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$413,400,000  •  424,000 acres
An assemblage of 7 ranches making up 424,000± acres that include some of the most amazing land features found in the Southwest, located in Brewster County, TX. The vast landscape comes a diversity of habitats and a rich population of native wildlife. Desert big horn sheep permits are given each year by Texas Parks and Wildlife to hunt the sustainable population of the Desert Big Horn Sheep.
$117,432,900  •  120,444 acres
Dagger Flats Ranch has a variety of habitats and improvements. The headquarters is an elaborate assemblage of homes, barns, and building all looking north at the beautiful mountains on the ranch. The ranch has a live water section of San Francisco Creek that is cottonwood lined for over five miles. The ranch is a working cattle and hunting ranch with Elk, Mule deer Desert Big Horn Sheep habitats as well as the availability of permits by TPWD.
$99,526,050  •  102,078 acres
Dove Mountain Ranch is a massive contiguous cattle and hunting ranch is at the gateway to Big Bend National Park to the south and is home to a wide array of natural features. If there is one thing that makes this ranch stand out is the availability of Desert Big Horn Sheep habitats as well as the availability of permits by TPWD.
$74,280,375  •  76,185 acres
The Eagle Mountain/Carrizo Mountain Ranches are actually two nearby distinct properties that are connected by an improved caliche county road and miles of a paved/concrete private easement road linking the ranches with easy access. Similar to the Davis Mountains and the Chisos Mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert, this mountain range functions as a sky island habitat, with intermountain ridge lines and valleys serving as corridors for wildlife migration, especially between Texas and Mexico along the Rio Grande.
$36,513,400  •  66,388 acres
IN PROCESS Contact for more details. Lely Ranch | 66,388 acres Situated on 66,388 acres of topography-rich land, the Lely Ranch offers miles of diverse terrain including everything from breathtaking cliffs to expansive canyons. It is located approximately 30 minutes south of the legendary Marfa, Texas, where you and your guests can go to enjoy dining, museums, modern art and entertainment. The Lely Ranch is also contiguous to the renowned Cibolo Creek Lodge, which allows access to their luxury accommodations. This vast, rugged Ranch is largely untouched, and affords a rare chance to own your own Big Bend. When exploring this vast country, you will find pictographs on canyon walls, plane crash wreckage and many relics from when Indians and outlaws called this ranch their home. It is the first public availability of the Lely Ranch since being purchased in the 1960s by a foreign dairy magnate and renowned inventor. It is truly the last frontier. Location: The ranch covers a massive amount of country with Big Bend State Park as the eastern boundary, Highway 67 as the western boundary, and then extending north to south from Shafter all the way to Presidio. It is a 30-minute drive from Marfa and an hour from Alpine. There are also two easily accessible runways close by for the ultimate convenience. Lely International Airport is just across Highway 67 and has a 5200 x 75 runway, and Cibolo creek also has a 5300 x 60 runway, both which can accommodate most private jets. Hunting: Lely Ranch offers a diverse range of hunting and expansive hunting revenue possibilities. Outfitters in this region stay busy chasing giant mule deer, elk, aoudad rams, javelinas and hogs as well as multiple species of quail. With lodging in place and the canyon holding plenty of game, this could be a turn key hunting operation and revenue opportunity. Cattle: With the water systems on the ranch, it could easily accommodate a cow and calf operation. Habitat & Topography: 1,500-foot elevation changes, cliffs, ravines and massive canyons along Cibolo Creek this ranch has it all. Wildlife, Hunting: This ranch has a plethora of wild game, MLD permit for mule deer, big aoudad rams, elk, javelinas, wild hogs, three species of quail and mountain lions. You can glass ridgelines for mule deer and aoudad in the morning and quail hunt in the afternoon. The diversity of the terrain offers a paramount hunting assortment. Water: This property has superior surface and subsurface water for the area. 14 water wells and a few springs from the mountains creating an oasis for wildlife in certain canyons. Homes: Hunters cabin is a simply appointed brick bunkhouse cabin.
$33,618,000  •  34,480 acres
YE Mesa is an elevated high mountain volcanic structure sitting high over Big Bend National Park's north entrance along and includes 10 miles of the Santiago Mountains that form Persimmon Gap to the south. Rugged, wild, secluded, amazing are just a few words to describe this true mountain ranch.
$33,269,925  •  34,123 acres
Horse Mountain Ranch is located just a 30-minute drive from the Gage Hotel in Marathon, which serves as the gateway to Big Bend Nation Park to the south. Horse Mountain Ranch is divided into two contiguous historical ownerships with the north portion being a wide valley between the Pena Blanca Mountains, Horse Mountain and Twin Peaks creating an expanse called Lightning Flat where the headwaters of Horse Draw and Pena Blanca Draw are located. The Headquarters is located on the north unit adjacent to the Historic Reed Spring which makes a beautiful cottonwood tree lined lake.
$10,722,731  •  20,424 acres
Desert Mountain Ranch name says it all. Tucked away within the solitude of the Chihuahuan Desert of Brewster County just north of Big Bend National Park and Black Gap WMA the ranch is rich in history, habitat, geology, and modern conveniences.
$19,318,650  •  19,814 acres
Tesnus Ranch is a cattle and hunting recreation ranch with an amazing amount of seclusion framed between towering mountains all within diverse low, mid to high desert habitats. An excellent all-weather caliche road provides access into the ranch where near the entrance there is a very nice modern 3-bedroom 2-bath Headquarters home.
$6,500,000  •  18,825.81 acres
The Chinati Ranch derives its name from the Apache word ch'íná'itíh which translates into gate or mountain pass. The ranch is 11,825± deeded acres and 1,940± acres of surface lease for a total of 13,714± acres all in Presidio County. It is entirely Chihuahuan Desert and meanders roughly 11+ miles along the Rio Grande River in the foothills of the Chinati Mountain Range. The ranch is 26 miles from Presidio, TX and the same distance to Ojinaga, Mexico. Dining, services and an FBO are available 56 miles away in the iconic cowboy and cultural oasis of Marfa. Commercial air travel is available via the El Paso International airport 225 miles to the northwest. Chinati, TX is an unincorporated ghost town that began as a Mexican mining village with cotton and vegetable farming along the river. A post office was established in 1922 and stopped operation in 1939. There are remnants of a church and adobe buildings still found on site. The views are absolutely stunning with fantastic rock formations on both sides of the border. The ranch has varied terrain from flats, ocotillo forest, riparian river bottom, rock formations, cliffs and canyons, all culminating into an aesthetically attractive property. There are two solar pumps and associated drinkers to provide the wildlife water year-round. There is a healthy mule deer population on the property along with aoudad, javelina and the occasional mountain lion. Blue and Gambel’s quail are also permanent residents. Far removed from a fast-paced world, Chinati Ranch is a blank canvas where recreational opportunities abound in the unique Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem of Far West Texas. The Facts: ~ 11,825± deeded acres and 13,714± acres with state leased land ~ 4,005± acres of mineral classified land ~ 21 miles from Presidio, 60 miles from Marfa, and 30 miles from Big Bend State Park ~ FM 170 paved access ~ Two water wells with solar pumps and three drinkers ~ 11 meandering miles of Rio Grande River frontage ~ Recreational playground: hunting, rock climbing, fishing, 4x4 crawling, mountain biking, game viewing ~ Wildlife includes mule deer, aoudad, quail, ~ Electricity
$17,103,450  •  17,542 acres
Matthews-Law Ranch is a combination of two historic ranches and has over 4.5 miles of the Santiago Mountain ridgeline cascading down into Santiago Flats. Rugged, wild, secluded, amazing are just a few words to describe this true mountain ranch. Santiago Peak is just off the north boundary of the ranch and is a sentinel that can be seen from all over the ranch.
$13,414,350  •  14,502 acres
Comprised of some of the most well cared for acreage in Far West Texas.  Sweeping vistas, plateaus, mountains and canyons, abundant grass and water. This is Chihuahuan Desert hunting land at its best and a nature lover’s dream. This ranch has it all. 60 miles south of Marfa.
$15,000,000  •  9,296.28 acres
The O’Connor Ranch is being introduced to the market for the first time in decades. This multi-generational legacy ranch in Garfield County, Montana boasts supreme District 700 elk hunting, recreational opportunities and great cattle production.
$4,533,679  •  6,253.35 acres
Maravillas Creek Ranch has recently had a major overhaul of roads, fences, wells, water troughs, dams, tanks, and a new private building site up in the hills with electricity. The ranch terrain varies from a nice combination of overflow flats next to igneous rolling hills. The ranch is embedded in a landscape of public lands creating unlimited recreational opportunities right next door and just down the road. Big Bend National Park, Black Gap WMA and Big Bend State Park.
$1,745,980  •  3,491.96 acres
Under Contract
Collins Ranch is a 3,492 acre working cattle ranch in Garfield County, Montana with a shop, corrals and electricity. The property is made up of good native rangeland with 207 acres of tillable farm ground and 307 acres of expired CRP. Strategically placed stock tanks and reservoirs provide ample water to each pasture. High protein grasses make this a good cattle production opportunity.
$16,000,000  •  3,236 acres
Huge development potential combined with exceptional duck hunting and saltwater fishing situated less than 90 miles from Houston’s Galleria are the key components of this extraordinary property. Sargent Beach on the Gulf of Mexico is a few minutes’ drive away, or boat out of Caney Creek to East Matagorda Bay and/or the surf off Matagorda Peninsula on calm days to chase trout and redfish. This tremendous opportunity exists within a short drive from the fourth largest city in the country and the 7.1-million-person Houston MSA, the second fastest growing MSA in the country. Location: The ranch is located immediately across Caney Creek from the town of Sargent, approximately 2 miles west of FM 457 with blacktop access to the gate. Habitat: The land of Carancahua Bend Ranch transitions from higher coastal grassland prairie on the northern end of the ranch into more saltmarsh acreage that is tidally influenced in the central portion of the ranch, and finally into the tidal flats that make up the southwesternmost portion of the property. Although generally flat prairie, a naturally occurring higher ridgeline follows the west bank of Caney Creek, which forms the east border of the ranch for approximately 3.9 miles (+20,500 linear feet). On the opposite bank lies the town of Sargent, lined with river homes. The southernmost border runs approximately 1.5 miles along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the northeast end of East Matagorda Bay. Surface water on the ranch varies from sweet water “sennabean” ponds on the northern end to the brackish potholes and saltwater flats to the south. One major water feature is a +55-acre horseshoe lake tidally fed by Caney Creek. Mesquite, cedar elm, and hackberry are the predominant trees along the creekbank and on the higher ridges. A +15-acre mott of mixed hardwoods and mesquite contains trophy live oaks, and would make a fantastic park amenity for a community. Wildlife: A ranch with a diverse waterfowl habitat and proximity to the big waters of the bay produces excellent duck hunting. Everything a duck needs is here—food, water, and rest areas! Bluewings, greenwings, gadwall, widgeon, pintail, and canvasbacks call this area their winter home, along with an assortment of divers. Thousands of acres of undeveloped, large-ranch coastal marsh and prairie surround the Carancahua Bend Ranch. The 54,000-acre San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge lies approximately a mile to east of this ranch, providing long term habitat for the waterfowl and other migratory birds that frequent the area. The 4,500-acre Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuge is a little over 5 miles down the ICW to the west. East Matagorda Bay has a long and well-deserved reputation for producing some huge speckled trout for serious waders, not to mention plenty of redfish and flounder. Nighttime fishing under the lights on the creek can be incredible! Better pack a fishing rod along with your decoys when the tides are big. Deer, hogs, alligators and varmints also make this ranch their home. Livestock: This is a working cattle ranch, complete with everything it takes to raise beef in this part of the world. Fencing, dispersed water wells and troughs, loafing sheds and a top-notch set of pens are all present. This ranch is primarily utilized as late fall through early summer pasture. Predominant forage is saltgrass and sachahuista, which has been well managed via periodic controlled burns. Typically the ranch will support approximately 700 head on this seasonal grazing basis. *Approximately 225 acres are under the same fence with the owned property, but leased from third parties (see aerial and ask brokers for details). Water: Water for livestock is shallow, coming from the Gulf Coast Aquifer. Six water wells and associated troughs are spread across the ranch. Electricity & Fiber: Electricity runs a short distance onto the ranch from the adjacent subdivision and currently terminates at the pens. Fiber is located at the ranch entrance. Minerals: There is no active production or leases on the ranch. Per Railroad Commission maps, there is only one pipeline impacting the ranch, located at the extreme northwest fence line. A portion of the owner’s minerals may be available with an acceptable offer. History: The majority of this ranch has been under the same family ownership for over 100 years, with a few additions over the years. Since 1917, W.D. Cornelius and descendants have run cattle on this unique piece of land that is still a part of their ranching operation. The evolution of the area has provided the opportunity for a new owner to transition this property to a more valuable use, but over a century of ranching history will remain, and likely continue, over much of this acreage. Price: $16,000,000
$2,635,000  •  3,100 acres
Elk Draw Ranch is located south of Alpine, Texas along the Calamity Creek watershed. Its location a couple of miles east of Highway 118 offers privacy and the solitude of the Big Bend country with a backdrop of Santiago Peak, Nine Point Mesa, Cathedral Mountain and many other notable features of the area. All livestock was removed from this property and it has been actively managed for wildlife for the past several years and enjoys a wildlife management use exemption. Bulk protein feeders provide supplemental feed to attract and maintain the wildlife numbers. In addition, Calamity Creek and several dirt tanks provide seasonal water and the deep soils in the bottoms provide cover and significant forage and browse. Game management on this and other adjoining ranches provides an environment that allows many different species to thrive in this desert region. There are good herds of elk and mule deer along with quail, dove, turkey, javelina and feral hogs. This is an affordable property that is hard to find with good access and convenient to Alpine, Big Bend National Park and Lajitas Resort.
$2,031,250  •  1,625 acres
A rare find, this little ranch is located just 30 miles south of Alpine, Texas. Mesa View Ranch offers great potential as a hunting enterprise, family or corporate retreat. Its proximity to Alpine offers numerous lodging and dining options and other valuable services. The ranch is also within easy driving distance to Big Bend National Park and Lajitas Golf Resort to the south. The ranch has over 12,000 feet of State Highway 118 frontage and access roads throughout. A rock quarry on the property provides material that can be used to improve and maintain the roads. Electricity runs north to south for the entire length of the ranch. There is one water well with an extensive watering system and substantial storage that feeds water to several troughs distributed throughout the ranch. There are several nice building sites near the power and water lines. The ranch is otherwise unimproved so there is no debris or junk requiring cleanup. This property has been actively managed for wildlife for the past several years and enjoys a wildlife management use exemption. Bulk protein feeders provide supplemental feed to attract and maintain the wildlife numbers. In addition, several dirt tanks provide seasonal water and the deep soils in the bottoms provide cover and significant forage and browse. Mesa View Ranch sets at an elevation of 4,000’ with terrain varying from high rolling hills to desert grasslands and deep brushy draws making it a natural sanctuary for wildlife in the area. It is surrounded by several very large ranches including the Elephant Mountain WMA. If you are looking for wide open space with sweeping vistas and great hunting or agritourism opportunities, look no further.
$50,000,000  •  650 acres
Encompassing a picturesque mountain valley nestled at the base of towering peaks, Snowmass Falls Ranch offers the ultimate combination of natural beauty, seclusion, and access to world-class amenities. This stunning 650± acre ranch is highlighted by lush meadows, tumbling streams, aspen groves, and forested hillsides, all set against a backdrop of snowcapped summits. Mount Daly dominates the view from the ranch headquarters, and a fortuitous bend in the valley brings additional peaks into view, including Clark Peak and Snowmass Mountain. It is an incredible setting for a multitude of activities - fishing, hunting, riding, hiking, ranching, entertaining, or just relaxing. Snowmass Falls Ranch is the last privately-owned property in the upper Snowmass Creek valley. The access road ends at the front gate, and surrounding the ranch is the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness. This massive 181,535-acre roadless area has over 100 miles of foot and horseback trails and six of Colorado's peaks over 14,000 feet, accessible right from the property. This not only creates a gateway to an enormous wilderness playground, but a desirable end-of-the-road setting removed from development and other private landowners. By nature of being surrounded by pristine wilderness, the ranch feels much larger than its deeded acreage. Given the unspoiled scenery and secluded setting, it is hard to believe that the ranch is only minutes from the top summer and winter resort destination in the world. Yet this private valley is located only 10 miles due west of Aspen and less than one mile west of the Snowmass ski slopes. Snowmass is the largest and most visited of the four Aspen/Snowmass ski resorts. Everything you may need or want, from the commercial airport to the finest shopping, dining, and nightlife, is within 30± minutes of the ranch. Snowmelt from the massive peaks and ridges above the ranch provides an abundant supply of water throughout the year. Snowmass Creek and West Snowmass Creek converge on the property. There are waterfalls on each stream, including the namesake Snowmass Falls. Ranch meadows are irrigated by senior water rights out of the creeks dating back to the late 1890s. Augmenting the aesthetic and agricultural uses, the extensive live water on the ranch provides recreation in the form of fishing for wild trout in the creek and beaver ponds. The recorded history of Snowmass Falls Ranch dates back over a century to when Ms. Kate Lindvig acquired the property from the US Government in 1906 through the Homestead Act. She ranched it for decades and ultimately sold it to the Perry family in 1943. The Perrys have been commendable stewards of the land and kept the property relatively unchanged. Several historic off-grid cabins remain in use today. Although the Perry family has considered conservation easements to preserve the pristine setting and protect its extraordinary wildlife habitat, no such encumbrances have been placed on the ranch. The sum of their efforts is this extraordinary property that has served as a gathering place for multiple generations of the family – a true legacy in every sense. The Facts: ~ Stunning mountain valley beneath 13 to 14,000-foot peaks ~ 650± deeded acres ~ End-of-the-road seclusion ~ Surrounded by 181,535± acre Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness ~ Direct access to numerous hiking trails in the wilderness area ~ Diverse topography and vegetation ~ Two streams with waterfalls and senior water rights ~ Multiple historic cabins ~ Best of both worlds’ location – secluded yet convenient to amenities ~ Very rare to find so much acreage this close to Aspen and Snowmass ~ No conservation easement ~ Fantastic property to get away without being very far from world-class resorts
$2,250,000  •  524.63 acres
Legacy hunting ranch that has been in the same family for over 4 generations. The 525 acres of rolling topography is nestled between Squaw Butte and Black Canyon Reservoir. It offers excellent hunting for deer, elk, chukar, pheasants, and quail. Additionally, the ranch backs up to both BLM and State of Idaho land offering thousands of more acres to recreate on.
$4,295,000  •  474 acres
474 irrigated acres near beautiful Bend, Oregon. 6 pivots, hay barn, shop, 6 separate lots with potential for 5 other building sites. Beautiful ranch home with fantastic view of the Cascade Mt. Range. Working corral. Private and peaceful, but just 15 minutes to downtown.
$13,282,500  •  399 acres
Property Details Name of Property: Broken Bow Oklahoma Development Opportunity Status: New Acreage: 399 Acres Location: 3 hours N of Dallas; 2.5 NW of Shreveport, LA Closest Town: Broken Bow, Oklahoma Access: Paved County Roads on North and South Topography: Flat to gently rolling Improvements: 5 homes, barns, shops, utilities Water: Ponds and streams Utilities: Rural Water Development Potential: Excellent opportunity; access, utilities Comments Broken Bow Development Opportunity OPPORTUNITY ZONE AND HUB ZONE This 399 acres is located at the gateway to Hochatown, Oklahoma, just northwest of Broken Bow.  The development boom is in full swing and the opportunities are tremendous.  Broken Bow is touted as being the 2nd fastest growing tourist destination in the U. S. and is a popular destination for visitors from many surrounding and distant states. Current census has available rentals at 1800, up from 600 in 2018. The majority of these rentals are well appointed with hot tubs, shuffleboard, grills, decks, fire pits, fireplaces and other amenities. The terrain is flat to gently rolling and conducive to pad site preparation without a lot of additional leveling or fill work being needed.  Large hardwoods add character, appeal to the property, and provide privacy breaks.  There are also open grass areas amenable to commercial or entertainment venue development without having to clear timber.  Gravel on the land could be used for road construction or pad site preparation.  Six ponds are in place to add ambiance to multiple building locations.  Yashau Creek meanders over 3,000 feet through the property providing additional scenic building sites or commercial locations overlooking this beautiful creek.  The location is very convenient for visitors coming in from the south, east or west, as Google Maps is already directing traffic past the property from the west in route to Hochatown. There are two larger homes on the land, and four smaller homes that could be quickly turned into rental properties or sold.  Utilities:  A six-inch and an eight-inch water main lines  run along the north boundary; a 1.5-inch line along the south boundary.  Electricity is already at multiple locations on the land.  Oklahoma Natural Gas has a main line just west of the property. Access:  Paved County Road frontage along the north and south boundaries.  Streets could come off  these roads for a street/s going through the development for traffic flow, or to create multiple cul-de-sac areas.  The property lies 1.25 miles west of State Highway 259, and  ¾ mile East of State Highway 3.  Zoning:  The property is located outside city limits and is not restricted by zoning.  Existing Structures (houses):  3100 sq. ft. home; 2080 sq. ft. home, 1188 sq. ft. home, 816 sq. ft. cabin, and two other homes. Taxes:  $2,743.66 (current/year) Area attractions:  Sited in the foothills of southeastern Oklahoma, the Ouachita National Forest contains the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains and Beavers Bend State Park.  Within the park is the 14,000 acre Broken Bow Lake which is 22 miles in length, beautifully nestled within the foothills with Pine timber lining the shorelines.  The lake provides activities such as kayaking, boating, canoeing, swimming, skiing, fishing (including Trout below the dam), and other water sports.  Relax and refresh at one of the many restaurants, gift shops, wine tasting venues, Beaver’s Bend Mining Company, The Maze (a 29,000 sq. ft. outdoor wooden maze), Cedar Bluff Nature Trail, Forest Heritage Tree Trail along Beaver Creek, Forest Heritage Center, David Boren Hiking Trail (and many smaller trails), horseback riding, miniature golf, ziplining, and mountain biking.   In the Fall be sure to take a drive through the majestic Talimena National Scenic Byway to view the beautiful colors of the season. Distances from:  Hochatown, OK – 8 miles Dallas, TX-3 hours Oklahoma City, OK -3.75 hours Springfield, MO- 5.5 hours Fayetteville, AR-3.1 hours Texarkana, TX – 1.5 hours Tyler, TX- 2.5 hours Shreveport, LA-2.5 hours Denton, TX- 3.2 hours Ft. Smith, AR- 2.2 hours Tulsa, OK- 3.15 hours Call Sandy Brock Bahe to view or for more information:  918-470-4710 or Toll Free at 844-WCR-LAND. DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is as obtained by this broker from sellers, owners, or other sources. This information is considered reliable, neither this broker nor owners make any guarantee, warranty or representation as to correctness of any data or descriptions and the accuracy of such statements. The correctness and / or accuracy of any and all statements should be determined through independent investigation made by the prospective purchaser. Any offer for sale is subject to prior sale, errors and omissions, change of price, terms or other conditions or withdrawal from sale in whole or in part, by seller without notice and at the sole discretion of seller. Readers are urged to form their own independent conclusions and evaluations in consultation with legal counsel, accountants, and/or investment advisors concerning and all material contained herein.
$1,150,000  •  340 acres
Incredibly rare opportunities like this do not come around more than once or twice in a lifetime. This 340 acre property, is a recreational paradise with 3/4 of a mile of the South Fork of the American River, and it is a mere 10 minutes from downtown Placerville. At the elbow of the river's bend, the property spans both sides - affording the new owner the ultimate private spot by the river. This section of the American River is loaded with rainbow and brown trout, and as the only access to the river here is from your property, the fishing holes are yours to enjoy alone. Located in the D-5 Zone, and bordered by BLM land, you might also be able to get an owner tag through a PLM agreement. There are deer, fox, coyote, bob cat, mountain lion, wild turkey, dove, quail, and other small game critters. You have access to the property by well maintained internal ranch roads that travel from the top, down to the river, and traversing from North to South. There are 2 large build sites at the top of the canyon, one is roughly one acre, with a 25 GPM well, PGE power, and stunning views of the Sierras including Pyramid Peak in Desolation Wilderness. The other build site is approximately 3 acres, and has a 5 GPM well. The zoning is a mix of residential and Ag, with a TPZ designation. The previous owners planted 15,000 trees, of pine and doug fir species, so you may be able to commercially harvest timber in future years. This section of the river was also mined for gold back in the day, but has basically been left alone since the boom times of the Gold Rush era. After winter storms with heavy rains, you might be lucky enough to stumble across a nugget or two that the rushing waters have uncovered. PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS: • 340 Acres just 10 minutes from Placerville and Highway 50 • 2 Build Sites: o One appx. 1 acres with PGE and 25 GPM Well o One with appx 3 acre and 5 GPM well • 3/4 Mile of the S. Fork of the American River flows through the property • Internal Roads go down to River at sandy beach spot • Many fishing holes loaded with Rainbow and Brown Trout • Borders BLM Land • D-5 Zone - may get owner tag through PLM agreement • Formerly dredged for Gold - Placer Mining technique! • Previous owners planted 15,000 Pine and Doug Fir Trees • With RL, and TPZ zoning mix, Commercial Harvest of trees may be possible
$832,000  •  311.1 acres
Here is a beautiful and diverse property with quiet blacktop frontage that is sure to appeal to almost everyone. This property has a great combination of timber, beautiful waterways and quality cropland all along rolling hills. There are endless opportunities between farming, hunting and the potential to build.