Barrett Van Mattson

Barrett Mattson is a life-long resident of Waco, TX. He is a graduate of Reicher High School, class of 2015. While attending Arizona State University, Barrett became a licensed insurance salesman and his love of the deal sparked his interest in sales as a career. He currently is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Waco and earned a real estate license in 2018. Barrett has already proven himself as a workhorse in real estate, all the while carrying a full load to finish his degree from Texas Tech. He has listed multiple properties and been instrumental in closing deals. He has shown himself to be an imperative asset for Twin Bends Realty and his future is very bright. In Barrett’s own words, “My practice of real estate is founded in accordance with the golden rule, as my personal success is solely and mutually dependent on my ability to help others achieve. Inspired by this intrinsic law and motivated by opportunity, working with the team at Twin Bends Realty in our inherent devotion to the real estate industry has provided me the appropriate medium to serve, dedicate, and commit myself to the betterment of others”.
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Barrett Van Mattson
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