Scott Nicholson

The first things you’ll notice about Scott Nicholson are his enthusiasm and energy, then you’ll be blown away by his breadth of his experience in commercial development land, working ranch land, Legacy Ranches, and Conservation Land transactions. Scott was named the 2021 San Marcos River Foundation "Friend of The River" for his contributions toward conservation Ranch sales, watershed protection, habitat preservation, and conservation easements across the Austin MSA. and beyond. We have expert access to all things geology and hydrology and archaeology and engineering and forestry and endangered species and karst surveys and crop production and ranch enhancement and wildlife management and livestock management. 

 Scott is the broker and founder of the Discovery Realty Group, which was a recent Nominee for Top 25 Realtor in Austin by the Austin Business Journal. Discovery Realty Group represents Buyers and Sellers of Commercial/Development/Farm/Ranch Land across Texas.

Discovery Realty Group

Scott Nicholson
13581 Pond Springs Rd, Ste 309
Austin, TX 78729

Mobile: 512-947-2688