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$1,000,000  •  470 acres
Under Contract
Clear Lakes Ranch measures 470 acres and is located just southeast of Holdenville, OK, 90 miles from OKC and Tulsa and 190 miles from Dallas. The property has county road frontage on the southwest corner and along the eastern boundary. As the name implies, the main feature of the property are two clear water lakes; one is 9 acres and the other 4 acres in size. These two bodies of water have all the qualities that one looks for in a great fishing lake. Both have beautiful water and an irregular shoreline that includes coves, points, drop-offs and flats. Both have expansive stump fields and deep channels that connect to a large open pool of water near the dams. When you look at them, you just naturally think about bass and crappie fishing.The land itself is a great mixture of approximately half wooded and half open pasture. The ranch is covered with a blanket of oak trees on the hills and a scattering of large pecans in the bottoms near the open pasture areas. The high point of the ranch sits 100 feet above the lower lake and would be a great building site for someone who wanted to clear a few trees to improve the view of the lakes below. During filming, we saw plenty of deer sign and even spotted a quality buck running through an open meadow.Cindy Creek flows through this L shaped property, maintaining the water levels in the lakes and roughly splitting the ranch in half. With a large forested hill on the west side of the creek and a nice pastured flat on the east side, the ranch has a great diversity of elevations, slopes and settings. In addition, the open pasture has a thick growth of Bermuda grass that would support a nice sized herd of cattle. With that being said, the most exciting part of this ranch is the opportunity for hunting and fishing. Hughes County is known for its trophy deer hunting and this property fits the mold of the ideal creek bottom hunting situation that is so prevalent in the area. Wooded slopes and hills provide cover and acorns in the fall and winter while the creek bottoms provide browse and a pathway down to the South Canadian River Bottom located a little over 2 miles to the south. Couple that with two great looking lakes and we think this could be a recreational paradise for your family. The Land Doctors build structures on ranches that we sell and we can see plenty of great places to build a cabin, lodge, barndominium or house on this ranch. The presence of the two lakes and the ideal hunting conditions make this property a year round favorite for the people you care about. If you are looking for an awesome place to hunt, fish, and entertain friends and family, please give us a call to set up a showing.
$500,000  •  312 acres
Under Contract
Calvin Mountain Ranch is a wooded recreational ranch in Hughes County known for big changes in elevation, ranging from high timbered ridges to deep hollows/draws, with seasonal streams. The center of the property is the deepest hollow, surrounded by tall ridges to the East, South, and West. This deep hollow is a great location to build a 5-7 acre lake on the North side of the property. Most of the timber on this property is postoak, blackjack, and hickory.The East boundary is Highway 75, the majority of the South boundary is marked by a highly improved oilfield access road. The West and North boundaries have been cleared as part of the trail system. 4 wheeler trails also extend from the North to South boundaries to give access to the ridges and hollows/draws. An old well pad sits in the NW part that is used as a food plot, with a good road/trail. Located on the East side of this property is a camp house with an attached shop, and additional storage buildings. In addition to small water holes, this property also has a 1/2 acre pond that is stocked with bass.This ranch is located in an area with great whitetail genetics, as bucks over 150" come from this area every year. Being that this ranch is mostly wooded, you can clear and choose the exact locations that you want to build your food plots!Driving distances: 1 1/2 hours from OKC, 1 hr 45 mins from Tulsa, straight down hwy 75. 2 hrs 45 mins from Dallas straight up highway 75.
$360,000  •  159 acres
Under Contract
Sand Springs Ranch is a beautiful 159 acre property located in Hughes County, Oklahoma. A deceptively complex property, the Ranch is located approximately an hour and forty minutes from either Oklahoma City or Tulsa or just a shade under three hours if traveling to or from Dallas. At first blush, Sand Springs appears to be a beautiful but somewhat typical Oklahoma pasture property aside from the slight but noticeable elevation changes you'll see on the southern end of the property. There are a mixture of soils on the ranch, including Kamie and Stidham soils which are great multiuse soils for both farming as well as grazing depending on your preference. As you enter the property on the north of a well-maintained gravel road, you're greeted by a small house facing the beautiful fields to the south. This mobile home could be used as temporary quarters while you await the construction of a new house on the property, a guest house or farmhand's quarters. As you head south of the home, you enter the lower acreage of the property which is divided by a thick line of trees. As you begin to explore at what appears at first glance to be just an ordinary creek, you'll find that instead a winding passages that reveal this property's hidden gem: A natural spring bubbling through the property, providing a constant flow of fresh, clean, natural water. Fresh springs are truly a treasured commodity on any piece of land nowadays and with the crystal clear water constantly flowing through this area at approximately 50 gallons per minute or as much as 25,000,000 gallons per year it's easy to see the possibilities that this feature presents. If the next owner wanted, a dam could be built across the draw creating a lake or large river-like area on the property filled with a everlasting supply of fresh water from below. Others might decide to keep the natural beauty of this area intact and selectively dam or just the leave it as it's been for hundreds of years.This area surprised us when we first explored it---from the beauty of the creek walls to the running water, it almost seemed like we were on another property altogether. These grounds could be an absolute hunting paradise with the clear signs of deer movement in the area and the constant water source that begs in wildlife living not only on this property but the adjacent properties to the west and south. This area presents a dream scenario for an outdoorsman, with great spots for stands literally every ten feet.Once you come up and out of the creekbed on the south, you're greeted by two large clearings that are split by a line of trees. These areas are mainly grassy but would be a great area for planting forage or grazing and would also be ideal for hunting usage as wildlife enters and exits from the treeline of the springs below. As the property lies, it's clear that as a functional ranch, Sand Springs would be most productive in the upper pastures that make up the 159 acres' L-shape.With nearby access to I-75, Sand Springs Ranch offers that rare opportunity to purchase a ranch that's ready to work, complete with a home and fantastic possibilities for agricultural production but also offers the unique and rare feature of your own personal supply of clean, fresh spring water. Combine that with the bucks that Hughes County has been known to produce and you've got the whole package. For more information, contact Eric Lynch at 405 664 6491.