delivery room with small refrigerators to receive after-hour deliveries. The facility's Kato Light Corporation backup generator is located in the southeast corner of the building in the event of a power outage. Entry into the facility is through the Office Building. The office has 2 large water heaters to accommodate strict biosecurity protocols of general "shower in and shower out" for limited entry, 2 large refrigerators, 2 microwaves, and a window air-conditioning unit for staff use. Additional site improvements include: 2 - 8' (12 ton) bulk bins, 3 - 7' (8 ton) bulk bins, and 1 - 6' (4 ton) bulk bins, which all were built in 2001. Horizontal propane tank with a capacity of approximately 9,000 gallons, which is currently about 70% full. Hotsy 3000 PSI, 5 GPM Hot Pressure Washer (Model 1473P), installed in 2022. GrowerSelect Curtains on all sides of the production barns. Iowa DNR manure permit is viable for three additional years. Starlink Internet is available at the facility. There is a labor crew available for this facility, please contact the Listing Agents for additional details. Includes approximately 14.20 FSA tillable acres with top-producing soils carrying a CSR2 rating of 83.9, creating an additional income stream and room for expansion. Electricity for the site is provided through Iowa Lakes Electric Coop and the facility is on well water. The wellhead is located on the south side of the gravel driveway, just southwest of the compost area. The site is currently empty, which would foster a great opportunity to continue converting to pen housing for immediate compliance with Prop 12 combined with the additional farmland acres should expansion be desired.

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Doug Bear

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