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$395,265  •  160 acres
The 180" Ranch, located on the Kiowa/Pratt County line, has a solid two years worth of hunting history and is a dream spot for deer, upland, and spring gobbler hunters in the well known hunting area west of Pratt, Kansas. This piece of land features an east to west shelter belt tree grove creating a absolute highway for deer travel, as well as, an excellent oppertunity to set your stands according to that predominant north or south wind you plan on hunting. On the north side of this grove, there's an old CRP patch with big grasses, large thickets, and scattered cedar trees proving to be excellent cover, bedding, and habitat. On the south side of the tree grove, you'll find the solar water well that provides a steady supply of clean, fresh, cold water, that has been heavily used by the wildlife. The south portion of this quarter of land plays into the sandhills and plum thickets that this area is known for. Another reason this property is so unique for hosting big bucks and upland game is its location to crop land. This acreage borders an irrigated corn circle to the north, an irrigated wheat circle to the southwest, and another wheat field to the northeast. When you are surround by crop fields, have the property with dense cover, tall grass, thickets, water, and the travel corridors, you have the big bucks! This region of Kansas is known for its excellent Upland Bird hunting, with the reasons stated earlier, this property is no exception with a plethora of pheasants and a number of quail coveys. The 180" Ranch is situated just down the road from the Pratt Sandhills Wildlife area and other public hunting areas, opening up the opportunity to access thousands of acres of public hunting grounds. If you are looking for a top notch hunting quarter, the 180" Ranch is right up your alley. In the past year, three notable bully bucks aged 7 1/2, 7 1/2, and 5 1/2 were harvested, making way for the younger giants in the area. In 2022, a mid-170's buck was taken off of this ranch, and trail cameras caught a true giant frequently visiting the waterhole. If you're in the market for a high-caliber hunting spot, the 180 Ranch is definitely worth a serious look. It has all the elements to create those memories of a lifetime! Check the map (Land ID) below for 360 viewing Excellent Hunting Kansas Unit 16 Trophy Deer Thriving Quail and Pheasant population Rio Grande Turkeys Near the Pratt Sandhills Wildlife area Solar water well East to West Tree Row
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