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Location Cooks Creek Ranch is located on the south sides of US Highway 90 just 8 miles east of Dryden, Texas between Del Rio and Alpine. This is true western hill country and rugged canyon country; an area filled with history and amazing natural habitat and wildlife. This ranch has been in the same family since the 1960s and has been a significant source of recreation and adventure for several generations of owners. This is the remaining part of a once contiguous 23,000-acre ranch which according to the family is the best and heart of the ranch. Acreage 9,510 +/- Acres in Terrell County Description The main drainage across a diagonal north to south is Cook Creek with its rich riparian woodlands. This large drainage of the Rio Grande defines the gentle rolling lands to the north and the mountainous Break country to the south with vistas into the mountains of Old Mexico. There are numerous other drainages like Cedar Creek, Buena Creek, Cow Creek, and Indian Creek that carve this landscape into an interesting combination of landforms. This is land “West of the Pecos”, a region full of early Texas history, including Judge Roy Bean and his iron hand of the law, who ruled from nearby Langtry. The area is a recreation mecca for both whitetail and mule deer hunting or just prowling the canyons in search of adventure. Cook Creek Breaks is a working ranch with operational waters and extensive road system. Electricity crosses the north end of the ranch. There are some older ruins interior but there are many building sites waiting for a new owner to plan and develop their own headquarters. The 9,510 acres is scenic with tremendous views down into Indian Creek and Cook Creek with rolling hills and limestone cliff canyon banks. There are 2 large pastures and one trap on this south side. Waters are distributed in a variety of wells, pipelines, water storage, and water troughs. With topography ranging from 1,600 to just over 2,000 feet there are many potential building sites with distant vistas of ranch features. Habitat and Wildlife The ranch is situated at the convergence of three biologically distinct eco-regions in Texas; the Texas Hill Country to the east, the Chihuahuan Desert to the west, and the subtropical Tamaulipan Brushland to the south, creating one of the most unique wildlife habitats in the state. The Serranias del Burro Mountains create a backdrop of high elevations to the south in Old Mexico and serve as a source of black bears dispersing back into this region of Texas. Tamaulipan Brushland, Hill Country and Chihuahuan Desert habitats are all part of Cook Creek Breaks. From ocotillo and sotol, to hackberry, persimmon, and mesquite woodlands, to black brush and juniper, the ranch represents a crossroads of diverse habitats. The property’s browse and grasslands are in excellent condition, a result of the ranch’s evolution from a historic sheep and goat operation into today’s recreational uses of hunting, hiking, and enjoyment of scenic beauty. Native grasses, forbs, browse, brush, cacti, and trees not only provide excellent habitat for game species such as deer, quail, Barbados Sheep, and dove, but also for non-game species such as Texas horned lizard, neotropical songbirds, golden eagles, fox, ringtail cat, black bears, mountain lion, and many other mammals and birds. Recent use and management have been focused on improving and growing both mule deer and whitetail deer populations, which are tremendous. The population is about 50/50 for these two deer types and with the water distribution and excellent cover, this is some of the best Blue Quail hunting in Texas. Water The groundwater under Cook Break is high quality and is accessed two wells. There is a large tank or lake near the pens that fills with water during rain events. There are also two full-time springs in Indian Creek providing excellent natural waters for the local wildlife. With the extensive water tanks and water pipeline and trough system, water is available across the ranch.

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Water Wells: 2-5
Stock Tanks: 1
Construction Status: - None -
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King Land & Water
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James and Tammy King

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