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$1,799  •  1.33 acres
Don't miss our special pricing for cash investors looking to own property in one of the most quickly growing states in the US. This property is located just 30 minutes northeast of Holbrook, the "gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park." Relaxed zoning allows for camping up to 30 days, tiny houses, mobile and manufactured homes, modular homes, and single family residences. Don't let this opportunity to own land in this beautiful, sunny desert pass you by!
$2,299  •  1.24 acres
Explore the vastness of the Painted Desert on this 1.24-acre property located 25 minutes northeast of Holbrook, the gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park. You're likely to find remnants of fossils, gems, stones, petrified wood, and other ancient relics on this property. Relaxed zoning in this area allows for part time camping, tiny homes, mobile or manufactured homes, or any other type of building. Find your freedom in the great expanse of the Arizona desert. * This property has physical access, but does not have legal access.