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$1,702,000  •  920 acres
Long Range Ranch is a 920-acre property located on a paved county road just six miles northeast of Ada, OK, 90 miles from Oklahoma City, 120 miles from Tulsa and 150 miles from Dallas, TX. Oil production on a recreational ranch is not ideal in some respects but there are some benefits that come with it. One benefit is the network of trails and pipelines that cut through the dense oak forest to give you reliable access to the entire ranch that you wouldnt otherwise have. Specifically, this ranch offers impressive views as you look down the pipelines that traverse the 220 feet of elevation change from the ridgetops to the creek bottom. Given that the ranch has dense cover, plentiful food and water sources, long straight pipelines and great deer genetics, the first thing that we imagined was long range shooting. One pipeline offers a 1300-yard shot that might be stretched to 1500 yards with the removal of a few trees, and multiple potential stand locations could be set up for 500 to 700-yard shots. Shooting distances of 20 to 300 yards are everywhere you look. Best of all, these shots can be attempted safely given that they have a large ridge as a backstop.Being able to see and shoot a long way isnt much fun unless you have a good population of deer, hogs and coyotes for targets. Eastern Pontotoc County is a nationally recognized hot spot for trophy non-typical whitetail bucks. Multiple 200 inch plus deer have been taken in this area in the last three years, notably, one area hunter killed two 200 inch plus bucks in 8 days from the same tree stand. Excellent bucks have been caught on the sellers trail cameras and we will be working hard to run more cameras before the bucks shed their antlers this year. If you like shooting wild hogs, just make a corn pile in the creek bottom and do your part to help control their population. Flocks of turkeys roam the creek bottom, roosting in the massive hardwoods that extend out over Muddy Boggy Creek. In addition, there is a 1-acre low spot next to the creek with a thick growth of perennial smartweed that looks ideal for an engineered wetland for duck hunting. Speaking of the creek, the ranch has about 2.5 miles of this beautiful sandstone rock lined creek. Its the kind of creek that makes you want to be a kid again and just explore it all day long looking for petrified wood and arrowheads. In addition, there is a 2-acre lake, a 1-acre lake shared with a neighbor and 3 small ponds to fish during the warm months. The 1-acre lake has a fishing dock and the remnants of a zip line going across the lake as well as a large fire pit and small grill. It appears that this was a family campsite at some point in the past. Open meadows run alongside the creek and in areas where the creeks twist and turn, they would be ideal for secluded food plots. In addition, there are many quiet openings and short pipelines that run through the woods that would be great for feeders. Given the number of hunting cabins and lodges that we are now building on ranches, we can easily see some really nice spots to build your ultimate getaway spot for friends and family. If you love trail riding, managing wildlife, playing in creeks with your kids and grandkids, fishing, swimming and being able to see and maybe shoot a really long way, then you need to come visit Long Range Ranch.
$4,975,000  •  905 acres
Under Contract
Spring Creek Ranch is a stunning property located 12 miles south of Ada, OK, 96 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, and 149 miles north of Dallas, TX. With 1.6 miles of Highway 99 frontage and an additional 1.3 miles of paved county road that leads to the entry of the ranch, the peace and beauty that this property provides is easily accessible from any metro without having to drive on dirt roads. Plus, it also has a small landing strip.This 905 acre mol ranch is about 50 percent open with the other 50 percent in blocks of mature timber along the banks of the beautiful spring fed creeks that run through the property, including 1100 tax depreciable pecan trees. Approximately 420 acres are considered higher quality farmable soils and because of this fertility, cattle and wildlife flourish on the ranch. These mineral rich soils also grow heavy racked whitetails that the Fittstown area is known for. Trail cameras will be placed on the property this summer to capture photos of this years crop of trophy bucks. In addition, large flocks of wild turkeys roost in the trees along the creeks and feed in the open creek bottom pastures.The ranch features a creatively decorated main ranch house, a horse barn with living quarters, a shop and a dog kennel. The style of all the buildings is a mixture of country, western and cowboy heritage. The house is 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom farmhouse style that has been completely gutted and restored. The horse barn has two Priefert horse stalls, a tack room, a wash bay, an entertainment area, office and visitors accommodations. In addition, there is a small guest bunkhouse. Spring Creek Ranch has 300 feet of elevation change that reveals some of Oklahomas most interesting geology and ancient history. A sizeable Frisco chert deposit outcrops on the property. This chert was highly prized by pre-Columbian tribes and traded throughout the area for use in constructing arrowheads and spears. But the true magic of Spring Creek Ranch is the water. The water is supplied from the protected Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer by way of the Spring Creek spring located just on the other side of Highway 99. This constant source of pure spring water is crystal clear and cold throughout the year. As it traverses the ranch, the dramatic changes in elevation create unique and peaceful waterfalls throughout the ranch. These spectacular water features include areas where the creek splits around islands and then rejoins in a double waterfall setting with large splash pools. The perfect place for kids and adults to enjoy the summer. With 1.6 miles of the creek, there are literally scores of spots like these to explore and enjoy. In addition, the owner has irrigation rights to 325,850,943 gallons of water from the creek per year that will transfer with the sale of the property. Approximately 700,000,000 gallons of water flow down the creek each year. When you get ready to take the friends and family fishing, then you can choose from 10 lakes and ponds up to 2 acres in size. Lastly, the ranch comes complete with a shale pit that can be used for your own private needs on the ranch or sold to the public. If you are interested in touring the property, please schedule a time with Kelly Hurt.
$720,000  •  576 acres
Boulder Ranch is a 576 acre ranch located just northeast of Ada, OK and is a 90 mile drive from OKC, 115 miles from Tulsa and 170 miles from Dallas. Resting only 1 1/4 mile from the South Canadian River, this heavily wooded ranch is the perfect hideout for deer moving up and down the river. The property has steep elevation changes that span 150 feet of relief. The side slopes are ringed with gigantic boulders that have interesting overhangs and balanced rocks. Most are easy to climb and would be a wonderland for kids and active adults to play in. Small wet weather streams trickle down the hollows and cascade over the rocks for a few days after it rains. The combination of big elevation changes, moss covered rocks and mature hardwood timber makes this a really enjoyable hiking area.A ranch this large with such steep terrain would normally be difficult to access. However, Boulder Ranch benefits from over five miles of maintained roads and trails that are used to access small oil wells on the property. The wells have been maintained better than most we are used to seeing and the land has suffered very little as a result of energy production.Three small ponds and the wet weather drainages provide water for wildlife. In addition, one hollow has the topography to hold 30 surface acres of water if you are looking for a place to build a large lake. In addition, this area is known for trophy whitetails. We have put out trail cameras and will update the listing with pictures as we get them. If you are looking for a large block of woods with some interesting rock features and don't mind energy production, then this property could be an absolute steal for you because of the low price that is being asked. Boulder Ranch could be the ideal place to hunt, hike and maybe even pursue your lake building dreams at a price that is rarely seen these days. If you would like more information or want to schedule a showing, please give us a call.
$770,400  •  428 acres
Under Contract
Eastridge Ranch is located approximately 15 miles east of Ada, OK on Highway 48. The ranch is a 100 mile drive from Tulsa or OKC and 150 miles from Dallas. This 428 acre recreational ranch is roughly 1.5 miles long from north to south by 1 mile wide from east to west at its widest point. The ranch sits in a transitional area where the pastured creek bottoms of Muddy Boggy Creek give way to wooded hillsides. From a wildlife management standpoint, Eastridge Ranch is ideally secluded from the world by a 4000 acre ranch to the west and north, an 1100 acre ranch to the south and a 1350 acre ranch to the east. The ranch boasts 130 feet of elevation change from Muddy Boggy Creek up to the top of the highest ridge. Approximately 300 acres of the property is in timber and 128 acres in meadows and an open field along Muddy Boggy Creek that's perfect for a food plot. The meadow areas offer the type of transitional setting that encourages the growth of native browse needed to support deer through the summer months while the timbered portions provides acorns for the fall and winter. Although existing trails allow easy access to most of the ranch, there is a 155 acre block that acts as a sanctuary. The property has good boundary and cross fencing. The property also includes a 2.5 acre lake fed by two drainages. This lake is filled with bronze tinted water typical of heavy forested drainages and is ringed with a narrow strip of aquatic vegetation. It has two nice arms that extend to shallows located in each drainage. The point between the two arms is begging for the construction of a cabin or home overlooking the lake. Water and electric services could be easily run to this point from the Highway 48 frontage to the east. Nine hundred and fifty feet of creek, as well as a 3/4 acre pond and two other small ponds ensure that water is available to wildlife on all parts of the ranch.In addition to great views generated by the elevation change, the property also has some other interesting features including a small cave and cliff overhang. Multiple inscriptions are carved into the sandstone rock of these natural features and some date back to statehood. Both have game trails leading to them and appear to be acting as shelter to wildlife.The outstanding native genetics of whitetail deer in this area have been extensively studied and documented on the former Nobel Foundation Deer Research Unit located just 1.5 miles to the southeast of the ranch. This combination of transitional features, large neighbors, seclusion, timbered bedding areas, browse filled meadows and water make Eastridge Ranch a unique opportunity for those wishing to manage for trophy whitetails. Recent game camera photos have captured some nice examples of the bucks that the property is currently producing with no wildlife management. In addition, wild hogs are currently absent after an extensive eradication effort.
$851,000  •  370 acres
Property Details Name of Property: Leader Creek Ranch 370 - ka Status: New Price Per Acre: $2,300 Acreage: 370 Closest Town: Lula, OK Access: County Road Taxes: $Approximately $500 per year Topography: Gently rolling to level Improvements: Metal barn/Apartment, barn, Loafing shed Bedrooms: 1 Baths: 1 Forage: Bermuda, Rye, Lespedeza, Native Mix. Capacity: 500 Sheep or 100 cow/calf pairs Water: 10 ponds and Creek Wildlife: Whitetail deer, turkey Utilities: Rural Water and Electricity Comments Everyone looking to buy a ranch looks at the fences. Good news, this place has new fencing! Net-wire fence around approximately 75% of property. The other 25% is fenced in 5 strand barbed wire. Current owner is running 500 head of sheep. You could run approximately 100 cow/calf pairs if you’d rather. One thing that makes this ranch stand out is a creek running through it! Leader Creek runs through the property. There is a solid metal bridge that makes going across the creek a breeze. Ranch has plenty of water with 10 ponds and creek. Large pecan and oak trees, with just enough timber for excellent hunting. This ranch has an excellent blend of warm and cool season grasses consisting of common Bermuda, Midland Bermuda, Dallis grass, Bahia and several varieties of clovers. The cool season grasses are predominately Rye grass and some Fescue. The steel pipe corrals are definitely adequate to work all the livestock that the property will carry. 36 x 100 metal barn being used to store feed and supplies. There is a metal shop that has a comfortable living quarters, with 1 bedroom, a full bath with laundry hook-ups, with a open kitchen living area. This would make a suitable place to live while you are building your dream home. There is rural water, well and electricity. Ranch location is ideal if you love the peace and quiet. Located at the end of a dead-end road, making county traffic rare. Just 20 miles from Ada, Oklahoma or 2 hours from either OKC or Dallas. Priced to sell at $2,300 per acre. Call Kelly Albrecht 580-380-2066
$725,000  •  230 acres
UPDATE - THE SELLER IS WILLING TO SELL THE BARNDOMINIUM AND SOUTH 30 ACRES SEPERATELY. CALL FOR DETAILS.Sandy Creek Ranch is an ideal combination ranch. Located just west of Ada, Oklahoma, 1.5 miles south of Highway 19, 80 miles from Oklahoma City and 150 miles from Dallas; this ranch offers productive hay meadows, trail-lined rolling forest, and a combination shop and living quarters. This 230-acre ranch mol has approximately 84 acres of Class II soils in the flat ground that runs along a 2300-foot stretch of Sandy Creek. Fifty acres of this fertile soil supports a blanket of large hardwoods and pecan trees while the other 34 acres is a hay meadow that produces high quality, strong yielding hay. The seller has the hay custom baled and has an existing customer base that would likely remain loyal customers. The amount of revenue produced from hay sales is enough to pay taxes and offset other expenses associated with owning the property all while requiring minimal effort on the part of the owner. The remainder of the property is rolling hills covered with mature stands of oak trees. This combination of fertile creek bottom areas, a steady supply of clean water in the creek and mast producing oak forested hills, makes this ranch an ideal place for wildlife. During filming, the ground was covered with acorns and several well-defined deer trails were noted. We happened to have an extra trail camera on hand and set it up on a trail near the shop. By the next morning, we were getting pictures of multiple does and a young 8-point buck. Since then, weve started feeding and will be updating the listing with more pictures as we get them. The main section of the ranch lies along a quiet county road with just under a mile of road frontage. There are three well maintained entrances to the ranch, two providing direct access to the hay meadows and the third servicing the shop and living quarters. Two unusual features are located near the two northern entrances. An abandoned railroad track runs north of Sandy Creek. This elevated path runs from the county road all the way to the east boundary of the ranch and would make a nice all-weather roadbed. Although the entire property can be accessed from the main road, there is also an old wood and steel cable bridge that provides a direct crossing of the creek on the ranch. This bridge was once part of a county road that has since been abandoned.The main headquarters of the ranch features a combination shop and living space. The 3 bedroom 2 bathroom quarters is heated and cooled with a full kitchen and laundry hook-up. The downstairs has a nice set of kitchen cabinets, small pantry beneath the stairs, and stained concrete floors. The bedrooms are upstairs and have exposed roof trusses that extend down through the ceiling. Taller buyers will likely want the Land Doctors to give an estimate on how to cut and brace the trusses for more headroom. The shop portion is equipped with large roll up doors and would make the perfect place to store and work on equipment. The shop site itself sits atop a hill surrounded by forest with trails leading to other parts of the ranch.With a combination of hay meadow and forest, this property would be ideal for someone wanting a great recreational place or a place to farm/hay on a limited basis and get the existing pecan trees into production. An orchard of improved variety pecan trees could also be established in the hay meadows. Given the various features of the property, Sandy Creek Ranch could be used in a multitude of ways. If you think it might be a good fit for your plans, please contact us to schedule a showing.
$850,000  •  180 acres
If you are looking for a peaceful and secluded property close to all the amenities of a town the size of Ada, OK, then Deer Creek Ranch might just be the place for you. Located just outside of the city limits in Ada, Oklahoma, 85 miles South East of Oklahoma City and 150 miles North of Dallas, Deer Creek Ranch is a 180 Acre (mol) estate set in a park-like setting with areas of gently rolling hills, miles of horse trails and open hay meadows. The current owners have spent much time over the years grooming and improving the property. The ranch is completely fenced with some cross fencing with a gated entry to both the entrance of the ranch and homesite. Water is plentiful on the ranch. There are 7 ponds as well as Deer Creek, which runs through the property as a tributary of the Muddy Boggy Creek. The ranch also has a well that services the horse area and barn as well as rural water which services the residence. The ranch is gently rolling from both directions, flattening out in the middle, with 50 acres of bottom ground currently being used for hay production and grazing. The pastures are well maintained and clean without the addition of chemical herbicides. There are several well defined and clean trails on the ranch, perfect for relaxing rides through the woods on horseback, getting your cardio in with a challenging hike up and down inclines or walking quietly taking in the sights and sounds of nature. The main residence is just as picturesque, sitting in a clearing, surrounded by forest, with nothing but the sound of nature greeting you each day. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home features an open floorplan, spacious master bedroom and large all season room with plenty of windows to bring the outdoors in. Just off the kitchen and dining area is the back porch with a wooden pergola and seating area; a perfect place to sit with your coffee and watch the hummingbirds as they hum about the feeders, or the deer and turkey that walk up in the back yard. Just out from the house is another covered seating area that feels much like camping in a private park. The horse area on the property is complete with a larger barn with a tack room and a stand-alone barn with runs and a larger foaling stall. The horse area does have some modern conveniences such as water lines that have been installed and upgraded to speed up watering and feeding time. Because of the quiet and seclusive nature of this ranch the wildlife is plentiful. The ponds and creek, as well as ample cover and secluded hay meadows make the natural design of the ranch a perfect sanctuary for deer, birds and humans alike. The owners love nature and birds and you will often see feeders strategically placed around the ranch to attract them and provide incentive for them to stay. If you are looking for a home that gives you the space and tranquility to leave the stress of the world behind, this is it. If you are interested in seeing this property, or have any questions, please contact Chrissy Banks at 765 220 2489.
$324,000  •  120 acres
Buckhorn Ranch is a 120 acre ranch located just west of Ada, OK, 80 miles from OKC and 160 miles from Dallas. This property has an interesting history as it was formerly known as Buckhorn Track and Trail. This piece of property was formerly affiliated with Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association, as a Motocross Track. There is a small metal shed that served as a concession stand, some of the jumps and a challenging creek crossing that still remain.Approximately 3400 feet of Buckhorn Creek runs north and south through the ranch. The flat meadows along its flanks are graced with large pecan trees and feature the most fertile soil on the property. Some of the areas are almost completely cleared and ideal for hay meadows while the pecan groves would be much better for pasturing cattle or horses. The ranch will support 30-35 cow/calf pairs on the pasture blanketing the Class 2 and 3 soils in this area. In addition, your livestock will be safely contained within a perimeter of 6-wire barbed wire fence. Buckhorn Ranch boasts multiple trails carved through the woods and would also provide great hunting. The creek was likely named "Buckhorn" by early settlers because of the deer population naturally drawn to its deep channel and clear waters. The old Motocross trails now serve as travel pathways for wildlife. We've already started getting a few trail camera photos and will continue to update the website with them. Lastly, if you are also looking for a homesite with a great view, the property has over 90 feet of elevation change. You could build your house on the hill and enjoy your afternoons watching deer and livestock feed beneath the pecan trees. There is also a secluded pond if you wanted to manage a small fishery for fun and food. Please give Sean Childress a call at 580 320 5791 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a showing.
$230,000  •  70 acres
Under Contract
Whitewood Ranch is the quintessential "Goldie Locks" Ranch. Not too big and not too small, this 70 acre ranch is just the right size and type for the 'Casual Cowman" or 'Weekend horseman". Located at the intersection of two main highways between Fitzhugh and Roff Oklahoma, the location makes it easy to head in any direction, so quick and easy in fact, you can be in Ada in 10 minutes and Sulphur in 20. This ranch would also make a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, being only 80 miles from OKC and 150 Miles from Dallas; in under 2 hours you can be relaxing on the front porch or saddling up for a cool evening ride. This part of Oklahoma is known for its outdoor living. Within a short drive from here you can spend your weekend fishing or floating on Lake Texoma, Lake Murray or Lake or the Arbuckles, exploring the never-ending sand bars of the South Canadian River or visiting one of the many state parks such as Turner Falls. The ranch itself lays in a narrow but long tract that widens on the southern border. Making cross-fencing and rotating livestock a breeze. The 70 acres are mostly open with a good placement of trees for shade and a deep pond in the southern pasture of the property. Perimeter and cross fencing are both in good shape and ready for livestock. There is a nice size arena with a separate entrance that with just a little conditioning could be ready for any event. The pastures are currently home to a handful of cows but are not overgrazed or overtaken by weeds. There is a good mix of summer and winter forages that grow well in the sandy loam type soils. The home on the property is modest but sound. Built in the 1960's, this shotgun style home has approximately 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a little over 1100 square feet. With a little elbow grease and cosmetic updating, you could make this a charming family home or county weekend getaway. For more information or to schedule a showing contact Chrissy Banks.
$152,000  •  28 acres
Under Contract
The Eagles Nest is 28 acres of natural beauty perched high above the South Canadian River just north of Ada, OK. Located 90 miles from OKC, 120 miles from Tulsa and 180 miles from Dallas, this property is an easy drive from metro areas. In fact, even the dead-end county road leading to the propertys access easement is paved. The Eagles Nest features over one mile of river frontage lined with big cliff overlooks from which its name is derived. A cleared camping area extends from the hilltop near the southeast corner of the ranch along 80 feet of elevation change down to the river. To the west, you will find the remnants of an old fish camp that has been used by the owners family for three generations. Just past that, you will find a large rock overhang that may have been a fish camp for prehistoric families. Electric service terminates near the camping area and an old well casing was reported to have hit good drinking water at 225 feet below ground surface. The neighbors well is screened near that depth which leads us to believe that there is a good chance of completing an adequate water well on the property. In which case, this spot would be the perfect place for a cabin overlooking the river. Most 28 acre parcels would start feeling small very quickly, but this one will not. When the river is up, you can go on day long float trips, run trot lines, bank fish or swim. A great time to fish is in the spring when fish come up the river out of Lake Eufaula to spawn. In the winter, you can ambush the large deer that cross the property on their way up and down the river. You can spend your spring hunting wild turkeys and morel mushrooms. When the river is low, you can ride ATVs for miles in the river bed and catch hungry catfish from the isolated deep pools of water. For those not familiar with the area, it is reassuring to know that this portion of the river is isolated from public access, so traffic is largely limited to the landowners along its banks. Rivers by nature are a powerful force. They giveth land and they taketh it away as their channel moves over time. In this case, the river has eroded approximately 1.5 acres from one portion of the property but has accreted or deposited 10 new acres of ground on the eastern end. This accreted land is not included in the listed acreage but could be claimed via legal proceedings by the new owner to increase the holding to 36.5 acres. This property has been owned by the same family for three generations. Its likely your family would keep it just as long or longer and enjoy the peace and solitude of this unique river property. For those looking for larger parcels, the Eagles Nest adjoins the Land Doctors 591 acre South Canadian River Ranch which also adjoins our Boulder Ranch listing. Combined, these three ranches would measure almost 1200 acres, feature 1 mile of river frontage and be roughly 1 mile wide and 2 miles long with public roads only touching the east and south boundary. If you would like more info or want to schedule a showing, call Kelly Hurt