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The Slater Dixon Ranches are 9000+/- acres located on the Colorado-Wyoming border and are known for their excellent wildlife habitat and grazing capability for cattle and sheep. The ranch has outstanding water and large hay meadows along Slater Creek; the meadows are flood-irrigated and produce high-quality native grass hay. Owner-rated at 1500 cows, this property is ideal for the sportsman; there is excellent fishing and hunting.LandPothook Unit The Pothook Unit of the Slater Creek Ranch is 2960 +/- acres of a classic high mountain river valley with high peaks surrounding the vast picturesque hay meadows.  Slater Creek is a beautiful trout stream that meanders for over 4.5 miles through willow-banked meadows.  There is a good mix of alpine meadows, pines, and aspen groves, as well as long oak brush and serviceberry ridges that drop down to the sagebrush benches above the river bottom.   The approximately 325 acres of hay meadows produce hundreds of tons of quality hay and exceptional late-season grazing opportunities for cattle and wildlife alike.   Located in the heart of the elk migration corridor, thousands of elk will pass through the ranch every fall as they move from the summer range to the east to the winter range west of Highway 13.  Plenty of resident elk call the valleys and ridges of the ranch home as well. Slater Creek Ranch has abundant senior water rights and shares the #1 right on all of Slater Creek. The creek also provides great fishing. Additionally, many ponds and springs on the ranch provide water at higher elevations for cattle grazing and the abundant elk, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope that call the ranch home. Sharp-tail grouse, sage grouse, and dusky grouse reside on this very diverse property.  There are two homes on the ranch. Access to the ranch is well-maintained gravel road access, and it is a short 15-minute drive from the Dixon, Wyoming airport with 7000’ and 6548’ asphalt runways and jet fuel.   The commercial service at Yampa Valley Regional Airport is approximately 1 hour from the ranch, with multiple commercial flights daily. Willow Creek Unit The Willow Creek Unit is the primary livestock headquarters for the Slater Creek Ranch.  With 2890 +/- acres (970 in Wyoming and 1920 in Colorado), this unit is made up of a combination of two irrigated pivots covering approximately 370 +/- acres of alfalfa grass mix hay ground and large sagebrush and native grassland pastures.  The pivots are serviced by wells with good producing power and electric motors. One pivot is a 13-tower, and the other is an 8-tower. The headquarters has a long list of good improvements that include two large and well-designed corral systems that allow for ease of handling livestock, three homes, and a bunk house, as well as the “Cantina,” which is an excellent lodging area featuring four guest rooms with private bathrooms as well as a nice open kitchen and living area for entertaining guests.   The “Cantina” is attached to the large 60’X130” shop building that is used for working on equipment and equipment storage. The Willow Creek Unit has the #1 water right on Willow Creek and has the Elk Lake (OVO Reservoir), which is 22 acres in size and at max holds 442-acre feet of water for late season water after Willow Creek drops later in the year. The Willow Creek Unit is also home to large herds of pronghorn antelope and mule deer, as well as sage grouse and one of the largest concentrations of sharp-tail grouse in the area.   There are also grazing permits on the adjacent state and BLM lands that border the ranch, making this a well-rounded ranch for any producer. The Wyoming portion of the ranch could qualify to receive two deer, two antelope, and two elk landowner tags since it is not part of the Colorado RFW program. Please check current state and local game regulations for verification. Slater Park Unit The Slater Park Unit is a 3139+/- acre high mountain paradise with good county road access from Routt County Road 82.  This is classic elk and mule deer country, and the quality of the game in this property is what any sportsman dreams about. There are approximately 4 miles of Slater Creek running the length of the property.  On this portion of the creek, there is excellent brook trout and cutthroat trout fishing.  The many curves and natural holes produce excellent fish habitat and are home to beavers and muskrats alike.  The south boundary is 4 miles of Routt National Forest and makes the views from the base of Elk Head Mountains second to none.   A good mix of long alpine meadows and sagebrush ridges gives way to aspen groves and classic pine forest mixed in along the back edge of the property. Additionally, Green Creek, Grizzly Creek, and Douglas Creek are all tributaries of Slater Creek and offer approximately 1 mile each of live water year-round.  All these creeks on the Slater Park Unit are mostly willow-lined, and Moose have begun to frequent the area as it is not uncommon to see them daily.  The ranch offers excellent summer grazing accompanied by the adjoining forest service grazing permit. The sagebrush ridges on the northeast side of the Slater Park Unit are also home to one of the largest sharp-tail grouse leks in the country, as recognized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  The area is also home to an abundance of other wildlife, such as black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and sandhill cranes in the summer. Additional Leases & Grazing Allotments 7308 Peak Allotment – 561 Acres +/- Jack Rabbit Creek Allotment – 1074 Acres +/- State Ag Lease – 160 Acres +/- Four Mile Grazing Allotment – 2337 Acres +/- Slater Park Allotment 315 AUM’s RecreationThe ranch is currently collectively enrolled in the Ranching for Wildlife program with other ranches in the area.  Under current management, the wildlife and habitat are managed for quality to produce better quality feed and habitat as well as older age class elk, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope.   The program allows landowners to maximize their opportunity to utilize their property in exchange for public access on a limited basis.   The ranches do yearly habitat projects such as brush and timber mitigation and water projects to enhance the availability of quality feed and water. Colorado Ranching for Wildlife is a cooperative program with private landowners and Colorado Parks and Wildlife that includes incentives to improve habitat on private land. Landowners create diverse plant communities that benefit wildlife throughout the year by managing grazing systems, working on various habitat improvement projects, and developing viable water sources. These well-managed lands provide essential habitat for various species, including grassland-nesting birds, migratory ungulates such as elk, mule deer, and pronghorn, as well as any other wildlife within the ecosystem and pollinators. The program introduced in 1986 was designed to give public hunters access to private ranches. Still, in turn, a considerable benefit allows private landowners to dictate their season dates for optimal hunting opportunities. For landowners, the elk and pronghorn season is a 90-day season that coincides with any open public season. The Mule Deer season is a 60-day season. The RFW license is a weapon of choice license. RFW is limited to ranches with at least 12,000 contiguous acres that contain a significant number of species for which licenses can be drawn. These species include elk, mule deer, and pronghorn on the Slater Creek Ranch. In addition to hunting, that ranches have a great road system through out the property provides additional recreational opportunities that include hiking, mountain biking, UTV and snowmobiling. Region & ClimateThe area is known for more than 300 days of sunshine and “Champagne Powder” snow.   The area averages 154 inches annually of normal accumulations.  Winters are beautiful, with the valley remaining snow-covered for most of the season, but the summer and fall keep people coming back year after year to visit the beautiful Rocky Mountains.   LocationNorthwest Colorado is surrounded by endless beauty and filled with history. The nearest towns include Slater, Craig, Hayden, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The Slater Dixon Ranches are 45 minutes from Yampa Valley Regional Airport. The nearby town of Dixon, Wyoming,  has a private airport with a 7000 x 75 ft runway just minutes from the ranch. The town of Steamboat Springs is located at 6,732 ft in elevation in Colorado’s Yampa Valley. It is home to the Howelsen Hill ski area and the Steamboat Ski Resort. Not only is Steamboat known for its legendary skiing & snowboarding, but the nearby hot springs are therapeutic in nature, especially after a long day on the slopes. Located near the city center, the long-standing Old Town Hot Springs is equipped with swimming, soaking pools, and water slides. This experience is worthwhile and fun for all ages.   Proof of Buyers financial capability must be provided and approved before all showings.

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