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$6,704,800  •  4,624 acres
The ± 4,624-acre Jacalon Ranch, located about 20 minutes from Hebbronville on the southeastern corner of Webb and northeastern corner of Zapata counties, is the South Texas ranch that wildlife enthusiasts dream of. The low-fenced ranch, surrounded by sprawling historic ranches, is home to exceptional whitetail and quail (both bobs and blues) hunting. Dove and waterfowl are abundant in their seasons. Thriving wildlife populations are a combination of exceptional habitat and effective, conscientious game management. The Jacalon Ranch, that traces its beginnings to the Jose Vasquez Borrego Spanish land grant issued in the 1760s, benefits from both. The trophy whitetail herd is managed under a MLD Level III Permit. For the past six seasons, limited hunting pressure has been applied. The diverse soil (Brundage Fine Sandy Loam, Copita Fine Sandy Loam, Hebbronville Loamy Fine Sand, Maverick-Catarina Complex, Zapata-Outcrop Complex and Gently Undulating) produces diverse vegetation delivering a natural buffet of high-energy, high-protein browse and forbs that grow robust animals. It is a rare ranch that encompasses so much diverse soil, topography and habitat. The Jacalon Ranch is in an ecological transition zone marked by the Bordas Escarpment that runs through the upper portion of the ranch. It brings together the famous red sandy country, brush motts and savannah grasslands of the Coastal Plains with the rolling hills and flatlands typical of this region of South Texas. Thanks to the escarpment the ranch also offers stunning views. On clear days, you can see Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains—and they’re 125 miles away. Even the strongest habitat can’t support wildlife without water. Fortunately, the Jacalon Ranch delivers with four wells, 7 stock tanks, and several creeks distributed throughout. A windmill, located near the ranch entrance, pulls from a well at 200 feet. Two more newly drilled wells that hit water at 400 feet are in the same general area and offer 4,500 gallons of storage. These wells, which flow at approximately 10 – 15 gpm each, have excellent quality drinking water. The fourth well, near the center of the ranch, extends 1,050 feet deep and provides water for wildlife, livestock and filling tanks at a rate of ± 40 gpm. FM 649 provides road frontage access to the ranch and its centerpiece, the Jacalon Ranch Lodge beautifully appointed with Spanish and Southwestern furniture and décor befitting its history and location. The lodge boasts 11 suites each with a private bath. The suites join the soaring two-story main building; the complex is equipped with telephone, high-speed internet and dish satellite. Designed to easily handle a crowd, the lodge includes a modern kitchen, a large dining room and bar area, a utility room and a full bath in the common area. Guests can enjoy a fire pit and an outdoor seating area in the midst of a native landscape oasis. A rain catchment system with an 8,000 gallon capacity helps meet water needs. To make coming and going even easier, the Jacalon Ranch Runway, a private/restricted 3,900 foot turf runway (TE89), is located adjacent to the lodge. Jim Hogg County Airport, with a paved and lighted 5,000 foot runaway, is 20 minutes away and the Laredo International Airport, which handles private and commercial flights, is 40 minutes away. The Jacalon Ranch is the stuff of a wildlife enthusiasts’ dreams—but it’s real. To experience the Jacalon Ranch for yourself, contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815. Available for $1,450/acre.
Contact for Price  •  4,432 acres
An impressive hunting and ranching opportunity awaits the discerning ranch buyer in the ±4,432 acre North Shipp Ranch for sale in Webb County, Texas. The features and long-term quality management of this historic ranch make it a rare jewel. This is the brush country of South Texas at its best, with a diverse mix of mature brush, trees, and grasslands, located within a pleasant rolling topography with long views, and excellent wildlife and livestock habitat. North Shipp Ranch is the northern pastures of the Historic Shipp Ranch, owned and operated by the descendants of Colonel Evan Belisario Quiros for three generations. It is accessed from and has a mile and a half of frontage along paved Farm-to-Market Road 2895. The drives to amenities in Freer, Hebbronville, and Laredo, with its International airport, are under 40 minutes. Ranching and hunting opportunities abound on this land as a result of years of focus on good land management practices, large neighboring ranches, and extraordinary flora. The broad diversity of soils from sand, caliche hills, and deep clays, support a unique assemblage of native grasses, forbs, brush and trees, including guajillo, blackbrush, granejo, tasajilla and mature mesquites. Decades of careful land management also provides for a rich diversity of native and improved grasslands. White Tailed deer populations are tremendous here with excellent genetics. The proximity of brush, water, senderos, and open meadows makes this a deer hunter’s dream. The large lakes are the perfect place for afternoon dove hunts and the open grasslands are ideal for blue quail. In the winter there is a large migratory waterfowl population. Not only has North Shipp been managed and enjoyed for its variety of game species, there are many non-game animals that utilize this diverse habitat: hummingbirds, neotropical songbirds, green jays, and migrating hawks to name a few. Other wildlife seen on the ranch includes bobcat, coyote, fox, javelinas, Texas tortoise, and horned lizards. There are two deep submersible wells supplying water to several of the five large ponds, ranging in size up to two acres. The wells produce large quantities of water suitable for livestock and wildlife and, with additional treatment, domestic use. The ponds are all completely fenced to control cattle movement and were recently improved to remove excess sediment. Many have good bass populations for fishing. Wet-weather Gato Creek runs through the center of the ranch for about one and a half miles. A well-maintained all-weather road system spans the entire ranch, providing quick and easy access to all areas. The ranch is low-fenced on three sides with a new high fence along the north boundary, and interior cross fencing creating multiple pastures. There are several excellent locations for a new headquarters with electricity nearby. The North Shipp Ranch is an amazing opportunity to create your vision of a spectacular South Texas hunting and ranching paradise. Shown by appointment only with Texas Ranch Sales LLC. Buyers brokers must be identified on first contact and must accompany buying prospect on first showing to be allowed full fee participation. If this condition is not met, fee participation will be at the sole discretion of Texas Ranch Sales, LLC.
Contact for Price  •  3,845 acres
Las Moritas Ranch is located in Webb County approximately 15 minutes east of Laredo, Texas at the end of Wormser Rd. The ranch terrain is mostly in South Texas native brush and grasses with a slight roll to the land with low lying wet-weather creek areas and four ponds. This Webb County ranch has an abundance of native wildlife including: whitetail deer, quail, dove, turkey and feral hogs. The ranch has an improved road system & good boundary fencing and cross-fencing that allows livestock to be moved around the ranch easily. To view more please visit this page Shown by appointment only with Texas Ranch Sales LLC. Buyers brokers must be identified on first contact and must accompany buying prospect on first showing to be allowed full fee participation. If this condition is not met, fee participation will be at the sole discretion of Texas Ranch Sales, LLC.
$1,544,425  •  815 acres
Quail Crossing Ranch is comprised of a distinct 815± acres in northwest Zapata county. The unique landscape offers a wide range of appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts. There is dense diverse brush for the deer hunter, improved open pasture for the cattleman and sweeping native grasslands for upland quail hunting. The ranch is a very manageable jewel for the area. The landscape is adorned with gentle hills with the silence often broken by the familiar call of bobwhite and scaled quail in the distance. The one thing you will not hear is the bellow of cattle, solely due to forward-thinking grazing management. The ranch has been deferred of cattle and deer hunting for the last three years to improve the generation of native grasses and forbs for both wildlife and agricultural purposes, yet still enjoys an agricultural exemption. The estimated animal units per acre is one to 30-acres. There are three seasonal ponds located across the property. There is talk of a Zapata city waterline to connect into Quail Crossing, timeframe unknown. Currently, the primary surface water is found near the front gate and a stone’s throw away from the electricity source and overnight bunk facility. The bunk could be converted into a lighted processing and cold storage area. A more comfortable residence may be built or delivered at a later date, should one wish to do so. There are two sets of long-standing cattle pens, one of which has a barn conveniently adjacent for the warehousing of any desirable equipment. The ranch is in such close proximity to Laredo, TX (42 miles) it offers the opportunity for one to stay in town and enjoy comfort of local restaurants and/or utilize the international airport. Also, further south is the city of Zapata, the county airport, and world-class bass fishing on Falcon Lake, a maximum of 36-miles away! Quail Crossing has highway access, which is always a cherished commodity and even more so with a limited road system in south Texas. No oil and gas minerals available. Overall, if you’re searching for a manageable ranch that has a wide range of opportunity in south Texas, this is it! The Facts: ~ 815± acres ~ Electricity ~ Barn ~ Cattle pens ~ Ponds ~ 48 miles from Laredo Airport ~ 36 miles from Zapata County Airport ~ Falcon Lake fishing ~ Improved grazing pasture ~ Hunting blinds and feeders ~ New fencing ~ Excellent deer locale ~ Stellar quail habitat ~ Strong brush diversity ~ Paved road access
$4,490,000  •  449 acres
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Overview - 100 Words 30 Word Ad Featuring 449± acres of undeveloped land located 8 miles from Golden, CO and within 35 minutes of downtown Denver. A combination of meadows, abundant tree cover, diverse topography, and exceptional views. Ad City County StateEnter the City, County and/or State that should be published in advertisements and on website. Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado DescriptionEnter a description of the property. In the case of an OBL you may enter a summary from the listing agent's brochure. The 449± acre Crawford Mountain Ranch presents a significant amount of raw, undeveloped and recreational land within 35 minutes of downtown Denver and less than an hour’s drive to Denver International Airport. Located only eight miles from Golden, this property is easily accessible off Crawford Gulch road. A combination of expansive mountain meadows, an abundance of heavily timbered land, diverse and undulating topography, rock outcroppings, seasonal stream, small lake, and exceptional views of Denver. As the Front Range and population of Colorado continues to expand, large acreage holdings like Crawford Mountain Ranch with its proximity and accessibility to Denver and area attractions are increasingly rare to find. The Facts: ~ 449± deeded acres ~ Equipment shop/barn ~ 8 miles or 15 minutes from downtown Golden, off Crawford Gulch Road via a private road ~ Less than a 30 minute drive to Downtown Denver, 35 minutes to Boulder, and 35 minutes to Blackhawk ~ Less than an hour from Denver International Airport and Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport at Broomfield ~ Located between Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Ralston Creek State Wildlife Area, and White Ranch Park ~ Within two hours of several major Colorado ski resort ~ Views of Downtown Denver, Pikes Peak, and Continental Divide ~ Abundant wildlife includes elk, deer, bear, and turkey ~ Elevation ranges from 6,500’ to 9,200’ featuring tremendous topographical diversity ~ Abundant dark timber, pine, spruce, and aspen trees with vast open meadows and wildflowers ~ Spring fed lake and seasonal stream ~ Water rights ~ Development and/or conservation easement potential or executive retreat ~ Private internal and developed trail system