$19,700,000   •   864.96 Acres
3 br / 2 ba / 1706 sqft

INTRODUCTION The Johnson Legacy River Ranch is a premier live water river ranch along the north bank of the Llano River that has been in the same family for over 100 years. This gorgeous, diverse Texas Hill Country property is ideally located 50 minutes from historic Fredericksburg, 40 minutes from Horseshoe Bay, 1.5 hours from Austin, and 12 minutes from Llano. With 3,940’ or 0.75 miles of uninterrupted Llano River frontage, 6,865’ or 1.30 miles of frontage along both sides of San Fernando Creek, a diverse mixture of mature oak and Pecan tree cover, scattered tillable pastures, stunning granite rock formations, deep loamy soils, distant panoramic views, and fantastic hunting, this exceptional legacy river property is perfect for a family recreational ranch or full-time residence. The ranch is being offered in eight (8) unique configurations. If parceled, there are three (3) tracts available on the south section and two (2) on the north. 1. Johnson Legacy River Ranch (entire) - 864.96 ac 2. Johnson Family River Ranch (south half) - 306.56 a. Rancho Rio Ruidoso - 118.07 ac b. La Hacienda Rio - 125.95 c. Rancho El Aguila - 62.54 ac 3. San Fernando Creek Ranch north half) - 558.40 ac a. West San Fernando Creek Ranch (West Tract) - 277.29 ac b. East San Fernando Creek Ranch (East Tract) - 281.11 ac LOCATION AND ACCESS The ranch sits in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and is located 50 minutes from historic Fredericksburg, 40 minutes from Horseshoe Bay, 1.5 hours from Austin, and 12 minutes from Llano. The property sits just south of TX-29 along the east line of CR 102 with 6,865’ of paved county road frontage. Rue Rd., a gated, recorded and well-maintained easement road, bisects the ranch into the north and south sections. Rue Rd. will be the primary point of access for the 125.05 ac (La Hacienda Rio), 62.54 ac (Rancho El Aguila), and 281.11 (East San Fernando Creek) tracts, if the property is sold in divided parcels. Additional access to the East San Fernando Creek Ranch is provided via a 3,800’ / 0.72-mile gated, recorded and well-maintained easement road that comes off of the south line of TX-29. Nearby Fredericksburg Fredericksburg is the epicenter and premier destination of the Texas Hill Country and boasts a small-town feel with the restaurants, accommodations, shops and attractions usually reserved for a much larger destination. The town’s German roots are evident today in its charming historic Main Street, which offers some 150 shops, art galleries, museums, bakeries and restaurants in a walkable setting. Fredericksburg, known for decades as a premier shopping destination, offers the best of home decor, western wear, fine art, jewelry, kitchen wares, linens, antiques and more. Fredericksburg is also Texas Wine Country. With over 50 wineries in the area, visitors can sample a diverse range of varietals in picturesque vineyards or boutique tasting rooms. The selection of lodging options in Fredericksburg includes 23 hotel/motels with over 1,100 rooms as well as nearly 1,500 vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, and guesthouses in the area. Great food and fantastic dining are a fixture in Fredericksburg with more than 100 restaurants that feature everything from fine dinging to regional Texas Hill Country cuisine, to authentic German, Tex-Mex and BBQ. Wineries The Texas Hill Country is home to over 100 wineries and vineyards and Fredericksburg is the beating heart of Texas Wine Country. There are more than 60 wineries, vineyards, and wine tasting rooms located in Fredericksburg's Gillespie County, in addition to dozens more wineries located within an hour or two drive. Fredericksburg’s Urban Wine Trail, which includes more than 10 downtown wineries and wine tasting rooms owned by Fredericksburg wineries, are all within walking distance to historic hotspots, shops and boutiques, and the town’s B&Bs and hotels. Main Street & Shopping Main Street is the center of the action, where you can find more than 150 shops, boutiques and art galleries as well as dozens of restaurants, wine tasting rooms, a brewpubs & distilleries, two museums, and more. Shopping has been a massive draw for tourists that visit Fredericksburg for years, as shops on Main Street are all locally owned and operated by people that call Fredericksburg home. Franchises and chain stores are not allowed in the National Historic District (which runs along Main Street), providing a unique small-town shopping experience. Main Street is also home to two notable museums - the National Museum of the Pacific War at the East End and the Pioneer Museum at the West End. Events Fredericksburg is home to more than 400 festivals and special events each year, in addition to dozens of live music performances each week. From wine events to historical reenactments, the Texas Hill Country is filled with something to entertain just about everyone from the young to the young at heart. Fredericksburg's signature culinary event, the Fredericksburg Food & Wine Fest, takes place at the end of each October and transforms Marktplatz into a foodie paradise with a celebration of all things Texas food and wine. Live music, cooking demonstrations and specialty booths make this a must-do for Fredericksburg visitors and Hill Country residents. WATER The Llano River This beautiful ranch sits along the north bank of the Llano River, with a total of 3,940’ or 0.75 miles of direct river frontage. The defining feature of this river property that rises above any other is PRIVACY! Unlike other properties, there is not a nearby county road running parallel and along the river. This is an offering of large, contiguous blocks of land with large neighbors. From west to east, the divided parcels have the following amount of river frontage: Rancho Rio Ruidoso - 1,185’ or 0.22 miles La Hacienda Rio - 1,955’ or 0.37 miles Rancho El Aguila - 800’ or 0.15 miles Known for its clear water, continuous flow, and shallow rapids flowing over beautiful granite rock formations into larger pools of deep water, the Llano River is a 105-mile-long tributary of the Colorado River. Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, floating, paddle boarding, and fishing can be enjoyed by your entire family. Largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, channel catfish, blue catfish, and many species of sunfish are native to the river. San Fernando Creek San Fernando Creek enters the West Tract along its northern boundary and flows to the east, generally bisecting each tract, and exits the property along the west boundary of the East Tract. San Fernando Creek is seasonal and will typically have stronger water flow in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Gorgeous, mature Live oak and Pecan trees line the banks on both sides. The creek bed consists of decomposed granite sand with a striking pinkish hue and is dotted with scattered granite outcroppings along its course. There are multiple locations along the creek with deeper pools that are fed by springs and these spots generally hold water during much of the year. Generally, the creek bed is 200’ to 300’ in width, but does expand up to 500’ in certain areas. The creek runs for a total of 6,865’ or 1.30 miles through the property. The West Tract (277.29 ac) has 3,215’ of creek frontage, with roughly 76-ac on the north side of the creek and 201-ac on the south side. The East Tract (281.11 ac) has 3,650’ of creek frontage, with roughly 189-ac on the north side of the creek and 92-ac on the south side. Ponds, Secondary Creeks & Water Wells Rancho Rio Ruidoso (118.07 ac) There is a secondary creek, lined with intricate granite outcroppings, that enters this portion of the property along the west boundary, then turns south and eventually flows into the Llano River. Along this 4,420’ creek, there are three (3) concrete “spreader” dams that back up water seasonally. The largest is a 0.30 pond on the upper end of the drainage. There is also a 0.25 ac pond with an earthen dam near the west fence line. There are no water wells on this tract. La Hacienda Rio (125.95 ac) Just northwest of the homestead, there is one (1) 0.15 ac earthen pond, surrounded by open pasture. There are no secondary creeks on this tract. There is one (1) water well on this section of the ranch, which provides potable water to the homestead. Rancho El Aguila (62.54 ac) There are three (3) ponds that lie in a north-south chain, almost in the center of this section of the property. The first is a small 0.15 ac pond, then a larger 1.50 ac pond, and finally a 0.50 ac pond. Sitting just south of the last pond is a windmill water well not in operation. There are no secondary creeks on this part of the ranch. San Fernando Creek Ranch There are four (4) ponds on the ranch; two (2) on the West Tract and two (2) on the East Tract. The West Tract ponds are 0.25 ac and 1.50 ac in size at full pool. Both ponds sit on the southside of San Fernando Creek. The East Tract ponds are 0.10 ac and 1.50 ac in size at full pool. The smaller East Tract pond is on the north side of San Fernando Creek and sits adjacent to a water well pumped by a windmill. The larger pond sits on the south side of San Fernando Creek. There is another water well serviced by a windmill that sits near the northeast corner of the East Tract. Both water wells have concrete water troughs and are fully operational. LAND The habitat throughout the property consists of an undulating, oak dominated savannah, interspersed with other native tree, brush, and grass species such as Texas persimmon, Mesquite, Cedar elm, Black hickory, Beebrush, and Little bluestem. Live oak is the primary and most visible oak species, with healthy amounts of Post oak, Blackjack oak, and Shinnery oak also present. The elevation generally slopes from north to south and ranges from 1,070’ along the Llano River, up to 1,120’ in the northern pasture areas of the property. The homestead, which sits on the La Hacienda Rio tract, was strategically placed on an isolated hill that is 1,135’ at its peak. Soils consist primarily of deep, fine and course sandy loam throughout the property, which are ideal for wildlife food plot development. There are striking granite rock formations throughout the ranch, the most notable being a 25’ high monolith that sits on the Rancho El Aguila tract. With a basal area of about ½ acre, this rock structure is an easy climb and offers fantastic views of the surrounding Llano River valley. WILDLIFE Llano County is known as the “Deer Capital of Texas” and boasts a county-level population density of over 290 white-tailed deer per thousand acres. Deer are abundant on the ranch, but it is not overpopulated. The ranch has been very lightly grazed by livestock and the deer herd has been kept in check with the habitat, which provides excellent quality and quantities of forage below 6 feet, hiding and escape cover, and thermal cover. Other game species commonly seen on the property include Rio Grande turkey, mourning & white-wing doves, feral hogs, and occasionally Bobwhite quail. Other indigenous wildlife species such as migratory waterfowl, raptors, songbirds, various small mammals, and reptiles are also abundant and are commonly seen. IMPROVEMENTS Ranch House, Barns, & Electricity The original homestead house, built in 1923, still stands on the La Hacienda Rio tract and is still in use by the landowner. This 3-bedroom, 2-bath bungalow-style home has 1,706 SqFt of living space and a 154 SqFt covered front porch. A 2-car garage with a workshop/storage space sits adjacent to the house. There is one (1) larger sized metal barn just south of the house that is roughly 2,080 SqFt and is currently used to store a tractor and other equipment. There are three (3) additional smaller metal storage sheds on the ranch. Electricity has been extended into each component section of the property and is provided by CTEC. Fencing & Roads All sections of the ranch have perimeter fencing and it is in good condition. The south fence sits roughly 300’ north of the edge of the river to protect it from fast moving water during times of flooding. There are typical ranch roads in good condition throughout the ranch. There is not north-south fence separating the West tract and the East tract on San Fernando Creek Ranch. All of the river tracts have cross fencing and below is the acreage breakdown of each sub-pasture within in each section. Rancho Rio Ruidoso (118.07 ac) Upper Pasture - 44.24 ac Lower Pasture - 64.98 ac River Pasture - 8.85 ac La Hacienda Rio (125.95 ac) NW Pasture - 30.72 ac NE Pasture - 23.71 ac Improved Pasture - 16.55 ac Headquarters - 41.40 ac River Pasture - 13.57 ac Rancho El Aguila (62.54 ac) Upper Pasture - 24.26 ac Tilled Field - 10.48 ac East Pasture - 18.45 ac Trap - 4.61 ac River Pasture - 4.74 ac SUMMARY The Johnson Family River Ranch is the finest live-water property currently on the market in the Texas Hill Country. Carefully managed by long-term, conservation minded landowners, this exceptional river ranch has 3,940’ or 0.75 miles of flowing Llano River frontage, 6,865’ or 1.30 miles of frontage along both sides of San Fernando Creek, high quality, diverse wildlife habitat, and picturesque Hill Country terrain. Located close to Fredericksburg, Austin, and Horseshoe Bay, this quiet, semi-remote property offers the opportunity to establish your family’s very own legacy ranch. FINANCIAL / TITLE The Johnson Legacy River Ranch is offered as follows in Cash or at Terms acceptable solely at the discretion of the Seller: Entire Ranch The Johnson Legacy River Ranch, consisting of 864.96± ac, is offered at $20,180,000 or $23,331/ac. Lower Ranch The Johnson Family River Ranch (All Tracts), consisting of 306.56± ac, is offered at $10,630,000 or $34,675/ac. Rancho Rio Ruidoso, consisting of 118.07± ac, is offered at $4,035,000 or $34,175/ac. La Hacienda Rio, consisting of 125.95± ac, is offered at $4,390,000 or $34,855/ac. Rancho El Aguila, consisting of 62.54± ac, is offered at $2,205,000 or $35,257/ac. Upper Ranch San Fernando Creek Ranch (West & East combined), consisting of 558.40± ac, is offered at $9,550,000 or $17,102/ac West San Fernando Creek Ranch, consisting of 277.29± ac, is offered at $4,740,000 or $17,094/ac. East San Fernando Creek Ranch, consisting of 281.11± ac, is offered at $4,810,000 or $17,111/ac. 1. Offers to purchase or letters of intent must be in writing and accompanied by 1.00% of the purchase price to the escrow account at Hill Country Titles in Fredericksburg, TX. 2. The Sellers will provide and pay for a standard owner’s title insurance policy. Title to the real property will be conveyed by a general or special warranty deed. 3. The Sellers will provide a new survey. 4. Mineral rights which the Sellers own will be conveyed to the Buyer at Closing. 5. All water right claims controlled by the Sellers will be transferred to the Buyer at Closing. 6. The property lies in the Llano ISD. 7. Sensible deed restrictions, included in this packet, will be put in place at closing to maintain the integrity of the local area. 8. The 2023 ag-exempt property taxes are estimated to be: a. $1,561.98 for the entire property b. $1,092.83 of The Johnson Family River Ranch c. $99.32 for Ranch Rio Ruidoso d. $940.90 for La Hacienda Rio e. $52.61 for Rancho El Aguila f. $469.73 for San Fernando Creek Ranch g. $233.26 for West San Fernando Creek Ranch h. $236.47 for East San Fernando Creek Ranch This entire Offering is subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change or withdrawal without notice and approval of purchase by the Seller. Information regarding land classifications and acreages are intended only as general guidelines and have been obtained from sources deemed reliable; however, accuracy is not warranted or guaranteed by the Seller or Anders Ranch Realty. Prospective Buyers should verify all information to their sole and complete satisfaction. SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – DO NOT TRESPASS. Buyer’s brokers/agents must be identified on first contact and must accompany buying prospect on first showing to be allocated full fee participation. If this condition is not met, fee participation will be at the sole discretion of Anders Ranch Realty.

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Water Wells: 2-5
Ponds: 5-10
Stock Tanks: 5-10
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