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$150,000,000  •  17,132 acres
The 17,132-acre Rancho Agua Grande, located 25 miles northwest of Uvalde where South Texas, West Texas and the Hill Country meet, is one of largest live water ranches for sale in Texas. Year-round Live Oak Creek, fed by more than 30 springs, bisects the ranch from north to south for about seven miles. The line between Uvalde and Kinney counties is on a similar north-south axis. The shady pecan bottom along the creek stands in contrast to the rugged hills and deep canyons that characterize the transitional landscape. The ranch is home to Boiling Mountain, the highest peak in Uvalde County, and Salmon Peak, the highest point in Kinney County. Because three eco regions converge on the Rancho Agua Grande, the vegetation is diverse ranging from pinon pines to live oaks and mesquites, huisache, guajillo and black brush. Its a feast for human eyes and a natural buffet for wildlife. Live Oak Creek is a calling card for the ranches native and exotic wildlife. They gather to drink and loaf under the trees making it easy to view some of the more than 40 species of game from around the globe that roam the property. Its possible to see kangaroos, camels, zebras, gemsbok, sable, water buffalo, white bison, Iranian red sheep, scimitar-horned oryx and water bucks just to name a few in a single afternoon. Whitetails, turkey, dove and a limited population of quail are native to the ranch. More than 50 miles of high-fence encircle the perimeter keeping the desirable managed wildlife inside and the free-ranging game out. With the rich, abundant diversity of wildlife, its no wonder that Rancho Agua Grande is considered one of the nations premier hunting destinations. Currently, its run as an exclusive commercial hunting operation, and as such has served as the backdrop for numerous high-profile hunting shows. The ranch is managed under an MLDP Level 3 permit and features 30+ feeders and hunting blinds located to make the most of the extended season. Because both banks of Live Oak Creek are within the ranches borders, the access is completely controlled and completely private. The only tubers, kayakers or anglers enjoying the crystalline, rock-bottomed stream will be those you invite. The creeks flow is slowed and pooled by 10 dams strategically placed along its route. Numerous lakes, some large enough to jet ski on, dot the landscape. Catfish, bass and bream swim in the clear water. The groundwater is as plentiful as the surface water and there are many water wells distributed over the ranch. In an arid climate, water has long been the lands most highly valued asset. Native Americans relied on the life-giving water as evidenced by the numerous undisturbed Indian mounds and middens located in close proximity to the creek. Lumbering dinosaurs pressed tracks into once soft mud that hardened protecting the imprint from the ravages of time. The limestone hills are pocked by caves including some that cut deeply beneath the earth and invite exploration. After a long day of adventures, the 6,000 square foot lodge with its antique bar, dance floor and bandstand is the perfect place to relax. With a capacity of 250 people, the lodge is also an ideal site for events such weddings, meetings or reunions. An additional 2,300 square foot of covered porches accommodate an even larger party. The lodges expansive main room is bookended by massive fireplaces that stretch from the floor to the vaulted log ceiling that soars 34 feet above. A game loft features a pool table, darts, poker and Big Buck Hunter, a popular arcade game. Guests will enjoy their stays in one of the eight antique cabins dating to the mid-19th century. These cabins were transplanted from the mountains of Kentucky where pioneering families called them home. The cabins have been restored and updated so they meet the most discriminating standards for modern convenience and rustic elegance. Most include a Jacuzzi tub, a kitchenette and a spacious living room and can sleep three to six guests depending on the cabins size and arrangement. Other residences include the managers house and the cooler house, both of which are three bedroom/one bath cabins. Numerous equipment sheds, storage buildings as well as a meat processing room with a walk-in cooler round out the ranchs infrastructure. A blacktop road runs from the main entrance to the main compound. Access is ensured by a permanent easement. For those who prefer the convenience of air travel, Rancho Agua Grande has a 5,800 foot x 70 foot instrument marked, painted and lighted runway that is completely surrounded by a high-fence ensuring that the airstrip is always clear. Jet fuel is available in Uvalde, which is 25 minutes away by car. Rancho Agua Grande is the place for people who appreciate superlatives. Its ideally suited for a commercial hunting destination, a corporate retreat, an events center or an enviable private ranch open only to family and friends. Within its fences, everything is possible . To see the unique splendor and unlimited potential of the Rancho Agua Grande for yourself, contact Howard W. Hood at (830) 739-3815. Please contact for price.
$16,950,000  •  7,532.21 acres
Summary: Remote, private, protected, big, wild, scenic, unique, extraordinary. These are just a few adjectives that quickly come to mind when considering the Long Hollow Ranch and the many facets and features this Hill Country River Region dandy has to offer. Blessed with a collection of live water, monstrous elevation changes, excellent habitat, abundant wildlife, and simple natural beauty, this is sure to be a property that will grab your attention and cause your imagination to run wild. Whether it’s during the day or a dark star filled Texas night sky, one could spend a lifetime here just taking in and enjoying the many views. Location: Located in the Hill Country River Region of Texas, the Long Hollow Ranch is found in northwestern Uvalde County, approximately 19 miles northwest of Uvalde, Texas, 20 miles south of Camp Wood, Texas, and is an easy hour and forty-five-minute drive west of San Antonio and two hours southwest of Austin. Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone - Conservation Easement: Scattered across portions of northern Uvalde County, there are estimated to be over 100,000 acres of ranch land in Conservation Easements held by the City of San Antonio for preservation and protection of the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. Long Hollow Ranch and neighboring ranches to the north, east, and west constitute a contiguous block of approximately 20,000 acres that lie within these Conservation Easements. Often looked upon in a negative light by buyers because of restrictions that significantly limit the surface owner’s use of the property, this Conservation Easement is quite the opposite. While there are some restrictions that prevent development and other uses, this may very well be the least burdensome and most pro surface owner conservation easement you’ll ever encounter. The property may be ranched, hunted, fished, and enjoyed recreationally in almost any form you might want. The conservation easement also allows for two “building envelopes” within the 7,532.21 acres where you could build your private ranch home, hunting lodge, and/or cabin, and create your very own retreat to the country. As large acreage ranches become more and more scarce with continued sprawl and development, we see this as a very positive and appealing aspect of this ranch, as it and the aforementioned neighboring properties will remain undeveloped, and very much just as you see them today. Retaining that private, remote, wild feel that in many areas is only going to continue to be increasingly harder to find. To top it off, our experience in working with the good folks who oversee the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program for the City of San Antonio has been nothing but positive, and you very much get the sense that they view this as a partnership in working with the land owners. Contact agent for additional details regarding the Conservation Easement. Terrain: Long Hollow Ranch provides ~550’ of phenomenal elevation change and vista views as far as the eye can see, with everchanging topography and diverse terrain. The ranch has an irregular shape, but at its widest point measures ~ five (5) miles east and west and the same in length at ~ five (5) miles north and south. If that’s not big enough, couple it together with the ever changing and massive topographical features on the property, and you’ll understand why it drives even larger than the acreage suggests. The terrain ranges from deep hardwood and brush covered canyons, to high rocky ridgelines, outcroppings, points, and plateaus, with tree cover and other forms of vegetation that include live oak, elm, pecan, black walnut, sycamore, hackberry, chinaberry, juniper, pinion pine, Texas mountain laurel, guajillo, coyotillo, cenizo, desert willow, catclaw acacia, leatherstem, Texas persimmon, huisache, blackbrush, sotol, Spanish dagger, and many other varieties. Comanche, Tonkawa, and Lipan Apache are believed to have long ago inhabited the area and their past presence on the ranch is evidenced by artifacts that have been found. River Frontage and Additional Water Features: Over 3,000’ of beautiful, easily accessible, and highly sought after Nueces River frontage creates the northwesterly boundary of the ranch. Long Hollow, a wet weather creek, meanders through the ranch from east to west toward the Nueces River for approximately 2.35 miles and then continues for another ~1.74 miles as a property boundary. This rock bottom water way gathers and grows wider as multiple branches connect and feed into it as it carves its way through the landscape. Long Hollow will carry an abundance of water in rainy conditions, and over time has created some special features such as seasonal waterfalls and plunge pools. It’s also a great place to walk/hike and discover caves, rock outcrops, overhangs, and other unique geologic features. Numerous other wet weather tributaries of the Nueces River begin on and traverse through the ranch, providing additional seasonal water sources for wildlife and livestock. Water Wells and Storage: Two submersible pump water wells, elevated storage tank, and a network of buried water lines provide a good supply of fresh water thru the property for livestock and wildlife. This system could be tapped into for domestic use to supply a home, or additional water wells drilled if desired. Wildlife and Hunting: An abundance of native wildlife call the ranch home including whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, dove, bobwhite quail, hog, javelina, coyote, fox, and bobcat. A variety of exotic species also freely roam the ranch and region, and include some very impressive trophy axis and audad. Whether it’s from one of the many blind and feeder setups, bow stand, spot and stalk, long range, or even a high rack, the ranch and its landscape offer owner and guests a variety of hunting options to choose from. Roads and Fences: A portion of the property fronts along TX Hwy 55 where direct access off of pavement is provided to the gated ranch entrance. From there, an extensive network of improved all-weather ranch roads, unimproved pasture roads and trails provide excellent travel throughout the property. These roads and trails provide easy access to and along the Nueces River frontage, or up and along the tops of mountain ridges and plateaus. Approximately 3,600 feet of old railroad bed runs along the western portion of the ranch near the east bank of the Nueces River. This long since abandoned and removed rail line was once part of a ~37 mile stretch of railroad owned by the Uvalde & Northern Railway that connected the towns of Camp Wood and Uvalde. Reaching its peak production around 1924, the line was primarily used as a means to transport cedar posts out of the Camp Wood area, down to Uvalde, and then to markets in San Antonio and points further east. The line was removed in 1941, but remains of its presence still mark the land today and are etched as part of the history of the ranch. Some of the old railroad bed now serves as a ranch road along the western portion of the property. Some new boundary fence is currently under construction and once completed the perimeter will all be low fenced and in good condition to hold and turn livestock. There is some cross fencing in place and a set of working pens located near the middle of the ranch. Utilities: Medina Electric Cooperative provides electrical service to the property. Easements: In addition to the conservation easement, an electric transmission line easement crosses a portion of the ranch with minimal impact. Property Taxes: The property is Ag-Exempt and property taxes for 2023 are estimated to be $8,860. Airport: The nearest public airport is Garner Field Airport in Uvalde which provides an asphalt runway measuring 5,256’ in length and averages ~34 aircraft per day. It’s also a great stop for lunch at the Hangar 6 Air Café. Area: Local area attractions include the Nueces, Frio, and Sabinal Rivers, Lake Nueces, Garner State Park, Frio Bat Flight (the second largest bat population in the world that is open to public viewing), Memorial Park Golf Course in Uvalde, Frio Valley Ranch Golf Club at Concan, and of course one of the most famous nine-hole courses in the country, Utopia Golf, that gained national attention from the book and then movie, “Seven Days in Utopia”, as well as various other aspects of local interest, none of which overshadow the natural beauty of this part of our great state. Rare Astronomical Event: Long Hollow just happens to be located in an area that is forecasted to be in the prime path for viewing an annular solar eclipse that is anticipated to occur on October 14, 2023 and then a very rare total solar eclipse that is expected to take place on April 8, 2024. Following this one, the next anticipated total solar eclipse will be in 2044. Asking Price: $16,950,000 ($2,250.33 per acre) Contact: Bret Polk – Broker Associate 254-965-0349 mobile bret@ Broker & Commission Disclosure: Buyer’s Agent/ Broker must be identified upon first contact with Listing Broker/ Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent/ Broker must be present at the initial property tour in order to participate in the real estate commission. Commission splits will be at the sole discretion of Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC. All information is deemed reliable, but is not warranted by Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC. All information is subject to change without prior notice.
$22,800,000  •  4,007 acres
Montell Summit is a very unique ranch that encompasses a tremendous amount of character. From the 500' of elevation change to the artifact filled pecan bottoms, to the 15 acre lake and numerous springs. If the drought earlier this year did anything for us here in Texas, it has highlighted the importance of water, and we were fortunate to have many springs that continued to flow and a healthy 15 acre lake. A chip sealed road is going in over the ridge line and will run from the front of the ranch to the back, allowing quick and easy access throughout. This is scheduled to be completed by the middle of April.
$4,000,000  •  661.69 acres
Between the Rawhide Mountains and the Nueces River, this is one ranch full of adventure waiting to be had. A perfect stargazing destination—take a hike to the top, build a spread and watch the show with front row seats to nature’s wonders!
Contact for Price  •  600 acres
600 ± Acres Gated entrance on RM 187 Furnished 4BR/3BA ranch house Shop with 2BR/2BA apartment & covered shed 1.5± miles of Sabinal River frontage 5 Ponds 2 Electric wells Improved Whitetail & some exotics Good roads throughout
$1,599,750  •  405 acres
Ideal Hunting and Recreation Ranch for Family and Friends or a great place for a Corporate Retreat. SUPERB Road System and trails provide access throughout the ranch. Great Building Sites, Lake Sites. Breathtaking Views all around!
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