4-C Ranch

George West TX | Jim Wells County

4-C Ranch is a South Texas brush country ranch! The ranch is covered in the best of the south Texas brush species. A nice/new double wide mobile home, electricity and water well. It is ready to hunt and enjoy.

Location: The ranch is located approximately 25 miles south, southwest of George West, approximately 20 northwest of Alice, and approximately 55 miles west of Corpus Christi, Texas. It is also approximately 5 miles west of State Highway 281, along the west side of County Road 145.

Habitat: The soils on the ranch range from a tight high ground soils on the hills, to good sandy loam in the bottoms. The ranch is 95% south Texas brush.

Wildlife: The ranch has a lot game for its size. It is low fenced with good deer and the ever-present wild hogs. The ranch is also set up to hunt dove and quail.

Improvements: There is a nice, new mobile home, a guest house that needs some work, an outdoor cooking area and pit, as well as a concrete water trough converted to a kids swimming pool. The ranch is equipped for hunting with numerous blinds, corn feeders and protein feeders.

Water: Water for the house, water troughs and pond is provided by an electric water well, located at the house.

Electricity: There is electricity drops into the middle of the ranch.

Minerals: The owners do not own any of the minerals.

History: The ranch was purchased 5 years ago and has been enjoyed by the same family since then.

Price: Asking $975,000.00 or $2,500 per acre.

CONTACT: John Wallace

PHONE: (361) 442-1001

EMAIL: john@republicranches.com


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