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$4,900,000  •  7,224 acres
In the same family for over 100 years, this well-balanced ranch, with an abundance of native grasses, encompasses 6,904± deeded acres plus a half section of State ground. The Ranch will carry 275± mother cows plus 30-50 replacements and 15-20 bulls. Part of the Ranch lies in the Bull Mountains offering good elk, deer and antelope hunting. This self-sufficient grass ranch with good livestock water throughout is located only 45 minutes from Billings. The Ranch sits in three non-contiguous parcels which can be purchased together or individually.
$2,250,000  •  2,717 acres
The Frye Place, which contains 2,717± deeded acres, is both scenic and productive. Sitting at the base of the Bull Mountains, the Frye Place has Painted Robe Creek running through it which is a solid year-round creek offering abundant water for livestock and wildlife. There is also an artesian well and a solar well servicing two large stock tanks on the property. Generally, about 160 pairs are turned out for the season on the healthy and plentiful native grasses. It is an easy eight-mile trail to herd cattle between the Frye Place and the Base Ranch, which is also listed for sale. Sitting at the base of the Bull Mountains, the Frye Place has good big game hunting, excellent water sources and good big game habitat. It is currently in Block Management, and has one year on the CRP contract remaining. There are no improvements on this property other than fencing and a water system.
$1,895,000  •  2,423 acres
The Home Ranch is the headquarters of Schraudner Ranch where the Sellers lived, worked and raised a family. This 2,423± acres, which includes the original 160-acre homestead, offers 1,013± acres of dry cropland and 1,132± acres of native rangelands that vary from flat to steep terrain. The remaining acreage includes approximately 276 acres of wild hay ground, beautiful coulees, strong native grasses and consistent water throughout. There are two large drainages that cross the Home Ranch. These are generally steep to rolling terrain and include a variety of tree and brush cover. The dry croplands have been utilized to produce a variety of crops including hay and grain. There are two wells with numerous tanks and pipelines creating easy access to water for the cattle. Seldom did the Schraudner family need to buy additional hay. The well-blocked Home Ranch with nice scenery, good grass, plentiful water and some big-game hunting can be purchased separately or in conjunction with Schraudner Ranch.
$900,000  •  2,083 acres
The Broadview Grass Unit was acquired in the 1990s for the grass, to expand the carrying capacity of Schraudner Ranch. The Broadview Unit has 1,763± deeded acres plus the 320 acres of State land totaling 2,083± acres of native grasses with plenty of water and a CRP Contract with one year remaining. This Unit is well watered with two seasonal reservoirs and three tanks fed by well and pipeline. This irregular-shaped parcel of land lying on both sides of Montana State Highway 3 one mile north of Broadview contains 193 acres of dry cropland and 1,571 acres of native rangeland. Highway 3 and the rail line bisect the property, however there is a pass over the train tracks on one end and an underpass under Highway 3 on the other end allowing the cattle to easily move between pastures. The grass is in excellent shape as a result of the abundant spring precipitation.