Sandstone Mountain Ranch

Llano TX | Llano County

Reduced Price! (01/09)

The ±2,728-acre game-fenced Sandstone Mountain Ranch near Llano is an elite Texas property dedicated to exceptional wildlife and fine living. A concerted five-year plan of restoration and improvement has lifted the property to the pinnacle.
Benefiting from over 30 years of management, the Sandstone has yielded whitetail bucks from 150” to 210”. An array of exotics including scimitar-horned oryx, zebra, axis and fallow thrive alongside other native species such as dove, turkey and waterfowl.
While the land makes a statement, the water makes the ranch, with over 6 stocked lakes ranging from 5 to 30 acres. With over 80-acres of surface water, the ranch also fronts the Llano River for more than a ½ mile.
The ± 4,000 sq. foot Hunter’s Lodge wraps hunting clients in rugged, luxury. The main residential compound has four structures—the Old Lodge (± 3,570 sq. ft.), the Main House (± 2,650 sq. feet), the Cabin (± 850 sq. feet), and the Man Cave (± 1,600 sq. ft.)—all built from native stone and log veneer. Each building is situated to provide a stunning view of the Sandstone Mountain with a 20-acre lake nestled at its base.
All outbuildings, which have either been completely refurbished or built within the past 5 years, include: the Big Barn (90’ x 100’), which is the working heart; the Big Shop (60’ x 150’) with 8 bay doors, the 3-bay Mechanics Shop (40’ x 50’) with walk down oil change pit; and a climate-controlled RV/Bus Barn (20’ x 65’).
Call Howard W. Hood at (830)-739-3815. Available for $31.5 million.


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