$7,000,000   •   1,057 Acres

Nestled just 15 minutes south of the charming town of Mancos, Weber Creek Ranch spans approximately 1,057 acres of diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes. The property has substantial senior water rights allowing for irrigation of up to 180 acres of lush meadows, not only creating a picturesque landscape, but also providing habitat for a variety of wildlife species, including elk, mule deer, and turkeys. Adjacent on the west & east sides are thousands of acres of BLM land which is difficult to access other than through the ranch, providing a vast playground for outdoor adventures right out your doorstep. Additionally, the ranch features several ponds, which have been historically stocked with multiple species of trout and have strong inflows and outflows, allowing for healthy fish populations throughout the year. Weber Creek runs year-round through the length of the property for almost two miles and has also successfully held stocked trout. The surrounding area has a rich history of once being the ancestral homeland of various Native American tribes and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mesa Verde National Park, is only a short drive from the ranch. Whether you dream of enjoying a private oasis, embarking on unforgettable recreational pursuits, or embracing the tranquility of southwestern The property does not have a primary residence but has multiple building envelopes where a home could be developed. The ranch contains two barns/storage buildings on the property and has significant irrigation infrastructure, including wheel lines, gated pipe, ditches and a modern drip irrigation system with ultrasonic flow meter and purification filters. Weber Creek Ranch is located approximately 15 minutes south of the town of Mancos and is almost completely surrounded by the Weber Mountain Wilderness area (BLM) and Menefee Mountain Wilderness area (BLM).  The town of Mancos is nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by the stunning San Juan Mountains and Vesa Verde Plateau. Mesa Verde National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a short drive away and is renowned for its well-preserved Puebloan cliff dwellings, including Cliff Palace and Balcony House.  Mancos and the surrounding area were inhabited for centuries by various Native American cultures. Mesa Verde National Park, once home to ancestral Puebloans also known as the Anasazi, remains one of the most significant archeological sites in the United States. The town of Mancos maintains a connection to its agricultural roots, with ranching and farming still playing a role in the local economy. This unique combination of cultural and natural history allows for an excellent destination for those interested in exploring the past and enjoying the beauty of the present. The surrounding area offers boundless recreational opportunities including hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.  The ranch is located in GMU 73 which is primarily known for its big game hunting.  Hunters can expect to find healthy populations of deer, elk, black bear, and turkeys on the property.   Montezuma County is renowned for trophy mule deer.  Unit 73 is OTC elk licenses for 2nd and 3rd rifle season, private land only for archery (Sept 2nd-30th), 1st rifle (Oct 14th-18th) and 4th rifle (Nov 22nd-26th). OTC private land only bear licenses. Spring and fall OTC turkey licenses. The ranch benefits from multiple ponds throughout the property that have traditionally been stocked with multiple species of trophy-sized trout.  Weber Creek itself is an ephemeral stream, which has historically successfully held stocked trout. The ranch has significant senior water rights with over 180 acres of irrigated meadows.   Water Rights: Approximately 180 acres of irrigated meadows.   There is significant irrigation infrastructure, including wheel lines, gated pipe, ditches and a modern drip irrigation system with ultrasonic flow meter and purification filters.         The majority of the ranch has been placed under a conservation easement with the Montezuma Land Conservancy ensuring the land is protected for future generations. The easement does provide for building envelopes where a future owner would be able to construct a new residence for their enjoyment.

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Ponds: 2-5
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