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$26,770,000  •  11,044 acres
The Hughes Mountain Ranch consists of 11,044 deeded acres against the Little Belt Mountains. The ranch is 97% deeded, beautiful and private yet accessible. The ranch is a functional cattle operation with 400 +/- acres of hay, well maintained pastures, and four sets of working corrals. A great variety of recreational opportunities parallel agriculture on the ranch neighboring the Lewis and Clark National Forest and Judith River Wildlife Management Area. Landmarks located on or adjacent such as Carr Coulee, Reed Hill, Woodhurst Mountain, and Mary’s Knoll reminds one of the rich history imprinted for generations. The all-encompassing views can be had while biking, trail running, hiking, hunting, and ranching, what a great way to work, live, and play. The Ranch is bountiful with premier habitat for big game with a strong elk presence the ranch harbors two residence elk herds growing through the winter. The combination of Hunting District’s, quality and quantity insures a successful Bull Hunt. Hunting elk in Montana has never been so accessible.
$14,495,000  •  5,824 acres
The Running Wolf Ranch is a first time offering by the Hughes Family since the late 1800s. The ranch resides the 448 Hunting District which is a general tag for elk. The ranch supports a resident herd of about 75-100 head. Besides hunting the ranch is used for biking, trail running, hiking, fishing, horn hunting, and ranching. There is a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath Hunting Lodge located in a spectacular setting against the timber where repeat customers visit year after year for all forms of recreation. Ranch is truly a safe, private, and peaceful part of Montana. For further details see the Hughes Mountain Ranch Brochure and the ranch website.
$13,049,000  •  5,220 acres
The Carr Coulee Ranch is a first offering by the Hughes Family since the late 1800s. The peak of Carr Coulee Ranch is Reed Hill, and it sits at 6,535 feet. The ranch has 5,220 deeded acres and just over 200 acres of BLM and State lands and all in one block. This unique Elk Hunting Property is in both the 448 and 420 Hunting Districts. All-encompassing views can be had while recreating or operating the ranch. The Ranch can be operated as a year-round or seasonal cattle operation with a good balance of hay meadows, well sodded pastures, numerous water sources, and full set of improvements. To ease the ownership transition the Hughes Family are available and willing to leaseback the ranch or provide management.
$2,330,000  •  1,607 acres
There are 1,607 acres in one block located in Judith Basin County 18 miles west of Hobson and 12 miles south of Stanford. Access is by state highway and 3 miles county gravel. Pastures are well sodded and have a good cover of native and improved grass species. The property is fenced into three pastures and supports summer grazing for 125 +/- cow calf pairs. Property is well watered with developed springs, over a mile of Sage Creek, an unnamed creek, natural springs and 3 smaller reservoirs. Annual precipitation is 16-17 inches, elevations are 4700’ to 5000’, and soils are a variety of loam and clay loam complexes. Wildlife on the property and in the area are mule deer and upland birds. It appears that land along Sage Creek could be tilled for hay or improved grass species good for both livestock and wildlife.