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Gene Cruikshank graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. degree in Agriculture. He also has a year of post graduate work with a long list of agriculture and marketing courses. He is a past Colorado president and current member of Realtors Land Institute and a licensed real estate broker in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Gene is a past professional appraiser in land, minerals and water and is a Governor Appointed member of the Arkansas River Coordination Committee. Gene Cruikshank is an Accredited Land Consultant. Besides college, Gene spent three and a half years in the U.S. Army as an Officer with a tour in Viet Nam.
$2,804,500  •  5,601 acres
We are privileged to collaborate with Cal Farley's Boys Ranch in presenting the Howard Melvin Ranch for sale. Mr. Melvin demonstrated great care in the acquisition and enhancement of the ranch. The ranch's management has implemented prudent grazing practices to preserve the fertile soil. Its convenient access to the interstate highway is a significant advantage for ranch operations and the transportation of livestock to market. With its excellent location situated next to the rocky mountain foothills, and I-25, this Ranch has excellent possibilities limited only by one's imagination and ingenuity. The Ranch features an impressive sod cover, creating good grazing for livestock. The predominant grass species on the ranch is blue grama, with Western wheat and Alkali sacaton also being significant varieties. Additionally, there are minor grasses like Sideoats grama, Indian saltgrass, Winterfat, Little blue stem, Prairie sandreed, and Purple prairie clover. As for forbs, the major species is Four-wing salt brush. The Ranch is dotted with scattered water sources carved in the landscape to retain runoff water for livestock and wildlife. There are four wells that are presently inactive. A water finder has identified five potential well sites that hold promise. Additionally, there are three underground pipeline systems connected to 12 metal livestock tanks. In addition, the Ranch terrain has created a natural intermittent creek that drains the property.
$1,800,000  •  3,349.1 acres
This property uniquely sits between two high bluffs, with Bradford Mesa on the north and a gravel ridge extension of Walsen Craig on the south. The Sand Arroyo is a long drainage entering the property from the west, that collects a lot of run-offs from the foothills. There are excellent views of the mountains, from Fishers Peak at Raton Pass northward to Pikes Peak west of Colorado Springs. Literally half of the front range of Colorado can be seen from the high points on this property. Part of the west boundary is the railroad and part of the east boundary is County Road 120, with no other roads or interruptions in the ownership. There are remnants of several 1800’s vintage adobe dwellings and a settler’s graveyard located on the property. The privacy and solitude, along with antelope and other wildlife, are part of the character of this unique property. The property is utilized exclusively for grazing and has areas of Chico brush, Chamisa, Tamarisk and Willows in the lower regions and solid grass turf in the elevated areas. Sand Arroyo traverses the property from west to east with areas that water pools surface and underflow is evident. There is evidence of Alkali on land surfaces near the arroyo and fresh water is important in warm weather to avoid the salty surface water if present. Best management practices for the property are targeted on cooler seasons and after plants have cured out. Year around grazing could be accommodated with repairing the cross fencing. From Walsenburg, drive 5 miles east on Colorado Highway 10 to CR 20, go north on CR 120 for 1 mile, drive across the cattle guard, and you will be on the south-east corner of the property.
$1,350,000  •  303.4 acres
The Jerry Bay Farm presents a unique investment opportunity in agricultural real estate, encompassing farm properties that boast both crop production and grazing potential. The inclusion of the 160-acre State Grazing Lease adds a layer of diversification to this agricultural investment, making it a well-rounded and resilient option for potential investors. The farm, located in the legal jurisdiction of Township 22 South, Range 54 West of the 6th PM, is comprised of two separate parcels. Each parcel offers specific features and advantages. Tract #1 spans Section 27 (NE¼), excluding approximately 5.24 acres for a designated home site in the NW corner, and Section 22, with 6.1 acres situated in the SE¼. Meanwhile, Tract #2 covers Section 33 (NE¼), excluding 11.97 acres in the NE¼ corner and about 3.5 acres allocated to the Holbrook Drainage District. The legal configuration provides a clear delineation of the property boundaries for prospective buyers. Soils The Jerry Bay Farm is comprised predominately of Class I & Class II soils. The soils quality of the farm gives the opportunity to maximize crop production with approximate management. The predominate soils series include: Nepesta clay loam, Numa clay loam, Korman and Neesopah loams and Rocky Ford silty loam. Water and Crop Acres Water resources play a crucial role in the agricultural productivity of the Jerry Bay Farm. The property includes 272 shares of the Holbrook Mutual Irrigation Canal, with Tract #1 holding 145 shares and Tract #2 possessing 127 shares, resulting in the total of 272 shares. This significant water allocation enhances the farm's irrigation capabilities. The total crop acres across both tracts amount to 244.8, with Tract #1 covering 119.0 acres and Tract #2 spanning 125.8 acres of prime crop land. Improvements & New Irrigation In a strategic move to enhance agricultural efficiency and ensure optimal crop irrigation, the farm has recently invested in a new 2023 Rienke Model #2065, a state-of-the-art 7-tower sprinkler system. With the addition of the new sprinkler system, it will place approximately 125 acres under center pivot irrigation. The sprinkler is located on Tract # 1, Section 27. The new sprinkler is equipped with Shark Wheel Tires which provides for less soil impact reducing sprinkler track depth, reduces the potential for the sprinkler getting stuck and eliminates flat tires. With the new sprinkler system in place, we are poised to elevate our crop production and improve water management on the farm. The remaining acreage of the farm ground is currently under flood irrigation which is located on tract # 2, Sec 33. Other improvements include a hay shed that is located on Section 22 which is across the county road from Section 27 where the sprinkler is located. The site also contains an East End Municipal Water Tap. The approximately 6 acres in which the hay shed is located would also provide a nice building site for a residence with the convenience of city water. Leases: Includes Colorado State Land Board Lease Number 114611 for 160 acres located in the SE¼ Section 33-Township 22S-Range 54W Crops: The Jerry Bay Farm boasts a history of successfully cultivating various crops, including Alfalfa, Corn, Forage Sorghum, Triticale, Watermelons and Cantaloupes. This diverse range of crops not only underscores the versatility of the land but also indicates its adaptability to different agricultural pursuits. The most recent use of the property has been for hay production, producing both alfalfa and forage sorghum hay. The addition of the new sprinkler system will position the farm to increase more of the acreage into alfalfa production. With the soil, climate and water the farm is well positioned for alfalfa production, all the while offering the opportunity of other crops as well. Hunting: In addition to its agricultural potential, the Jerry Bay Farm offers hunting opportunities, with a population of Mule Deer frequently visiting the property. This additional recreational aspect adds to the overall appeal of the investment, catering to individuals with varied interests in both agriculture and outdoor activities. Location Directions: For ease of navigation, clear directions are provided for each tract. Tract #1 can be accessed by heading east approximately 4 miles from Cheraw on CR KK, situated on the south side of CR KK and CR 35. Meanwhile, Tract #2 is conveniently located by heading east approximately 2 miles from Cheraw, then turning south for an additional 2 miles, with the property situated on the southeast corner. Conclusion In summary, the Jerry Bay Farm situated in the Arkansas Valley North of La Junta, Colorado stands as a comprehensive and diversified investment opportunity, combining agricultural productivity, water resources, and recreational appeal. The area with a strong and robust cattle feeding economy offers a consistent market demand for alfalfa, other hays, silage and corn production. The dual tracts, legal clarity, and historical crop success contribute to its attractiveness as a robust investment in the vibrant landscape of agricultural real estate. TAXES: $4191.67 (2022)
$1,600,000  •  478.78 acres
PRICE IMPROVEMENT Location: From Holly, CO 13.5 miles South on State Highway 89. The East side borders the Hwy and all-weather county roads P & R on the South and North Legal: NE¼ and W½ 27-Township 25S-Range 42W Size: 478.78 Deeded Acres 372 Sprinkler Irrigated 99.46 Dry Cropland 7.32 Other Water: Three irrigation wells located in the Southern High Plains Water District Permit # 17901-FP • 80 GPM – Depth 460 ft. Permit # 17906-FP • 85 GPM – Depth 525 ft. Permit # 17907-FP • 350 GPM+ – Depth 525 ft. Soils: 54.6% Richfield silt loam – 0-1% Slopes 41.4% Ulysses silt loam – 0-3% Slopes 4.0% Colby silt loam – 0-3% Slopes Irrigation System: 2013, 15 tower Valley polylined sprinkler with GPS guidance system which AgSense monitors. The system operates efficiently with 6psi regulators. The sprinkler, system booster pump and generator are driven by an 8.1 ci engine. For improved efficiency the booster pump has a VFD. This generator also powers the nearby submergible irrigation pump. The second submersible pump is powered by a generator driven by a 4-cylinder engine. The third irrigation well is a turbine pump driven via an 8.8 ci engine. All engines are PSI (Power Solutions Inc) engineered and run-on natural gas. The underground pipeline system connects all wells into a central system. FSA Data Crop Basis Yield* Corn 224.0 169 Wheat 202.5 70 Grain Sorghum .6 76 Sunflowers 4.6 723 * These are combination dryland and irrigated yields T-Yields Irrigated Corn 197 bu. Non-Irrigated Corn 54 bu. Irrigated Wheat 89 bu. Non-Irrigated Wheat 50 bu. Irrigated Grain Sorghum 71 bu. Non-Irrigated Grain Sorghum 33 bu. Comments: This farm has great access via a State Highway and all-weather county-maintained roads. There is 3-phase power on the 3 sides. Soils are some of the highest producing capabilities in the area which stands behind the high yields seen on this property. If not the, this is one of the cleanest noxious weed free farms in the area. Minerals: All Sellers Interest 100% Taxes: $1,619.14 – 2021 Price: $1,600,000 - Was $1,900,000
$16,000,000  •  6,332 acres
Bill E. Newman Real Estate LLC and Cruikshank Realty, Inc. are excited to be marketing the 6332 Acre Fry Irrigated Farm in Cimarron County, OK.
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