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$23,165,560  •  11,084 acres
Over the years, the Land Doctors have seen a lot of land and because of that, it takes a lot to leave us awe struck. In a few special spots, nature makes us feel small and most of those places are national parks. Another one of those locations is the Land Doctors latest listing, the Canadian River Ranch. This 11,084-acre ranch is a diverse contiguous block of land with no public roads through it. Just viewing the property is a true expedition, as you can spend the entire day riding trails and still never see it all. To put it in a slightly different context, its over 17 square miles in size. If you looked at 1000 acres per hour it would take 11 hours to just drive through it. This ranch gives us an insight into what life was like a century or two ago before everything was broken up and fenced off. It makes you check your fuel gauge twice and pack a lunch before you head out. It is one of those rare places where you can look in every direction as far as you can see, and it all belongs to you. This place hasn't been fully tamed yet, it still has a wild edge to it that makes you feel fully awake and aware of your surroundings. In addition, it is as close to true isolation as you can get in a location that is only an hour from Tulsa, 90 minutes from OKC and three hours from Dallas straight up Highway 75 and the Indian Turnpike. If you have an airplane, it is an even shorter trip as the ranch has a 3000 ft long by 40 ft wide FAA registered runway (FAA OK04).As a state, Oklahoma has 11 distinct ecological regions and this ranch feels like it has every one of them. The ranch exhibits a tremendous amount of diversity from huge hardwoods and towering short leaf pines along the creeks, and tallgrass meadows in the openings to post oaks and blackjacks on the ridges. Three beautiful creeks drain into the North Canadian River as it runs along the northern boundary of the property. Parts of the ranch have a western feel with huge views across wide grassy valleys to distant slopes that feature a scattering of lonely trees on the point of a ridge. Other portions feel like the Deep South with huge hardwoods and beautiful creeks. Turn the corner and a distant pasture reminds you of the plains. It never gets boring.Approximately 31.5 miles of high fence provide a secure property boundary and there is some cross fencing in the pastures. Outside of that, there are miles and miles of trails through vast tracts of timbered hills unencumbered by any man-made barriers. The north boundary of the property features approximately 1.5 miles of North Canadian River frontage just 10 miles upstream of Lake Eufaula. This would serve as the perfect spot to begin a day long float trip. The entire 4-mile length of Piney Creek is located on the ranch. Limbo Creek weaves on and off the property with over 4.5 miles running through the ranch. Shell Creek also starts on the ranch and runs through it for 1.3 miles.  Wallace Creek runs south from the ranch while Gar Creek cuts across the northeast corner. A peak in the center of the property stands at almost 1000 feet and from there the land drops 300 feet in elevation as it slopes north to the river. The views are captivating in the daytime and unbelievable at night as the Milky Way is clearly visible without the interference of urban lights. Ancient petroglyps are known to be along the creeks and we will be seeking them out this fall.The next owner will not be the first steward owner attempting to wrangle this land. The Cornar Hawkins mansion stands at the precipice of a tall ridge overlooking the valley below. As you walk out on the top balcony and take in the scene before you, you can imagine the ambition of the family that built this impressive home out of Oklahoma sandstone in 1934. The next owner will be a person who has overcome many difficult obstacles in life to realize great achievements. The revival and management of this property will add to that legacy and serve as a capstone project leaving a long-lasting mark on this historic property. In addition, the adjacent High Point Ranch has also been listed by the Land Doctors.  This property consists of 2070 acres of productive cattle pastures.  Together both ranches offer over 13,000 acres of high fenced paradise.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this property, please call Kelly Hurt at 580 421 7512.
$5,692,500  •  2,070 acres
High Point Ranch is a 2070 acre working cattle ranch in western McIntosh County, just seven miles south of I-40 and four miles east of the Indian Nation Turnpike, making the ranch a short one hour drive from Tulsa, 90 minutes from OKC and three hours from Dallas straight up Highway 75 and the turnpike. Not all ranches are created equal. While there may be some debate of which features are the most important, there are a few that are on everyone's list. Great fences, ample water, and fertile soils are the basis of a functioning ranch. Ranch houses, shops, barns and working pens are also at the top of the list. Beyond that, there are the intangibles that really make a ranch desirable. Big views, elevation changes and glorious sunsets add something to a ranch that can't be quantified financially even though the mental impact of these features is enormous. The awesome skyline of the ranch is due to it being located at the highest elevation in McIntosh County. In addition, the horseshoe shaped high ground of the ranch wraps around the bottomland of Shell Creek allowing you to survey almost the entire property from the porch of the eastern ranch house. We caught a beautiful sunset while on the property filming and even though we had been filming for over 9 hours, we had to stop and just soak it all in. We can easily imagine the beauty of the sunrise breaking over the far eastern ridge every morning. The beauty of this place would never get old. High Point Ranch is a mixture of land types that you only find at the interface between the American South and West. Big drainages with deep soils support a growth of massive timber while high ridges are blanketed by a natural grassland. The topography not only provides for beautiful views but also protects the livestock from cold north winds in the winter. These south-facing slopes are sure to absorb more sunshine in the late winter and with prescribed fire could offer you an opportunity to jumpstart forage production in the early spring. Speaking of fences, all but a small portion of the ranch is included inside the high fenced perimeter of the combined High Point and Canadian River Ranches. The adjoining 11,084 acres of the Canadian River Ranch is also for sale if you have the appetite for a 13,000 acre plus contiguous ranch. The boundary between the two ranches is a typical barb wire fence. Of course, water is important, and the ranch boasts a 10-acre lake plus at least a dozen smaller stock ponds in addition to 2 miles of Shell Creek. The lake sits in a high draw on the western edge of the ranch. Almost completely hidden until you make the final approach, this clear water lake is a beautiful site to behold. The presence of fishing boats leads us to believe the fishing is good. The lake also serves a practical purpose as the source of water for the drip irrigation system in the creek bottom and the livestock water tanks.  Most of the Class 2 and 3 soils are in the western and northern high ground in addition to the creek bottom near Shell Creek. The southern pastures also double as hay meadows. Areas near the lake and all along the eastern ridge remind you of a landscape you might see in New Mexico with native grasses and smaller trees. We also noticed hunting blinds, food plots and feeders in these areas. There is little doubt that this part of the ranch holds significant wildlife populations. Lastly, there are two ranch houses, a sale barn, three shops/barns, and four sets of pens. These improvements are functional but could use some TLC. As always, Land Doctors Construction would be happy to provide estimates for whatever changes and repairs you might want. If you are looking for a ranch that is not only productive but also beautiful to behold, then give Kelly Hurt at call at 580 421 7512 to discuss or set up a showing.
$5,201,671  •  2,019 acres
Name of Property: Sandy Springs Ranch 2019-SKB Status: Active Price Per Acre: $2466.00 Acreage: 2019 Acres Location: 1.75 hrs. E OKC & 1.75 Hrs S Tulsa, OK Closest Town: Henryetta, OK Access: County Road Taxes: $4330.00 Topography: Gently rolling, to rolling Improvements: Homes, shops, barns, steel pens, arena, ponds Home Sqft: 1,900 Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 2 Forage: Improved Bermuda, clover, natives Capacity: 580 + pair Water: 3 wells, Ponds, seasonal streams Wildlife: Whitatail deer, turkey, dove, squirrels, etc. Utilities: 3 Wells, electricity, septic systems, free gas
$647,500  •  370 acres
Property Details Name of Property: Trenton Ranch 370-SKB Acreage: 370 Acres Location: 1.75 hrs E of OKC, & 1.75 hrs. S of Tulsa, OK Closest Town: Henryetta, OK Access: County Road Topography: Gently rolling. Improvements: Fencing, ponds, Bermuda grass Forage: Improved Bermuda and native grasses Capacity: 80-90 pair Water: Ponds Wildlife: Whitetail deer, tukey, dove, squirrels, other Utilities: Electricity Comments This 370 acres is about 60-70% open pasture with most of the additional acreage being conducive to clearing and conversion to pasture. There is also 40 acres which the owner leases that is under fence. The fencing is good, there is adequate ponds in place for livestock watering. Much of the forage is Bermuda Grass with a mix of some Fescue and native grasses. The property is easily accessed via county road, and there is electricity available on the property. Private wells for domestic water are prevelant in the area. The Area— Livestock auctions are located at Okmulgee, McAlester, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Holdenville, and many other locations within a 2-hour radius of the ranch. Location--The ranch is sited about 1 hr. 15 minutes south of Tulsa, OK; 3 hrs. SW of Joplin, MO; 3 hrs. north of Dallas, TX, and four hrs. SE of Wichita, KS; (all have commercial airports). General aviation airports are also located at Eufaula, OK (about 22 minutes from the ranch), Henryetta, OK (29 minutes); Okmulgee, OK (43 minutes). Located just minutes from Eufaula Lake, the possibilities to enjoying fishing and water sports are tremendous. Call Sandy Brock Bahe to view this ranch at 918-470-4710 (Cell), or Toll Free at 844-WCR-LAND.
$201,250  •  115 acres
Under Contract
The McIntosh 115 has fantastic access being located just one mile south of Hwy 9 and a half mile west of the Indian Nation Turnpike. The property has great cover and topography changes to hold wildlife. The farm also boasts approximately 30 acres of pasture that would make superb food plot areas to draw deer from miles away. A small pond is also located on the farm, giving wildlife everything they need. Two water wells, a hand-dug well and a conventionally drilled water well, are located on the property along with electricity resulting in a prime place to build a hunting cabin.Great accessWater and electricity available on the propertyMinutes from additional recreational opportunities at Lake EufaulaSurface rights only15 miles to Henryetta23 miles to Eufaula30 miles to McAlester66 miles to Tulsa104 miles to OKCCall Butch Hensley at (405) 650-5579 or Jacob Rice at (405) 229-6835 to set up your showing today.*For an interactive map of the property, please check out our website!*