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$324,360,000  •  424,000 acres
An assemblage of 7 ranches making up 424,000± acres that include some of the most amazing land features found in the Southwest, located in Brewster County, TX. The vast landscape comes a diversity of habitats and a rich population of native wildlife. Desert big horn sheep permits are given each year by Texas Parks and Wildlife to hunt the sustainable population of the Desert Big Horn Sheep.
$92,139,660  •  120,444 acres
Dagger Flats Ranch has a variety of habitats and improvements. The headquarters is an elaborate assemblage of homes, barns, and building all looking north at the beautiful mountains on the ranch. The ranch has a live water section of San Francisco Creek that is cottonwood lined for over five miles. The ranch is a working cattle and hunting ranch with Elk, Mule deer Desert Big Horn Sheep habitats as well as the availability of permits by TPWD.
$80,131,230  •  102,078 acres
Dove Mountain Ranch is a massive contiguous cattle and hunting ranch is at the gateway to Big Bend National Park to the south and is home to a wide array of natural features. If there is one thing that makes this ranch stand out is the availability of Desert Big Horn Sheep habitats as well as the availability of permits by TPWD.
$66,421,150  •  95,570 acres
Classic “Big Bend Country” of the Old West, Rio Texico Ranch has maintained much of the environment and appearance of times past. Rio Texico Ranch's San Francisco Creek is year-round live water with Cottonwood gallery forests on both banks. and riparian vegetation are very rare in this desert and a magnet for wildlife. The ranch is a working cattle ranch with some excellent recently improved infrastructure. There are miles of new internal fences, pens, and traps as well as water and road improvements.
$25,860,000  •  34,480 acres
YE Mesa is an elevated high mountain volcanic structure sitting high over Big Bend National Park's north entrance along and includes 10 miles of the Santiago Mountains that form Persimmon Gap to the south. Rugged, wild, secluded, amazing are just a few words to describe this true mountain ranch.
$28,833,935  •  34,123 acres
Horse Mountain Ranch is located just a 30-minute drive from the Gage Hotel in Marathon, which serves as the gateway to Big Bend Nation Park to the south. Horse Mountain Ranch is divided into two contiguous historical ownerships with the north portion being a wide valley between the Pena Blanca Mountains, Horse Mountain and Twin Peaks creating an expanse called Lightning Flat where the headwaters of Horse Draw and Pena Blanca Draw are located. The Headquarters is located on the north unit adjacent to the Historic Reed Spring which makes a beautiful cottonwood tree lined lake.
$15,157,886  •  19,814 acres
Tesnus Ranch is a cattle and hunting recreation ranch with an amazing amount of seclusion framed between towering mountains all within diverse low, mid to high desert habitats. An excellent all-weather caliche road provides access into the ranch where near the entrance there is a very nice modern 3-bedroom 2-bath Headquarters home.
$12,717,950  •  17,542 acres
Matthews-Law Ranch is a combination of two historic ranches and has over 4.5 miles of the Santiago Mountain ridgeline cascading down into Santiago Flats. Rugged, wild, secluded, amazing are just a few words to describe this true mountain ranch. Santiago Peak is just off the north boundary of the ranch and is a sentinel that can be seen from all over the ranch.
$4,689,998  •  6,253.35 acres
Maravillas Creek Ranch has recently had a major overhaul of roads, fences, wells, water troughs, dams, tanks, and a new private building site up in the hills with electricity. The ranch terrain varies from a nice combination of overflow flats next to igneous rolling hills. The ranch is embedded in a landscape of public lands creating unlimited recreational opportunities right next door and just down the road. Big Bend National Park, Black Gap WMA and Big Bend State Park.
$5,250,000  •  1,002 acres
Following nearly a century of ownership by the Meriwether family, we are honored to bring the Meriwether Headquarters Ranch to market. The historic Meriwether Ranch was established in 1922 by W.T. Meriwether. The ranch is comprised of 1,002+/- acres of West Texas ruggedness and charm. The sweeping views, endless igneous rim rock, canyons, bountiful West Texas wildlife and plentiful surface water make this the perfect West Texas ranch in a uniquely sized package. Location: The Meriwether Headquarters Ranch is located a short 7 miles north of Alpine, Texas on the Old Ft. Davis Rd. (HWY 118). The ranch has approximately 1.15 miles of frontage on Old Ft. Davis Rd. (aka HWY 118). The ranch entrance is less than a 5 minute drive to the Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport. Habitat, Rangeland and Topography: The western portions of the ranch are situated several hundred feet above the canyons and easterly portions of the ranch offering spectacular views from the nearly 2 miles of igneous rock rim both of the lower canyons and grasslands as well as long distance views across the surrounding landscape. This western portion or mesa area also has its own features including drainages, additional mesas and diverse wildlife habitat. The lower elevation portions of the ranch include a mile-long section of a box canyon with nearly 300-foot walls at its mouth and several smaller canyon areas. The canyons have a variety of hardwoods providing habitat benefits for wildlife and diversity benefits to humans. The various canyons and drainages all fall off into the eastern grasslands. A large shelter or cave with pictographs and nearby metates indicates that Native American peoples once inhabited this rich and diverse landscape. There is no telling what someone could find with more exploration! The highest elevation on the ranch is ~4,807 feet above sea level, and the lowest level of the property is at ~4,421 feet above sea level. Benefitting from the varying topography found on the ranch, the ranch has three of the five primary vegetation types found in the Trans Pecos region: desert grasslands, oak-juniper-woodlands and riparian woodlands. The trees on the ranch include a diverse variety of oaks, madrone, hackberry, ponderosa pine (planted) , junipers, little walnut and southwest chokecherry. Wildlife & Hunting: With large neighbors, easily accessible water and quality habitat throughout the ranch, the big game and upland bird populations on the ranch are fantastic. During our visits to the ranch thus far we have seen populations of mule deer, blue quail, javelina, white-tailed deer, aoudad and various predators. Although we haven’t see them personally, there have been elk sighted annually. Seasonal migrations of mourning dove, white-winged dove and waterfowl also provide wing shooting opportunities; which can be very good when conditions are right.. Improvements: Located in the center of the ranch and with commanding views of several iconic ranges and peaks is a beautiful 2,941 SF home and 891 SF guest quarters plus porches, multiple fireplaces, a porte-cochère, covered parking, walkways, landscaping, greenhouse, a small workroom and chicken coop. The views from the home are about as beautiful as they get and the setting is truly one of a kind. Off the porch, panning from the east to the south you have a beautiful view of the Glass Mountains and the Del Norte Mountains. The view panning from the north to the west includes many named peaks including Mitre Peak, Haystack mountain, Twin Mountains and in the distance the Davis Mountains. You can even see the McDonald Observatory! The home and guest quarters were custom built in the early 2000s by the current owner using stone from New Mexico. The views from every room are stunning and unique in their own way. The main home has 2 bedrooms and 2-1/2 bathrooms while the guest quarters has a large open floor plan with a kitchen, fireplace and full bathroom. Nestled in the canyon is a cozy stucco home perfect for guest overflow or a full-time foreman. The 1,712 SF stucco home has 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining room and a living room (with fireplace)plus a nice porch facing east towards the mouth of the canyon. It also has a detached carport and storage room. In addition to the homes on the property, there is a Quonset hut/barn with a portion finished out with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. There is also an older home from Mr. Meriwether’s days that could either be remodeled or removed by a new owner. In the canyon, is an outdoor entertaining area that the owners used to host a variety of events and activities over the years. Nearby are nice set of working pens and a trap. Water: The ranch is extremely well watered with a 1-1/2 plus acre lake and three smaller tanks used by both wildlife and livestock, and multiple troughs. There are seven water wells of which three are currently being used to maintain water for wildlife and livestock across the ranch, in addition to domestic needs. The water system in place provides for supplementation of the water features and delivery points mentioned above. Other: Wylie sprayer and cattle sprayer are included in the offering. All other personal property including furnishings, artwork, kitchen items, linens, clothing, firearms, ammunition, other personal effects, vehicles, trailers, equipment, tools, etc. are excluded from the offering. Minerals: This offering includes the conveyance of 1/2 of Seller’s owned mineral estate.