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$319,200,000  •  420,000 acres
Brewster Ranches is around half the size of Rhode Island with over 420,000 contiguous acres. It starts just 15 miles from the Gage Hotel in Marathon heading south 31 miles all the way to Black Gap Wildlife Management Area which is a stone throws away from Big Bend National Park filled with outdoor adventures. Classic “Big Bend Country” of the Old West, Brewster Ranches has maintained much of the environment and appearance of times past, rich in history and today wildlife hunting opportunities such as desert mule deer, elk, desert big horn sheep, scaled quail and some of the most important habitat for migrations of wildlife in the Chihuahuan Desert between the borderlands of Texas and Mexico to the south.
Contact for Price  •  66,388 acres
ICON GLOBAL GROUP ANNOUNCES: IMMEDIATE CALL FOR OFFERS SEALED BID – PRIVATE OFFER PROCESS ALL OFFERS DUE ON OR BEFORE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10 BY 5PM CST. TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY DATA ROOM & RANCH TOUR ACCESS FOR QUALIFIED BUYERS FOR MORE DETAILS & INFORMATION INFO@ICON.GLOBAL | 214.855.4000 WWW.ICON.GLOBAL Previously listed at $550/acre Lely Ranch | 66,388 acres Situated on 66,388 acres of topography-rich land, the Lely Ranch offers miles of diverse terrain including everything from breathtaking cliffs to expansive canyons. It is located approximately 30 minutes south of the legendary Marfa, Texas, where you and your guests can go to enjoy dining, museums, modern art and entertainment. The Lely Ranch is also contiguous to the renowned Cibolo Creek Lodge, which allows access to their luxury accommodations. This vast, rugged Ranch is largely untouched, and affords a rare chance to own your own Big Bend. When exploring this vast country, you will find pictographs on canyon walls, plane crash wreckage and many relics from when Indians and outlaws called this ranch their home. It is the first public availability of the Lely Ranch since being purchased in the 1960s by a foreign dairy magnate and renowned inventor. It is truly the last frontier. Location: The ranch covers a massive amount of country with Big Bend State Park as the eastern boundary, Highway 67 as the western boundary, and then extending north to south from Shafter all the way to Presidio. It is a 30-minute drive from Marfa and an hour from Alpine. There are also two easily accessible runways close by for the ultimate convenience. Lely International Airport is just across Highway 67 and has a 5200 x 75 runway, and Cibolo creek also has a 5300 x 60 runway, both which can accommodate most private jets. Hunting: Lely Ranch offers a diverse range of hunting and expansive hunting revenue possibilities. Outfitters in this region stay busy chasing giant mule deer, elk, aoudad rams, javelinas and hogs as well as multiple species of quail. With lodging in place and the canyon holding plenty of game, this could be a turn key hunting operation and revenue opportunity. Cattle: With the water systems on the ranch, it could easily accommodate a cow and calf operation. Habitat & Topography: 1,500-foot elevation changes, cliffs, ravines and massive canyons along Cibolo Creek this ranch has it all. Wildlife, Hunting: This ranch has a plethora of wild game, MLD permit for mule deer, big aoudad rams, elk, javelinas, wild hogs, three species of quail and mountain lions. You can glass ridgelines for mule deer and aoudad in the morning and quail hunt in the afternoon. The diversity of the terrain offers a paramount hunting assortment. Water: This property has superior surface and subsurface water for the area. 14 water wells and a few springs from the mountains creating an oasis for wildlife in certain canyons. Homes: Hunters cabin is a simply appointed brick bunkhouse cabin.
$45,000,000  •  45,039 acres
Spreading over 45,000 contiguous acres in Southeast Colorado rests the Cimarron Valley Ranch, located between Elkhart, Kansas and Keyes, Oklahoma. Over 70 square miles of cattle ranch includes approximately 22 miles of the historic Cimarron River running from Oklahoma into Colorado, coming within two miles of bridging the Comanche National Grasslands to the Cimarron National Grasslands in Kansas. These two national grasslands, along with state land in Oklahoma, connects this ranch to almost a million acres of public land. The Cimarron Valley Ranch truly offers incredible diversity in regard to terrain, wildlife, livestock grazing, income opportunities and more.Overview: This is an extremely rare opportunity to own a ranch that currently supports 1,600 mother cows while managing some of the best hunting in the country. The river bottom on this ranch averages just under a mile wide for the entire length of the ranch (22 miles) providing excellent soils, water, rotational grazing, excellent habitat and grass. This mega-ranch is very diverse with wild game and is inhabited by Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, White-tailed Deer, Rio Grande Turkeys, Bobwhite Quail, and Blue Quail. It is not unlikely to hunt bugling elk with over-the-counter licenses the same day as working dogs on large coveys of bobwhite and blue quail. Cattle Operation: Currently the ranch has over 1,600 mother cows and there is abundant grass and excellent water. The cattle operation is under excellent management and the program is about stewardship and balance between the improvement of wildlife habitat and the management and improvement of cattle grazing resources. The ranch is very well-watered, and the fences and working facilities are in good condition. The river bottom and the diversity of the landscape allow for rotational grazing at its finest. With an excellent mix of grasses during all seasons and access to running calves on wheat pasture and triticale, this operation will put excellent pounds of gain on cattle. The turn-key headquarters has good holding corrals, ranch manager facilities, barns, sheds and cattle working facilities.Water: The ranch is rich in water and provides sustainability for game and livestock alike. Currently 10 pivots are in place with quality water supply, and 10 additional pivots are approved with permits for doubling the tillable crop ground to increase the carrying capacity to 2,000 head. Over 40 stock tanks are littered throughout the ranch and The Cimarron River runs underground through most of the property, with watering holes and ponds littered along the river bottom.Game Management: With over 18 square miles of tree covered river bottom, wildlife has year around protection, excellent nesting cover, ample water and plenty of room for habitual movement. The well-managed property has over 780 acres of food plots in the river bottom with 14 high quality shooting houses. The plots are planted with wheat, triticale, milo, sorghum and some turnips. This acreage is accretion ground and has excellent soils that make up almost 10,000 acres of very fertile grass and cropland in just the river bottom. Big Game Hunting: This area is famous for excellent quality animals with respect to mule deer and white-tailed deer, but also offers a resident herd of elk year around! It is expected that the next state record white-tail may come from this area or the Arkansas River drainage to the north. It is not uncommon to have free range white-tails over 175 inches and much larger. The ranch has world class animals with many mule deer over 180 inches and an elk herd that is improving each year with great crop and habitat practices. The ranch receives a good number of deer tags as vouchers in Colorado and Oklahoma allows for two buck licenses. Elk tags for bull elk are over the counter and the season runs from September to January with any legal method of take. In Colorado, the elk licenses are classified as "C Tag", which means you can harvest a bull and buy another tag! This works very well for game managers as this tool helps on taking inferior animals out of the herd. Elk quality in this area varies, but with such a large tract, some management can improve quality. There have been bulls killed on the ranch up to 370 inches. In a nutshell, this property holds excellent numbers of fine animals and the game laws in Colorado and Oklahoma for this area lend well for the serious hunters. Quail: The quail populations on the ranch are World Class. Blue Quail or Scaled Quail inhabit the hillsides on the upper sides of the river bottom and present excellent sporting opportunities for wing shooting. Bobwhite Quail are prolific along the river bottom and are currently in record numbers on the ranch. It is not uncommon to bust 20 plus coveys of 25-35 birds per day on the ranch. The mixed bag of Bobs and Blues and two states to hunt make the opportunity even better. Pheasants: There are pheasants finding the great habitat planted along the river. A great spring will offer excellent hatches next fall! There are over 600,000 acres of public land adjacent to this ranch with excellent wildlife populations. Believe me when you plant food and provide water they show up! Waterfowl: Waterfowl hunting on the ranch is undeveloped, but the land is located in a good area for traffic of waterfowl. Improvement of sloughs and some ponds could greatly enhance the waterfowl hunting. The Lesser Prairie Chicken: The Lesser Prairie Chicken can be found on the southern portion of the ranch. This area of Colorado, Oklahoma and adjoining Kansas Cimarron National Grassland hold and grow a good number of Lesser Prairie Chicken. This area is considered one of the premier spots to observe the birds. The lesser prairie chicken is listed on the endangered species list so hunting is not allowed. Locally, the Lesser Prairie Chicken primarily inhabits sand-sage prairie south of the Cimarron River, a strip about two to five miles wide.The Lesser Prairie Chicken is similar in appearance to the Greater Prairie Chicken, although it is slightly smaller and its air sacs on its neck are red-orange in color, whereas the greater has yellow-orange air sacs. Lesser Prairie Chickens are dependent upon rangeland conditions. Sand-sage prairie, with its mixture of short and mid-grasses, sagebrush, and yucca components, provides the birds with nesting and brood rearing cover, and food.The Lodge: There is a 7,000 square foot lodge, which was built in 2005 and has 7 bedrooms and 7 baths and is in first class condition. The lodge offers a commercial kitchen and excellent open floor plan with high ceilings and an indoor wood burning fireplace. There is an exciting trap range just out the back door for owners' enjoyment. The main lodge sits overlooking the Cimarron River and some low water ponds in the river bottom. Privacy is at its best on the Cimarron Valley Ranch offering good access with only one road in and one road out. Cimarron National Grassland: The Cimarron National Grassland, located just 2.5 miles east on the river, is one of twenty National Grasslands administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Located within Morton and Stevens Counties in southwestern Kansas, the Cimarron National Grassland contains 108,175 acres.Comanche National Grassland: The Comanche National Grassland includes over 440, 000 acres in southeastern Colorado. On the Comanche National Grassland, you can explore southeastern Colorado's rich history. The Grassland has many stories to tell, from dinosaurs roaming the shoreline of a vast lake 150 million years ago, to Mexican and American traders traveling the Santa Fe Trail 150 years ago.The Santa Fe Trail: The Santa Fe Trail goes through immediate area and across the ranch. This rich historic trail offers many tails of long ago. It truly signifies that the West is and was a great place! This ranch, with its ability to connect two large national grasslands, is very rare. We may never see another time to accomplish such an important task.Ranch Landscape: Rock cliffs, cottonwood groves, grassy fields, yucca and sage brush are scattered throughout the land. Elevation ranges from 3,150 to 3,540 feet. Seasonal variety is provided by native grasses and riparian vegetation along the Cimarron River. The geology of the area includes sandstone, shale, limestone, sand and gravel.Area Climate: The climate here is characterized by mild winters, hot dry summers and cool evenings. Spring and Fall seasons have moderate temperatures accompanied by an occasional windy day. Precipitation, usually less than 19 inches per year, is concentrated from April to September. Snowfall is minimal and short-lived. This ranch has such diversity it is hard to explain. Twenty-two miles of highly productive river bottom within 2.5 miles of connecting the Cimarron National Grassland with the Comanche National Grassland is truly amazing. Grazing, hunting, history, improvements, irrigation, cattle and wildlife! The production potential and sheer vast amounts of highly productive land on this operation make it a very rare offering. Please give us a call for a private showing of this fine ranch.
$14,245,000  •  24,000 acres
El Capitan Trophy Elk, Land & Cattle RanchLarge contiguous land holdings comparable to the +/-24,070 acres (+/-11,070 deeded and +/-13,000 National Forest grazing 200 AUM allotment) representing the El Capitan Trophy Elk, Land & Cattle Ranch, are getting harder and harder to find, especially with the incredible artesian springs and untapped water that El Capitan Ranch carries. El Capitan Ranch is most noted as the property where Smokey Bear was found in the spring of 1950, and a documented hideout of Billy the Kid. The ranch offers world-class hunting (both high fence and free range), working cattle operations, substantial improvements and 10+miles of paved highway frontage with major investment potential. Drive time from Capitan to Ruidoso's casinos, horse racing and snow skiing is 17 miles, the Texas State line is a close 2 hours 15 minutes and just 2 hours 35 minutes to Albuquerque International Airport. The ranch borders thousands of acres of the Lincoln National Forest and the 35,000 acre Capitan Wilderness and is but 14 miles from the quaint historic town of Capitan, New Mexico with excellent dining, incredible western history of Lincoln County and historic museums. Hunting In 2019 the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game allocated this area as Management Level 2, with unlimited landowner bull elk tags, unlimited landowner mule deer tags, unlimited landowner antelope tags, and the ranch carries a large number of both Merriam and Rio Grande Turkeys as well as hybrids. In recent years, wild hogs have encroached into this area of New Mexico and allows for unlimited hunting, with black bear, bobcat, an occasional mountain lion and coyotes rounding out the predator hunting. The largest free range bull elk was a 396 taken a couple years ago with 350+ bulls documented every year on the ranch. In 2019, a 198 in mule deer was the largest taken in the area. One of the many outstanding features of El Capitan is the +/-1700 acre licensed high fence game park (oldest in the state) currently carrying a +/-40 animal elk herd being managed to harvest +/-6 bulls a year at $9500 per hunt. There's also +/- a dozen mule deer in the park as well. An additional adjacent 1500 acres could also be added to the park as high fence, if desired. The ranch is perimeter fenced and divided into a total of 13 pastures, including the two in the high fence. The ranch ranges from a very mild elevation of 6400 ft. to 8200 ft. Improvements Headquarters consists of a 4-bedroom, 2-bath ranch house lodge, a 2-bedroom, 1-bath managers house, and an additional 3-bedroom, 1-bath ranch house that needs remodeling. There's a large 60' x 80' metal shop, full elk handling facilities, corrals, and traps for breeding. All are included. There's an additional cabin, outbuildings & barns on the property. Two stocked ponds compliment the headquarters (trout, bass, bluegills) with water available for additional water improvements throughout. Caretaker/manager One of the greatest additions to the ranch is the current manager, a very experienced ranch/game manager and licensed biologist who lives but 3 miles away. His knowledge and experience in the area and on the ranch is incomparable, would be a great asset to the new owners, and has shown a desire to stay on with the right ownership.InvestmentWith one of the closest rocky mountain ranges to the great state of Texas, and complete end-to-end paved highway frontage, El Capitan also offers investment potential for the ideal candidate with the ranch being subdivided into 5 separate ranches. You can't get hurt with dirt! Not really sure what one compares the incredible holding of El Capitan Trophy Elk, Land & Cattle to, but the options are endless while the opportunity is not! Call or email today for additional information and your qualified showing. Co Brokers welcome.
$6,745,000  •  14,608.14 acres
Consisting of 9,844± deeded, 4,123± BLM and 640± State of Wyoming lease acres, this 14,608± acre ranch is made up of cedar and pine tree-covered hills and rugged draws that provide excellent habitat for trophy elk and mule deer. Located in elk hunting Area 123, which currently has a trophy bull elk season every other year and a cow season every year, the ranch has historically and consistently harvested 380 class bulls and an abundance of cows. In addition, the ranch is located in non-resident deer hunt Area Region B and resident deer hunting Areas 8 and 21, and also offers some of the best trophy mule deer hunting in the region. Great cover and water combined with unparalleled privacy make this one of the premier trophy elk and deer hunting ranches in Wyoming. Price: $6,745,000 Contact Clark & Associates Land Brokers, LLC Toll-Free at 844-876-7141 for more details.
$26,770,000  •  11,044 acres
The Hughes Mountain Ranch consists of 11,044 deeded acres against the Little Belt Mountains. The ranch is 97% deeded, beautiful and private yet accessible. The ranch is a functional cattle operation with 400 +/- acres of hay, well maintained pastures, and four sets of working corrals. A great variety of recreational opportunities parallel agriculture on the ranch neighboring the Lewis and Clark National Forest and Judith River Wildlife Management Area. Landmarks located on or adjacent such as Carr Coulee, Reed Hill, Woodhurst Mountain, and Mary’s Knoll reminds one of the rich history imprinted for generations. The all-encompassing views can be had while biking, trail running, hiking, hunting, and ranching, what a great way to work, live, and play. The Ranch is bountiful with premier habitat for big game with a strong elk presence the ranch harbors two residence elk herds growing through the winter. The combination of Hunting District’s, quality and quantity insures a successful Bull Hunt. Hunting elk in Montana has never been so accessible.
$2,500,000  •  9,436 acres
Under Contract
McCarty Canyon Ranch is an excellent recreational and working ranch located on the northern end of the Sierra Madre mountain range and equidistant from the towns of Saratoga, Baggs and Rawlins, Wyoming. With 9,436± total acres, including 1,160± deeded, 5,172± State lease, 3,104± BLM lease, there is plenty of room to explore, hunt and hike. Encompassing the headwaters of Little Savery Creek and McCarty Creek, live water meanders through the lush grass meadows and willows providing water for both livestock and wildlife. Used as a summer unit for many years, the hard grass puts excellent gains on cattle. The Ranch offers excellent mule deer, elk, antelope, bear and mountain lion hunting and direct access to thousands of acres of public land.
$11,500,000  •  6,741 acres
The historic Fischer Ranch offers 3,765 +/- deeded acres and 2977 +/- leased acres. This ranch is conveniently located off Highway 287 just 30 Northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado and 40 minutes South of Laramie, Wyoming. Straddling the state line, this unique offering has excellent topography, location, and privacy with paved access to the front gate. This historic cattle ranch is the perfect year-round retreat for the outdoor enthusiast. Excellent hunting for mule deer, elk and antelope exist within the boundaries of the ranch and the intermixed state land. The location off of Highway 287 gives excellent access year-round with extreme privacy to the ranch headquarters that sits adjacent to Fish Creek. The spring fed creeks are teeming with brook and brown trout. Ponderosa covered hills with amazing rock formations and watered bottoms dominate the landscape of this historic acreage. This ranch creates the feel of the old west.Beautiful interior landscapes mixed with gorgeous vistas of the Mummy Range and the Rawah (ray-wah) Wilderness offer those famous world class Colorado views. The ranch is also just 40 minutes to Laramie, Wyoming which also offers many amenities. The ranch is a mix of short gramma grasses and sub-irrigated bottomland and the current owners run about 200 mother cows for 5-6 months a year. The ranch has historically been hayed but currently the owners are only grazing the sub-irrigated and irrigated bottoms. The hunting on the ranch is excellent with approximately 320 acres located in Colorado and the balance of the property located in Wyoming. Currently, the Colorado tags for elk are over the counter for Archery, 2nd and 3rd seasons. The Wyoming portion of the ranch offers 2 elk, mule deer and antelope landowner vouchers for the owners of the ranch by draw. The area has more resident elk than ever before and herds move locally creating great opportunities during all seasons. There is an excellent migration of elk on and through this ranch during the later seasons. Quality bulls up to 350 have frequented the ranch with a good representative bull being 300 inches. Mule deer have done well over the past years and good deer between 160" and 180" can be harvested. This historical ranch lends to an authentic "Western" experience and is a beautiful place to not only hunt and fish but to enjoy hiking, climbing, mountain biking or riding quads through the open prairie and pasture land. The home itself has a beautiful kitchen and living room with a nice fireplace to snuggle up to on a cool night. The views from the house are of Home Rock and Fish Creek Rock. The views are fantastic during different times of day, when the light gleems and creates a picture perfect surrounding. The history that surrounds this ranch dates back to the late 1800's when Mr. Keyes retired to this ranch on the North side of Fish Creek. The orginal homesteads were secured by the Keyes and Hawkes families. Today some of the sheds and the root cellar still remain part of this historical property. History also states that this land was a point of the historical Overland Trail. The very dirt road through the property was the Overland Trail Road. The main house and barns that are on Fish Creek in front of Home Rock were homesteaded by the Hawkes family. Mr. Hawkes had a passion for stone masonry and built the litte stone shed located next to the garage. The ranch has excellent potential for a conservation easement for a buyer that would like to benefit financially from protecting the ranch in perpetuity. Or to simply enjoy its beautiful balance of nature, hunting or fishing, recreation and rich history. For your private tour, contact Dax Hayden at 303.619.6774
$3,500,000  •  5,259 acres
Under Contract
The San Arroyo Creek Ranch is 5259+/- total acres with 4626+/- deeded contiguous acres and a 633+/- State Lease 1/2 mile away. The ranch is located approximately 24 miles south of Ft. Morgan or 34 miles northeast of Byers in eastern Adams County and less than an hour from Denver.The San Arroyo Creek Ranch is a true working cattle ranch with a good mix of warm and cool season grasses, providing excellent grazing and gains. The ranch has good fencing throughout and is cross fenced with either barbed wire or high tensile electric fence creating 17 separate pastures. The ranch is also very well watered, 8 wells utilizing electric submersible pumps, solar pumps and a windmill provide water to a 27,000 gallon on demand cistern and an extensive pipeline system for 10 stock tanks strategically positioned around the ranch. There are also automatic waterers located in the feed pens and at the calving barn and corrals.Improvements on the San Arroyo Creek Ranch include: a nicely remodeled 1672 square foot 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, partially finished basement with forced air heating and cooling, 2640 square foot calving barn, 2840 square foot main shop, 2100 square foot shop, 240 square foot storage shed and a 750 square foot garage. In addition to the home and outbuildings there is a very good set of corrals, a working facility and load out chutes located at the headquarters and an additional feeding/backgrounding yard a short distance west of the headquarters.The owner rates the carrying capacity of the ranch at either 22-25 acres per cow/calf pair on a year around basis with some supplemental feed or at 12-14 acres per cow/calf pair for the growing season. Depending on how you want to operate the ranch, it should carry 300 +/- pairs plus bulls and some horses.Hunting on the San Arroyo Creek Ranch can be very rewarding as well. You will likely get the opportunity to hunt the occasional Monster Muley or Pronghorn, varmints, small game and pheasants. You will definitely be able to experience some great Plains hunting!The Seller intends to participate in an IRS 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, so the sale of the San Arroyo Creek Ranch is contingent upon the Seller being able to locate and place under contract a satisfactory exchange property prior to Closing. The Seller also intends to help facilitate the transfer of the "State Lease" to the Buyer pending approval of said transfer by the State Land Board.Qualified Buyers, please contact Rick Kusel to schedule a personal showing of the Sand Arroyo Creek Ranch
$3,191,600  •  4,040 acres
Located in the heart of some of southern Montana’s best hunting areas, the Miller Creek Hunting Property offers a great opportunity to hunt the areas that are abundant large game animals. Comprised of approximately 4,040± acres of rolling hills and pine tree-covered ridges and adjacent to several hundred acres of public land, the property provides excellent cover for the deer and antelope that call Miller Creek home. Traveling elk herds in the area often use the dense tree cover and feed of the property. Good border and internal fences as well as a spring and solar well allow for summer grazing of cattle as an income option. The Miller Creek Hunting Property is located just off of the Big Powder River East Road approximately 17 miles southwest of Broadus, Montana. Price: $3,191,600 Contact Denver Gilbert at (406) 697-3961 or Ron Ensz at (605) 210-0337 for more details.
$3,683,000  •  3,683 acres
Tobe Creek Mesa Ranch +/- 3683 deeded acres Las Animas County, ColoradoIt's a privilege to have access to such a ranch, let alone represent such a consummate hunting property as the +/-3683 acre Tobe Creek Mesa Ranch. Located in the very heart of the Mesa De Maya Range, 55 miles east of Trinidad Colorado, the ranch has documented mule deer bucks to 240", whitetails to 170 and elk in to the mid 300's. This incredible stand-alone property shares a seasonal grazing lease swap for an additional +/- 8000 acres of prime hunting ground as well, totaling +/-12,000 acres of deeded hunting that is unparalleled (+/- 5 years remaining on this agreement) .This little known area hosts Colorado's Plains Elk Units (over-the-counter 5 months, unlimited tags per hunter from September 1-January 31,weapon of choice including rifle). Also, Las Animas County is one of the top B&C mule deer producers. Because the ranch qualifies for Colorado's Ranching for Wildlife Program, it also receives 3 late season rut mule deer tags annually and 4 antelope buck tags annually (check regulations). It's pretty difficult to find a parallel that equals Tobe Creek Mesa Ranch when it comes to the ultimate hunting value property. The ranch includes the original headquarters, a very nice, updated and remodeled 3 bedroom/2bath ranch house, outlying garage and a 4 person guest cabin with kitchen for family & friends. With almost 10 miles of Mesa De Maya Range, the ranch offers extensive side-by-side trail access, end to end waterline with drinkers and over +/- 1500-acres kept as a game sanctuary that is not grazed, being kept just for the wildlife. The ranch carries a year-round resident herd of elk, both mule deer and whitetails, antelope, bear and many flocks of Merriam turkeys. Predators hunt to your hearts content. End of the road privacy, year-round access, one way in and one way out for security, also very important with local rancher keeping an eye on the property year-round. Tobe Creek Mesa Ranch is 55 minutes to I-25, 3 hours &15 minutes to Amarillo Texas, 3 hours & 45 minutes to Denver, 50 minutes to Las Animas County's jet capable airport. Tobe Creek's very unique location and grazing agreement allows for a one of a kind opportunity with generous tags and could very easily be under contract by the time this listing posts. So, if you're in the market for the consummate hunting property, call or email today for a qualified showing. Co brokers welcome.
$2,950,000  •  3,029 acres
The 3029+/- deeded acre Spring Creek Ranch has much to offer in the way of production and recreation located within the highly sought-after Laramie Valley within a 30+/- minute drive to amenities in Laramie via well-maintained county roads. With a close proximity to the popular and growing college town of Laramie, the location is ideal and the climate relatively mild being at an elevation of 7300-7400ft above sea level. The property is blessed with an abundance of water, functional improvements, good hunting and fishing as well as having a proven cattle/grazing operation in place. This ranch has a a windmill that has been converted to a solar well and new metal 40x56 shop/outbuilding. Operational & Recreational Resources:Spring Creek Ranch is a multifaceted property with a proven agricultural operation boasting exceptional native grasses with a mix of both upland prairie and sub irrigated hay bottoms making abundant opportunities for grazing and hunting. The ranch is currently run as a small but productive cattle operation and has great infrastructure already in place. There is a 2BR ranch home, detached garage, numerous equipment/hay barns, as well as livestock facilities for calving, working pens, etc. Overall, Spring Creek Ranch is well-equipped and functional for most grazing operations. Perhaps the most attractive asset to the ranch is Spring Creek which originates on the deeded land and arises from a high-volume spring only a stone's throw from the ranch headquarters. With a steady volume of clean and cold water coming out of the ground year-round the potential for fisheries development along Spring Creek is certainly feasible especially given the fact that there is electricity at the headquarters where an aeration system could be installed. Around the headquarters there has been some work done to create a few small fishing ponds with improved spillways where the Creek then meanders and bends throughout the ranch for approximately 1.5 miles. Two other named streams make their way through the ranch; Shell Creek and Dry Creek providing great sub irrigation and feeding a 40+/- Acre shallow lake which is a wildlife magnet. Spring Creek Ranch sits in a wildlife filled alpine valley surrounded by large private ranches making the hunting fantastic. The ranch meets the standards for landowner tags which an owner would receive two Elk, two Deer, and two Pronghorn tags annually with good populations for each big game species. The game management unit for Elk is unit 8 which is a limited draw area with a season running from September (archery) through the end of January giving you the flexibility to hunt migrating and wintering herds of Elk which are seen on the property regularly. Overall Spring Creek Ranch is a rare combination Ranch with exceptional operating and recreational features in a highly desirable location. With minor adjustments to the grazing practices and facilities along with some emphasis on wildlife and fisheries development the value and utility of Spring Creek Ranch is endless.
Contact for Price  •  2,500 acres
Quality, well-managed turn-key hunting ranches are difficult to find in the Hill Country, especially in Hunt. The owners have taken great pride in managing this ranch to improve it to its fullest potential. They have carefully placed water wells to maximize the efficiency of the wildlife development
$10,361,400  •  2,467 acres
Classic southern Lavaca County ranch with a mix of large live oaks, brush, and open grassland savannas. The ranch fronts Hwy 111 between Edna and Yoakum and is about an hour and forty minutes from downtown Houston. A great combination hunting and cattle ranch that would be a very easy ranch to high fence. Location: The ranch is located in southern Lavaca County 22 miles north of Hwy 59 out of Edna on Hwy 111. The property has almost one mile of frontage on the paved State Highway. Habitat: The ranch is about half oak forest (primarily live oaks with some post oaks) and more open native grasses. The topography is rolling to flat and has mixed areas of heavy brush under some of the forest canopy. Soils are primarily sandy or sandy loam with good clay underneath for the ability to create great lakes and ponds. There is about 75 feet of topography on the ranch and there is no floodplain on the property. Wildlife: White-tailed Deer, turkey, quail, dove, hogs and varmints are abundant on the ranch. There are plenty of huge oaks to provide food and cover for both the deer and turkey. Vast areas of native grasslands with mixed brush create good habitat and cover for bobwhite quail. Plenty of doves are in this area and with multiple small ponds available to hunt over the hunting can be excellent. While the ranch is very unimproved, with the groundwater and proper soils, it would be a great place to put in duck units or larger lakes for fishing and waterfowl hunting.. Improvements: Both exterior fences and interior fences are in good to fair shape. There are excellent roads on the ranch from previous oil & gas activity (which is currently only found near the highway). There is a hunters camp with a water well and electricity near the center of the property. Water: This area is well known for having very good groundwater that is shallow and of excellent quality. There are currently three working electric water wells and two solar wells, with several more capped water wells that could be put into service. There are multiple small ponds on the ranch with one of them hooked into a electric water well to keep it full. There are two small creeks that run through the property that only hold significant water during very wet periods, but they are lined with huge live oaks and have sandy bottoms. Electricity: Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch. Minerals: Surface only. There are currently only three gas/oil wells left active on the property and there is one salt water disposal well near the highway.
$6,250,000  •  2,375 acres
Y-3 RanchOwned by the same Idaho family for nearly 50 years, the Y-3 Ranch is a longstanding, year-round cattle operation located in the lower Wood River Valley 30 miles south of Ketchum and the resort amenities of Sun Valley. The ranch consists of three separate units totaling 2,375± deeded acres plus an adjoining 600± acre state grazing lease. Combining productive sprinkler irrigated cropland and reliable summer pasture, the operation has historically supported 350± breeding cows and is currently running 200±. Spread across 1,559± deeded acres, the headquarters unit for the Y-3 lies a mile north of Stanton Crossing and US Highway 20 in a very private setting bordered by the ranch’s state lease, lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and two other private ranches, including one covered by a conservation easement. Water resources at the headquarters are diverse and feature a half-mile of the Big Wood River, a 1.5± acre trout pond, and multiple springs and stock tanks. There are approximately 450 acres under irrigation with 375± acres of cropland irrigated by multiple wheel lines and a single center pivot. Ranch and residential improvements include a four-bedroom owner’s home, the original two-story farmhouse, employee housing units, equipment storage, machine shop, hay barns with covered feed bunks, and cattle-handling facilities with certified scales. Elk, deer, antelope, and moose call the headquarters home, while trout fishing is available in the river and pond. The headquarters is located in hunt unit 48 and the Smokey-Bennett elk management zone and qualifies for a landowner appreciation program tag for controlled big game hunts. The East Magic and Timmerman units are located a short distance from the headquarters and are utilized during summer months for pasture and hay production. The 176± acre Timmerman tract lies along State Highway 75 three miles southeast of the headquarters and 15 miles south of the airport in Hailey. The property features 55± acres of irrigated pasture and cropland and an additional four acres of irrigated land managed as a tree farm planted with conifers. A 55± acre dry pasture with a seasonal spring and stock pond is located west of the irrigated lands. The Timmerman parcel also encompasses a set of older buildings currently used for employee housing purposes. Five miles southwest of Timmerman is the 640± acre East Magic unit. This unimproved parcel features strong native grasses and stock water resources that support early season grazing. Depending on annual moisture conditions and management objectives, East Magic supports 50-100 pairs for May and June before cattle are moved to Timmerman for the remainder of the summer. East Magic is easily accessible from Highway 75 on a year-round county road, and there is power to the property servicing a stock well. East Magic and Timmerman reside in hunt unit 52 and the Smokey-Bennett elk management zone and together qualify for a landowner appreciation program tag. All three units of the Y-3 Ranch offer excellent building locations with elevated views north across the Wood River Valley to Bald Mountain, Kelly Mountain, and the peaks of the Pioneer Range. Boating, water skiing, and fishing are nearby on Magic Reservoir, and the area is home to a number of destination trout streams as well as excellent big game hunting and wingshooting for waterfowl and upland birds. Sun Valley, with its world-class skiing, fine dining and shopping, and excellent golf courses, is located just a half-hour north of the ranch.The Facts:2,375± deeded acres in three separate tracts plus an adjoining 600± acre State of Idaho grazing leaseLocated 30 miles south of Ketchum/Sun Valley with easy access from public roadsOwned and operated as a year-round cattle ranch by the same family for nearly 50 yearsTraditionally supports 350± breeding cows and running 200± currentlyAdjudicated surface and groundwater rights for 514.7 acres with 425± acres of sprinkler irrigated cropland Half-mile of frontage on the Big Wood River as well as a 1.5± acre trout pond and various springs and stock tanksFull set of functional ranch and residential improvements Surrounded by federal and state lands and other private ranchesFoothill setting offering numerous building sites with elevated views across the Wood River ValleyWithin hunt units 48 and 52 and the Smokey-Bennett elk management zoneStrong conservation easement potentialAnnual property taxes are approximately $7,360Timmerman and East Magic units are available for purchase individually. Please visit for more information on these offerings.  
$4,953,375  •  2,331 acres
The Circle A Ranch is the perfect South Texas Ranch. 800 acres of grass pasture with mixed brush and large mesquite trees make an ideal habitat for white-tailed deer and quail.
$2,294,400  •  1,920 acres
Quality Game Land featuring everything from Grassy Bottomlands to Rugged Hill Tops and Steep Bluffs. Red Bluff Ranch is a Wildlife Sanctuary awaiting Outdoor Enthusiasts. Hunt. Hike. Explore. Excellent Building Sites. Amazing Views.
$9,995,000  •  1,681 acres
Many times, the finest ranches are made with great intention. The dream of Ed Pauls, inventor of the Nordic Track, invested the fruits from his love of Nordic exercise into assembling this nearly 1700-acre ranch over the past thirty years.
$2,900,000  •  1,530 acres
Ramah Valley Ranch is a unique, one of a kind offering for a few reasons. RVR sits on the north end of Unit 12 in New Mexico near the quiet town of Ramah. RVR consists of 1527 acres, 887 deeded and 640 state lease, and has 6 center pivots on the ranch in the valley.This listing also includes 517.4 shares in Ramah Land and Irrigation which accounts for almost 21% of the holdings in the LLC. Each share is worth 6.7 acre feet of water so you would have 3500 acre feet for the center pivots on the ranch. Ramah Land and Irrigation owns the beautiful 100 acre Ramah Lake and 266 acres of land around the lake.Whether you're an investor, a hunter, a farmer or a rancher this property has you covered. For the hunters you should know of Unit 12 as it is one of the very best units in the southwestern United States for trophy elk and Ramah Valley Ranch has produced its share of giant bulls with multiple animals scoring over the magical 400" mark. There have also been some unbelievable mule deer killed on and around the property. This ranch receives multiple bull tags each year and you can hunt deer by purchasing a "private land only" tag and hunt the deeded portion of the ranch. Opportunities to lease the farming, grazing and hunting are also available right now.There is not a house on the property but the landowner has a 467 acre property called "Box Canyon Ranch" with a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house on it that's a 5 minute drive from the ranch that he would sell to the buyers of Ramah Valley Ranch
$3,892,770  •  1,469 acres
Pheasant Connection Farm offers 1469 deeded acres of prime hunting land in Lyman County, South Dakota. With more than 1215 acres of CRP, milo food plots, 9 ponds, cattails, and miles of trees, it is a hunter's paradise. After walking the fields of South Dakota, you can experience the comforts of the lodge and a patio to enjoy more of the South Dakota fresh air and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunsets!The property also includes a 3600 square foot building including a 1064 square foot gathering lodge/kitchen overlooking the property. The corner piece species of the Pheasant Connection Farm hunting experience is pheasants along with the opportunity to harvest white-tailed deer, sharp-tailed grouse, and waterfowl. The countryside is gently rolling, with fields and sky as far as the eye can see. You will walk across over 3 miles of shelter belts, CRP, and millet/forage sorghum strips to flush out birds. And at hunt's end, you realize that the memories of that perfect shot and the cackling call of the rising rooster will be with you for a long, long time. If action-filled hunting and an uncommon passion for the outdoors and a sound investment are what you chase, do yourself a favor and schedule a private tour of the property. The Lyman County Farm Service Agency records indicate 1,348.2 acres are considered cropland. Soil maps indicate soils found on the property are Class II and Class III of the Millboro and Promise Clay Series. The property commands an overall Productivity Index of 75.95 which indicates this is a highly productive parcel of cropland.The Pheasant Connection Farm is poised to be the foundation to build your dream and legacy. It is highly regarded for its privacy, careful management, and diverse wildlife populations. It offers enticing possibilities for the discerning buyer seeking a wise investment or a beautiful place to call home with its stunning views. It offers the best of South Dakota recreation as well as an opportune ag investmentImprovements: Machine Shed - 2,544 square foot with a backup generator, an overhead door, sliding door and loft. It is wired for 220.Gathering Area/Kitchen - 28'X32' Kitchen with a large dining area and covered porch overlooking the property. Price includes kitchen appliances including a commercial Vulcan stove and exhaust. There is a Rinnai continuous hot water heater in the full bathroom.Dog Kennel/Garage - Metal building with 5 dog kennels and a storage garage.The water for the property is supplied by West River Rural Water.Acreage and Current Operation:The acreage consists of 1469 plus-minus acres deeded with approximately 1215 plus-minus acres in CRP. Water is supplied by 9 ponds and rural water. The largest pond is 13 acres in the middle of the north acreage. There are over 3.25 miles of shelter belts. The Lyman County Farm Service Agency records indicate 1,348.2 acres are considered cropland. Soil maps indicate soils found on the property are Class II and Class III of the Millboro and Promise Clay Series. The property commands an overall Productivity Index of 75.95 which indicates this is a highly productive parcel of cropland.Note: The three CRP contracts shown as "NEW" containing 517.92 acres, can be opted out and farmed by paying a one-time penalty of 25% of the annual payment anytime before 10-1-2021.CRP CONTRACTS:Tract # 1197 Contract #11165 - 99.91 acres 10-01-2017 to 09-30-2027 Annual payment of $7975 ($79.82 annual rate per acre) Tract # 3435 Contract #10242B - 108.10 acres 10-01-2013 to 09-30-2023 Annual payment of $7786 ($72.08 annual rate per acre)Tract # 2775 Contract #10144C - 214.05 acres 10-01-2012 to 09-30-2022 Annual payment of $10,176 ($47.54 annual rate per acre)Tract # 795 Contract #10013D - 116.78 acres 10-01-2008 to 09-30-2023 Annual payment of $5887 ($50.41 annual rate per acre)Tract # 3435 Contract #10197C - 158.22 acres 10-01-2013 to 09-30-2023 Annual payment of $11,488 ($72.61 annual rate per acre)Tract # 802 Contract # NEW - 155.1 acres 10-01-2020 to 09-30-2030 Annual payment of $8486 ($54.60 annual rate per acre)Tract # 1197 Contract # NEW - 80.31 acres 10-01-2020 to 09-30-2030 Annual payment of $4385 ($54.60 annual rate per acre)Tract # 3434 Contract # NEW - 282.51 acres 10-01-2020 to 09-30-2030 Annual payment of $14,535 ($51.45 annual rate per acre)Wildlife:The diverse landscape of Pheasant Connection Farm is characterized by an assortment of habitats and an abundant array of natural resources. For many outdoor enthusiasts, no other wildlife species in the state is as recognized or valued as the ring-necked pheasant. Though pheasants are not a native species to North America, they have become naturalized to this mosaic of grassland and agricultural land habitat found in much of South Dakota. From the first successful releases of pheasants in 1908 to the current estimated population of around 10 million birds, South Dakotans and our visitors have built a rich and deeply rooted tradition around pheasants and pheasant hunting. The opening weekend in October is an event anticipated not only by pheasant hunters, but also family and friends who are reunited during this social gathering. You will also find an abundance of white-tailed deer and sharp-tailed grouse as well as ducks and geese.If you enjoy fishing, Lake Oahe in Pierre offers exceptional fishing for walleye, northern pike and salmon. and bluegill. In the winter try ice fishing for walleye or pan fish.Location:Pheasant Connection Farm is in central South Dakota, just 3 miles west of Presho. It is in the epicenter of Dakota's great upland prairie and of the heartland's richly productive countryside.Locale:Presho is right along Interstate-90 at exit 223. From Sioux Falls, you simply head west on I-90 until you get to exit 223 (about 180 miles). From Rapid City, you east on I-90 (about 160 miles). South Dakota is well known for its world class pheasant hunting. Lyman County is in central South Dakota, where the highest pheasant numbers in the state are found. This area is unlike any other. Every year Lyman County statistically ranks at the top with the highest pheasant populations in South Dakota and all North America! Lyman County and Presho is strategically located in the center of the golden triangle. The golden triangle is special because it consistently boasts the best WILD pheasant hunting numbers in North America. The golden triangle forms a connecting line between the cities of Pierre, Winner, and Chamberlain. The city of Presho is in the center of that triangle. The Presho area not only boasts glorious hunting opportunities, but a long list of recreational activities as well. For boaters and campers, the Missouri River is only a mere 40-minute drive away, and one can experience the breathtaking scenery that adorns the river's banks.Taxes:The 2019 real estate taxes payable in 2020 are $12,082.54 annually.Mineral Rights:Any mineral rights appurtenant to the property owned by the sellers will transfer with the real estate.Fences & Boundaries:The perimeter of the property is not completely fenced. The seller is making known to all potential purchasers that there may be variations between the deeded property lines and the location of the existing fence boundary lines on the subject property. Seller makes no warranties about the location of the fence lines in relationship to the deeded property lines, nor does the seller make any warranties or representations regarding specific acreage within the fenced property lines. Seller is selling the property in an "as is" condition which includes the location of the fences as they exist. Boundaries shown on accompanying maps are approximate based on the legal description and may not indicate a survey. Maps are not to scale and are for visual aid only. Their accuracy is not guaranteed.Broker Comments:This is a place of inspiration and solitude. The possibilities and opportunities are as endless as the Western Sky. By sharing this beauty with other loved ones, you will be developing memories and building eternal legacies. Pheasant Connection Farm is where you and your family can make memories that will last a lifetime, a place where your dreams can become reality.Terms:The current asking price is Three Million, Eight Hundred Ninety-Two Thousand, Seven Hundred Seventy Dollars ($3,892,770)
$5,950,000  •  1,388 acres
- 1,388 deeded ac. adjoining national forest - - 250 irrigated ac., 1.5 miles of creek, & 2 ponds - - Excellent elk & trophy mule deer hunting - - Ranch house, manager’s house, bunkhouse, barn, corrals, & outbuildings - - 40 minutes from Steamboat Springs & 1 hour from Vail - One of Colorado’s best-kept secrets is the Upper Yampa River valley southwest of Steamboat Springs. Here, classic Western vistas sweep over lush grasslands that rise to the snow-fringed Little Flat Tops, which nourish this valley with abundant water. In the heart of all this magnificent scenery lies the Broken Bone Ranch, 1388 acres strong, and which embodies the best of this secluded valley. At Broken Bone Ranch, big game hunting, trout fishing and agricultural production create a property laden with possibilities as broad as the skies of northwestern Colorado. Situated at about 8000 feet, Broken Bone Ranch is sheltered in the quiet valley of South Hunt Creek, about six miles west of the ranching community of Yampa, and only 40 minutes south of Steamboat Springs. Well-watered from over 17 CFS of water rights and 236 shares of Allen Basin Reservoir stock, Broken Bone Ranch is an emerald gem of rich irrigated grassland set beneath aspen- and sagebrush-dotted hillsides. With 250 irrigated acres, the ranch is a strong hay producer and cattle find excellent pasture on the rest of the ranch. Big game find much to their liking at Broken Bone Ranch as well. Trophy mule deer and a portion of the nation’s largest elk herd frequent the rich bottomlands of South Hunt Creek or range freely in the adjacent hills. Since the ranch adjoins both BLM and USFS land, the hunting opportunities here literally stretch for miles. Elk tags are available over the counter and the ranch qualifies for landowner mule deer tags. Broken Bone Ranch affords excellent potential as a fishing property. With six adjudicated springs, 1.5 miles of South Hunt Creek and four ponds, ample water is available for developing. South Hunt Creek is a small stream that could be enhanced with pools to hold larger trout, and one of the ponds already supports a trout population. A network of lunker-producing ponds can readily be envisioned at Broken Bone Ranch. With a long history as a well-kept ranch, the ranch’s present improvements include a fine owner’s home, a guest or manager’s house, a rustic cabin, barn, shop and corrals. The views from all areas of the ranch are priceless, especially when fall lights up the aspens at the foot of the Little Flat Tops. Recreational opportunities beyond the boundaries of Broken Bone Ranch are rich. Fishing is outstanding in numerous reservoirs on the Little Flat Tops, and the productive tailwater fishery of Stagecoach Reservoir is only minutes away. The adjacent Routt National Forest and nearby Flattops Wilderness Area offer hiking and horseback riding opportunities to last a lifetime. And not many ranches can boast not one, but two world-class ski resorts within an hour’s drive; Steamboat Springs is only 40 minutes to the north and Vail/Beaver Creek only 60 minutes to the south. Broken Bone Ranch is easily accessed by State Highway 131 and county roads year-round. In addition, the jet-capable airport at Hayden is only about an hour distant, connecting with Denver International Airport and the rest of the world. At Broken Bone Ranch, “getting away from it all” is readily accessible! Harrigan Land Company thinks that the Broken Bone Ranch is one of Colorado’s best all-around ranch prospects, with solid production, hunting, fishing and recreational potential. If you’ve missed a visit to this lovely part of state, we’d love to help you, too, experience the many charms of a secret place that others may have overlooked.
$3,950,000  •  1,303 acres
Diamond A Ranch is a turn-key legacy hunting lodge/ranch located within the infamous "Pheasant Triangle" in Gregory, South Dakota. Hunt on your approximately 1,303 plus acres of land surrounded by the Butte Mountains, with an option to purchase additional tillable acreage. At night relax in world class accommodations complete with a 2,800 sq. ft. main lodge that sleeps 18 guests. The lodge includes 2 living rooms with satellite TV, 4 full bathrooms, dining area, laundry room, and 2 storage rooms. A separate kitchen/dining hall sits next to the lodge and is fully equipped with a commercial kitchen and ample seating for your family, friends, and guests. Enjoy some leisure time after a great day of hunting in your game room which features a pool table, dart board and poker table. If its rest you crave then the spacious porches may be just what you need, overlooking the Butte Mountains, and view various types of wildlife including; Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Turkey, and Pheasants. Also a 12 acre lake just a few feet from the decks offers fishing, both regular and ice (trout, bass, and blue gill). Full shooting facilities lend the opportunity to shoot trap to get ready for that day's hunt. The lodge includes indoor/outdoor kennels allowing your hard working sporting dogs a well deserved rest after a great day in the field. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments you will take away while hunting pheasants in South Dakota is the chase of a wild bird. The thrill and excitement, the flush and cackle of that rooster floating across the sky. The shot and connection that takes down the bird. At Diamond A Ranch in South Dakota, a pheasant hunters paradise, you will be able to experience just that. Tons of birds to chase and bag, however if you miss, there are plenty out there for you to try again. As an added bonus, the property is registered with the State of South Dakota as a hunting preserve allowing an extended season running from September 1st until March 31st of the following year. The owner and manager have spent significant time and money on strategically designing and planting top notch food plots that benefit the habitat for wildlife as well as providing hunters with the best hunt possible. Throughout the property you will see specific food plots that allow for birds to not only eat, but this provides excellent cover throughout the winter months. Strategic farming practices for pheasants allows hunters to take advantage of the lay of the land when walking through the fields. This places hunters in the right places at the right times, showcasing an experience of a lifetime. The long-time manager of the hunting operation lives on site and may be interested in staying onboard with the new owners.With scenic vista views of the buttes' and the expanding South Dakota horizons to the south, the location of the hunting is truly breath-taking! Whether you're looking for a private hunting retreat or desire to own an income producing and turn-key hunting operation, this is a South Dakota pheasant ranch you'll enjoy with family and friends creating memories that will last a lifetime! There are approximately 340 acres tillable farm ground and food plots included. Looking for a larger farm operation? The owners have significant land holdings adjoining and near the ranch, additional row crop and CRP acres are available to suit your needs. Call us for a list of included equipment and possibilities. Buyer/broker participation welcome!
$2,048,000  •  1,280 acres
General Description: 1280+/- Acres of exceptional agricultural and recreational ground in Baca County approximately 13+/- miles Northeast of Springfield, Colorado with good access via maintained county roads coming off of US Hwy 287. Turks Pond Farm & Hunt is a superior example of a property with exceptional water, abundant wildlife habitat, and a proven agricultural operation. A diverse combination ranch in a unique location teeming with wildlife, hunting and fishing opportunities all combined with plenty of potential for an income stream due to its farming operation. Terrain & Water Resources: Turks Pond Farm & Hunt sits on the plains of southeast Colorado in an area known for its preeminent grassland and farmland. This property is highlighted by its exceptional stands of native grasses and farmland coupled with ravines draining the northern end of the property and bordering the 55+/- Acre Turk's pond reservoir. The soils on the property are great with large-scale agricultural operations being common in the area growing corn, milo, and a variety of small grains. The property has an abundance of ground water resources with 6 commingled irrigation wells. There is an impressive total 3087.5 acre-feet of commingled annual appropriated water. There are two pivot points in the 371+/- Acres of farmland which could easily be placed into operational use. The property also has 620+/- acres of ground that is enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program. Overall, Turks Pond Farm & Hunt has a plethora of water resources and income potential along with the right blend of topography and wildlife to be a multifaceted investment property. Wildlife & Sporting Opportunities: With frontage on a 55+/- Acre reservoir Turk's Pond Farm & Hunt is the perfect combination property for all types of game animals and sport fish. The property is located in Colorado game management unit 139 with landowner tags available for deer and turkey with both species frequenting its grounds. The quality of deer in this area is superb with large whitetail and mule deer bucks feeding on agricultural fields and retreating to bedding cover. With the right blend of nesting, brooding, and escape cover the upland birds flourish on this piece of ground with strong populations of both pheasants and quail. The potential for upland game bird hunting on this property is endless with an existing strong population of birds and plenty of opportunity to create and improve the habitat in place with the strong supply of ground water. Waterfowl hunting on the property is world-class with tens of thousands of migrating ducks & geese using Turks Pond as a wintering spot, feeding on the numerous grain fields in the area. Turks pond has been well-known as a major refuge for waterfowl and was turned into a state wildlife area and waterfowl refuge. The fact that this property borders the refuge makes the idea of a waterfowl club or a valuable lease very viable. The reservoir is also well known for its numerous fishing opportunities with bass, wiper, catfish, saugeye, bluegill, and seasonal trout fishing. The hunting and fishing resources on this property are endless with sporting opportunities year-round. With a well-rounded management approach and a strategic plan, the potential to improve the property is endless.
$3,854,850  •  1,249 acres
Triple Forks Ranch 1249+/- Acres:If you are looking for an exceptional low-fenced trophy whitetail property then you have found it! This property hunts big and has a variety of terrain types with a big rocky ridge, scenic views, areas with sandy soils, diverse tree cover, 8 stock tanks, 2 wildlife food plots, 4 protein/ cottonseed fenced feed stations, 3 corn feeders, two Atascosa deer stands, and good all-weather interior roads. The "front" of the property has one pipe entrance on Highway 67 while the back of the property has great access on County Road 179 with a solar electric entrance. There is electricity on the property and a rural waterline down the highway. This property is set up perfectly and ready to hunt. Just NE of Breckenridge and 90 miles from Fort Worth. $3,854,850 ($3086 per acre)Contacts:Blake Hortenstine (Broker/ Partner) 214-616-1305 mobileCash McWhorter (Broker/ Partner) 469-222-4076 mobileJack Fauntleroy (Broker Associate) 940-550-4432 mobile